Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 69.2 Zero Points

Such agile operation techniques.

The more sophisticated the action, the more complex the operation instructions required, so when mech warriors controlled their mechs in combat, if they encountered complex evasion actions, they would usually choose to collide directly. Because such sophisticated evasion actions, if not successful, would disrupt the attack rhythm. But just now, this mech had not only maintained its attack action, it had also made fine adjustments such as squatting and twisting its body. With such dexterity, the person fighting was definitely not just a level 6 mech warrior.

While he was thinking this, Sheng Heng didn’t stop fighting, raising his hand to block the opponent’s long knife that was descending with Obscure Darkness. As their weapons collided, sparks flew.

Just then, his opponent’s mech suddenly bent its right leg and kicked fiercely towards Black Soul’s waist.

Sheng Heng realized that something was wrong and turned to dodge, but the mimetic system’s reaction speed could only simulate the agility of a level 5 mech, and the agility of a level 5 mech was slower than that of a level 6 mech, so although Sheng Heng responded in a timely manner, it was still slower when transmitted to Black Soul, hence Black Soul was kicked directly, causing its body to fly out.

At the same time, the mech that was fighting with him earlier suddenly raised its left arm, revealing a black hole-like gun barrel. The gun barrel condensed white light. It was charging up.

Not good.

Twisting his body, Sheng Heng quickly operated the control panel, narrowly avoiding the attack by the recoil force of the particle gun on his shoulder.

The opponent seemed surprised but after a brief silence, he attacked again. This time, Sheng Heng didn’t give him the opportunity to open the distance, thus the two mechs fought closely, Obscure Darkness Lance and the long knife fighting fiercely.

At the same time, alarms from Black Soul continued to sound in the cockpit.

“Warning, left arm shell damaged.”

“Warning, joint axle subjected to severe impact.”

“Warning, cockpit subjected to severe impact.”


Sheng Heng ignored Black Soul’s alarm, his gaze fixed on the lower left corner of the time. It had already been fifteen minutes. As long as he could hold on for five more minutes, Teacher Xiao would be able to come back to assist them.

Suddenly, a bright white light shot out from the diagonal rear. Sheng Heng was startled then dodged in the first instance, however Black Soul’s left arm couldn’t avoid it entirely, so a hole was shot through.

“Warning, left arm joint damaged severely, performance decreased 15%, still decreasing, 20%, 25%…..”

Another level 6 mech?

Letting out a secret cry of dismay, Sheng Heng turned back and saw that the battle between Sun Zhu, Cheng Wenkang and the others had already ended, the students’ mechs having lost almost all of their fighting power as they hung helplessly in the void. In front of them was a charging ion cannon, the barrel facing the cockpit of a mech. And there was another level 6 mech, its barrel pointing squarely at him.

They had lost?

The momentum gone, Xiao Tianhan stopped counterattacking. Soon after, the opposing side sent a communicator request. After Xiao Tianhan clicked the agree button, a voice full of irony sounded in the channel: “Teacher Xiao, fifteen minutes, we won.”

Sheng Heng was stunned, then he realized something but before he could think further, he heard Xiao Tianhan’s voice also sound in the channel: “Let’s talk on the spaceship.”

Immediately, the barrels aimed at everyone were extinguished and retracted and the five pirate mechs flew straight towards the spaceship and as they approached, without anyone having to do anything, the spaceship’s hatch opened automatically.

Twenty minutes later, in the control room of the spaceship, everyone was gathered together.

Except for a few people, the rest kept their heads down, not daring to breathe under Xiao Tianhan’s cold gaze.

“Of fifty mech warriors, only eighteen had combat ability when danger struck and among those eighteen people, only eight of their mechs had enough energy and physical fitness over eighty percent. Eighteen people, unable to even hold out for twenty minutes under the enemy’s hands.” Xiao Tianhan scolded coldly, “If it had been real pirates this time, would you have even had a chance to come back alive? As mech warriors, if you die like this, wouldn’t you feel ashamed?”

Xiao Tianhan scolded one after another and not a single person dared to speak out against him.

Behind Xiao Tianhan were five young men who were drinking tea and eating fruit, laughing as they looked at the group of scolded juniors with a hint of nostalgia on their faces. Yes, these five interstellar pirates who had suddenly appeared were a specially arranged assessment by Xiao Tianhan, and this was the last of the practical assessment.

“Before returning, I gave you one day to repair things, so why didn’t you replenish the energy in your mechs? Why didn’t you find your Mech Building Masters to repair the mechs that failed the physical examination?!”

As soon as Xiao Tianhan said this, the Mech Building Masters standing at the back also became uncomfortable. On the surface, Xiao Tianhan’s words were scolding the mech warriors, but in reality he was scolding them, the Mech Building Masters. Because after coming down from the battlefield, the time for the warriors to rest was the time for Mech Building Masters to maintain the mechs. However when the warriors were resting in the base, they had assumed that the assessment was over so they hadn’t wanted to use their points to repair the mechs. They had only wanted to wait until they returned to the federation.

“The spaceship has been sailing for two days and one night and during this time what have you been doing? How many people went to the maintenance room and how many Mech Building Masters remembered to repair their mechs? With your current combat consciousness, if you went to the battlefield you would only be cannon fodder.”

“And you.” Xiao Tianhan’s gaze fell on the team of Mech Building Masters, “I’m not your class teacher, so I won’t speak to you from the perspective of a teacher. But now, ask your partners, your team members whether with your current attitude they be willing to entrust their mechs to you in the future when they go to the battlefield.”

The Mech Building Masters immediately lowered their heads even further.

“On the day the assessment ended, in the entire maintenance room, only Yan Hao was repairing the mechs. In this battle, only Sheng Heng and Cheng Wenkang’s mechs had enough energy with a 100% in the physical examination.”

Yan Hao had originally been listening with his head lowered, thinking that this didn’t have anything to do with him. After all, he was just a filler. Strictly speaking, he wasn’t part of those being assessed. However when he was suddenly named, everyone’s gaze focused on him, causing him to feel uneasy.

Why are they all looking at me, I am just a filler.

“On the first day of the assessment, Captain Xu Peng told you that there would most likely be no mechs returning for maintenance in the first two days, so you all went sightseeing around the base, leaving only Yan Hao in the maintenance room. Did you ever think, whether you would be able to provide help in time if your team members needed it?”

This…… why are you still talking about me? I’m really just a filler.

“Yan Hao is just a freshman, brought here by Sheng Heng to make up numbers, but even a filler knows to stay at his post and maintain the state of his mechs. But what have you, who are here to participate in the assessment seriously, done?”

Teacher Xiao, you know I’m just here to make up the numbers, so why mention me?

Yan Hao wished he could find a place to hide himself. He had been living a low-key life since he was reborn and had always tried to come second in his class exams, fearing that he would return to this state of being noticed and hated again. But how come after he had stop drawing hate to himself, Teacher Xiao was taking it upon himself to do it for him?

It couldn’t be because of Sima Ming Xuan that he was going back to the original plot, right?

Thinking of this, Yan Hao couldn’t help but look at Sima Ming Xuan who was sitting in front of him.

Noticing that someone was looking at him, Sima Ming Xuan looked up and saw that it was Yan Hao. Immediately, he gave him a kind smile in return.

Frightened, Yan Hao looked down quickly.

Sima Ming Xuan froze. Why did this little guy look so scared of him? Narrowing his eyes, he tried to gauge Yan Hao’s expression when a figure suddenly blocked his line of sight.

His brows furrowing, he looked up and saw Sheng Heng’s cold face.

Sima Ming Xuan narrowed his eyes then smiled and turned his head to continue talking to his classmates as if nothing had happened.

“All those who couldn’t participate in this battle, regardless of their previous scores will get a zero on the exam along with the Mech Building Masters in their team.” Xiao Tianhan announced.

When most of the students heard this, expressions of despair appeared on their faces. They knew that the assessment on the desolate planet accounted for 30% of their final exam score. If they got zero, how could they pass the final exams?

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