Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 118.2

Editor: Jodi

Putting his pen down, Yan Hao suddenly felt a little hungry, and looking up at the time, he saw that it was already six-thirty in the evening. Then he looked back at the bed across the room and saw that He Shao hadn’t returned yet.

Ever since He Shao had been paired up with his partners, he had become exceptionally busy, often only returning after eleven o’clock at night.

Forget it. He would go to the cafeteria first to eat then bring He Shao dinner.

Previously, it was always He Shao who brought him food, so now it was his turn.

Putting on a jacket, he got up then went to the cafeteria which was crowded with people. He got only one tray of food then requested for takeaway which he would pick up later. After that he carried his tray and looked around for a seat.

Recently, Yan Hao had become somewhat famous in the Federal University, especially in the Mech Department, most especially since he publicised and made the method of making the energy converter available for free. Something which made it so that all the mech warriors who wanted to be equipped with an energy converter could be paired with one, which greatly increased the mech warriors’ affection for him. So seeing him carrying a tray looking for a seat, two third year seniors nearest to him stood up quickly and called out to him, “Junior Yan, come and sit here.”

Yan Hao turned his head in their direction, then asked politely, “Have you guys finished eating?”

“We’re done.” One of them said with a smile.

Yan Hao looked at his unfinished meal in confusion.

The student looked down, and seeing that there was still some rice in his bowl, picked up the bowl immediately and shovelled it into his mouth.

“…..” Yan Hao.

“We’re leaving.” After saying this, the student, while chewing the food in his mouth, picked up his tray and left with his friend.

Having no other choice, Yan Hao could only sit down.

He hadn’t been sitting for long when a plate of fruit salad suddenly appeared in front of him. He looked up in surprise to see a senior who looked somewhat familiar but whose name he couldn’t remember standing in front of him with a bright smile. “Little Junior Yan Hao, this is for you.”

“This is….”

“This is a new dessert from the cafeteria. It’s said to be a kind of dessert that people loved on ancient Earth. As soon as it goes on sale, it would be sold out. I originally planned to take it back to my roommate, but now I’m giving it to you.” The enthusiastic senior explained.

“Then…. what will your roommate do?”

“He can come and grab one for himself tomorrow.” The senior said without mercy.

“This isn’t too good right?” Yan Hao wasn’t quite accustomed to accepting such intense kindness from a stranger, and so subconsciously wanted to refuse.

“Little Junior, just accept it. I don’t have anything else to thank you with.” The senior told him.

“Thank me?” Yan Hao didn’t quite understand.

“I previously bought an energy converter from you, but since I didn’t need it at the time, I gave it to my big brother. He is currently stationed at the frontline of Galaxy System A and is a level six mech warrior. Two days ago, he encountered a level eight zerg when he was out on a mission and if it wasn’t for the energy converter that made it possible for him to equip his mech with level eight weapons, he probably wouldn’t have lasted long enough to be rescued. Your energy converter saved my big brother’s life. I don’t know how to thank you, so just accept this fruit salad.” The senior said sincerely.

Clearly, Yan Hao hadn’t expected that something he had sold not long ago would save someone’s life so quickly. This made him feel even more happy about the decision he had made.

Unable to resist the senior’s enthusiasm, he could only accept the fruit salad. The senior also didn’t continue to disturb Yan Hao, because seeing that he had accepted the gift, he left contentedly. After the senior left, Yan Hao suddenly wondered if the senior who had offered him his seat earlier did so for the same reason.

When he sold the energy converter, he hadn’t thought about receiving gratitude. After all, he had received payment, and even though he had provided the production method for free, it would still cost the mech masters starcoins to buy it from somewhere else. What’s more from what he knew, after a monetary transaction was made, there was no need to express gratitude to the provider of the goods.

Just like in the previous life. When someone paid, he would make the medicine, complete calculations, and after the transaction was completed, there would be no more interactions.

However….. this still made him a little happy.

Unable to suppress his smile, he picked up the soup spoon, took a sip of the fruit salad, and immediately squinted from the sweetness.


“Most of the ingredients in the school’s fruit salad are industrially synthesized, and although they aren’t harmful, the taste is a bit lacking. If you like it, I can take you to a shop where the ingredients are all natural and the taste is much richer some day.” A figure suddenly seated himself in front of Yan Hao.

Yan Hao looked up, and his mood, which had just improved because of the dessert, immediately changed, “Senior….. Sima….”

Yan Hao almost blurted out his full name.

“I haven’t seen you for a month and Little Junior Yan Hao has come up with a lot of interesting new things. That energy converter is very popular in the army.” Sima Mingxuan said with a smile.

Yan Hao didn’t really want to talk to him. He looked around and seeing that there were no extra seats, lowered his head and started eating hurriedly, planning to leave as soon as he finished eating.

However because he was eating so fast without caring much about his image, his lips were stained with a lot of soup, and seeing this, Sima Mingxuan took out two pieces of tissue from his pocket. However instead of giving them to him, he reached out directly to wipe Yan Hao’s lips.

“Little Junior, eat slowly, look at how messy you are, just like a little kitten.”

Shocked, Yan Hao’s whole body shrank back in fear as he stared at Sima Mingxuan with round, frightened eyes.

The reason for his reaction was simple: Sima Mingxuan’s action and tone just now had really scared him. Wasn’t this the same thing he used to say to Yan Fei whenever they were eating together when they had just fallen in love?

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