Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 140.2 Don’t you know to complain?

Editor: Jodi

“I’m going to wash my face.” Sheng Heng practically bounced up from the bed, rushing into the washroom near the side.

“Uh, that….” Cong Yi touched his nose awkwardly, then told his little junior brother sincerely, “You guys could have at least locked the door.”

Yan Hao’s answer to Cong Yi’s words was to just lie back down on the bed and cover himself from head to toe with the quilt. If he didn’t face it, he wouldn’t be embarrassed.

Cong Yi was also embarrassed. He knew that he had interrupted his little junior brother’s good thing, but he was already inside, so he couldn’t just say, ‘You guys continue, I‘ll go out right? Wasn’t that just attracting hatred onto himself? So he could only clear his throat a few times.

“Uh, that, if you’re free, give Master a call. He’s very worried about you.” He tried to act as if what had just happened hadn’t happened.

Sure enough, the moment Yan Hao heard the word ‘Master’, he uncovered himself and sat up. “I’ll call Master shortly.”

“Alright, then you go ahead and make the call. I’ll be leaving first.” Cong Yi quickly found an excuse then left, as if he had just come here to deliver a message specifically on their Master’s behalf.

The moment he left, Sheng Heng opened the door and walked out of the bathroom, then the young couple looked at each other, their expressions a little awkward, however this awkwardness wasn’t uncomfortable at all. In fact, there was even a subtle hint of sweetness in the air.

“Aren’t you going to call Old Zhong?” Sheng Heng reminded him.

“Oh, right.” Yan Hao raised his hand to tap his light brain on his left hand, only to touch empty space. It was only then that he reacted, “My light brain terminal was crushed by Sima Ming Xuan.”

Sheng Heng’s eyes narrowed, then he gave him his light brain: “Do you remember his communicator number? Use my light brain to make the call.”

“I remember.” Yan Hao had always been sensitive to numbers since he was a child; just a glance at a long string of formulas, and he could remember it, let alone a communicator number.

After entering Old Zhong’s communicator number, Yan Hao paused for a moment, then thinking about how his two Masters liked to compete with each other, he entered Old Pang’s communicator number as well then connected both calls to make a three way call.

The call was quickly established, and the avatars of his two Masters appeared together on the video.

“Xiao Hao.” The two of them called out at almost the same time the moment they saw him, their eyes filled with worry.

“Master.” Seeing the undisguised worry in his Masters’ eyes, Yan Hao was somewhat touched.

“How are you feeling? Did Old Wen treat you properly?” Old Pang asked.

“Much better. Old Wen said I just need to rest for another month or two then my mental energy will recover fully.” Yan Hao replied obediently.

“Then how about you come to Capital Star Planet to rest?” Old Zhong chimed in at this point.

“Yes, come back to Capital Star Planet.” Old Pang surprisingly agreed with Old Zhong’s suggestion this time.

Before the people on Z Star Planet contacted him, he thought that his little disciple was at the Federal Research Institute, then he found out that Yan Hao had actually been brought back by his mother somewhat against his will, which infuriated him immediately. The previous ‘Federal Talent Protection Program’ had already left him dissatisfied with Yan Hao’s parents; he didn’t expect that even after Yan Hao had already avoided them, they would still chase him down to Capital Star Planet.

Just the thought that Yan Hao had been taken away by Lu Siying at the Federal University made Old Pang angry. The Federal University was his territory, yet his own disciple had been bullied under his nose and he actually didn’t know about it. The more he thought about it, the more he became angry.

“Okay, when I’m able to leave the hospital, I’ll buy a ticket to go back.” Yan Hao nodded hurriedly.

“Tell me once you’ve booked the ticket, and I’ll have your senior brother pick you up.” Old Zhong told him.

“What do you mean by that? Xiao Hao is already like this and you still want him to intern at that your rundown research institute?” Old Pang attacked Old Zhong then told Yan Hao, “Don’t listen to him, come back to the school.”

“What’s wrong with the Federal Research Institute? Many people want to, but can’t even get in. Besides, why should he go back to that shitty school of yours? Xiao Hao was taken from that your lousy school.” Old Zhong had also heard from Cong Yi that Yan Hao had been taken against his will.

“That’s because I didn’t know. But what about you? Didn’t you agree when that woman asked for a leave of absence without even noticing at all that our little disciple didn’t want to?”

“I… how, how would I have known?”

“If it were me, I would have known.” Old Pang said smugly.

“Masters, please don’t argue.” Yan Hao tried to persuade them.

But who knew that Old Zhong would suddenly glare at him fiercely: “You are also something else. Don’t you know to complain when you’re being bullied?”

“That’s right.” Once again, the two of them agreed on something.

“……” Yan Hao could only say obediently under his Masters’ demanding gaze, “I will know better in the future.”

Sheng Heng, who was watching from the side was filled with relief.

Perhaps it was because he had never been defended before, that was why Xiao Hao had never thought of complaining when he was being bullied. But things were different now; he had many people who really loved and cared for him.

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