Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 28.1 Current direction of research

The classroom of the Mecha Building Department.

“Today we are going to talk about the internal wiring layout of mechs. Every mech operates with a mechmaster in the cockpit, with Star City’s operating instructions, and then the instructions are transmitted to every part of the mech through these lines. So the wiring arrangement of a mecha, is a knowledge that every mecha builder must master.” Professor Qin said, while projecting a diagram of the mecha’s internal structure on the blackboard.

“Finally, it’s time for the class you’re most interested in.” He Shao whispered to Yan Hao.

“Hmm.” Yan Hao’s eyes shone brightly, his entire body looking incomparably excited. He had been looking forward to this class for a long time. Through these three months of cramming, he had basically mastered the basics of mecha building. It was only this mecha wiring diagram that he still had many problems with.

“Does any of you have any knowledge of the direction of research on mecha wiring in the current science and technology?” Professor Qin suddenly asked.

“Prof, I know.” Someone raised their hand.

“Alright, tell me about it.”

“The current direction of research is to streamline the wiring diagrams inside the mechs as much as possible, in order to simplify the operation.”

“That’s right,it seems our students are keeping up with the current affairs.” Professor Qin chuckled, then began to explain, “Each line in the mecha is used to communicate instructions, like the lines inside the arms. This one is used to operate the fingers, this one is used to bend the arms, and this one is used to steer the directions. Beneath these basic lines, are many smaller lines, all of which are used to perform more delicate operations. And these operations all require the pilot to enter commands in sequence in the cockpit, and if one command is mis-operated, the mecha’s movements cannot be completed.”

“For this reason, the operation of a mecha is very difficult, and requires the pilot to have both a strong physique and mental strength. If his/her mental strength is not sufficient, it is not possible to remember the huge operating instructions, and if his/her physique isn’t strong, it is not possible to complete the operation in a short time. Because of this, for a long time, the Federation has been lacking Mecha Pilots.”

Yan Hao nodded repeatedly as he listened. Every teenager had a mecha dream, but the more he learned about mecha, the more he knew that he couldn’t become a mecha pilot. It was because his physique was not strong enough to support him to complete high intensity command operations.

“And in order to solve this problem, the Mecha’s Association had the earliest classification of mecha. The mechs were divided into classes of one to ten in total.” Professor Qin said, then switched the projected image, changing it to a pair of projections, with a total of six mecha wiring diagrams on it.

“On it are the wiring diagrams of mechs from level one to six, what have you found?” Professor Qin asked.

“The lines are getting more and more complicated.” The students quickly noticed.

“That’s right, the wiring is getting more and more complicated.” Professor Qin introduced, “The first to third level mechs, only have simple operating instructions and do not have weapons, normally, citizens of our federation, as long as they are not crippled, can operate them.”

“Hahahaha ……” The classroom erupted in laughter at once.

“There’s a fundamental change from the level 3 mech to the level 4 mech. Can you see it in the diagram?” Professor Qin continued to ask.

“Prof, I know this. After level 4 mechs, the joints of the mechs will be much more flexible.” Someone raised their hand to answer.

“Good, that’s right.” Professor Qin then enlarged the image on the projection, fixing it on the wiring diagrams of Level 3 and Level 4 mechs before asking, “Then can you work out from these two diagrams, what the reason for the flexibility of Level 4 mechs is ?”

The students, who had just spoken enthusiastically, fell silent at once.

Mechs had existed for a long time, so although not everyone in the Federation’s population could pilot a mech now, there were still some differences in mechs that were known. For example, the joints of a Level 4 mecha were more flexible than those of a Level 3 mecha, which was something everyone knew. But what Professor Qin was asking was, ‘From the two diagrams, find out the reason for the flexibility’ and that, was difficult.

When Professor Qin saw that everyone was quiet, he smiled and said, “Students, you don’t need to be nervous, speak boldly, you’ve just started learning, it’s normal to say the wrong thing, but be brave enough to think.”

“……” The classroom remained quiet.

“It seems I’ll have to do a roll call.” Professor Qin’s gaze swept around the classroom, then looked to the last row.

“D*mn, why are you looking our way? Please don’t call me.” He Shao lowered his head and prayed desperately.

Professor Qin’s gaze did fall in the direction where He Shao was, but he was not looking at He Shao, but at Yan Hao, who was sitting next to him and was looking at the blackboard with glowing eyes.

Professor Qin was very impressed by Yan Hao, because it was rare to find someone who could deliberately control the efficiency of the energy block at 76%; not a bit more, not a bit less. He had noticed something odd at the time, so he had deliberately made a problem of it, asking him to bring in another Level 5 energy block in half a month’s time and to his surprise, the boy really did bring one in. Although the level 5 energy block he brought was only 69.88% effective and wasn’t at the level of excellence, it should be known, that he had not yet taught the formula for making a Level 5 Energy Block in class at that time, and learning how to make a Level 5 Energy Block was a school requirement for students at the end of the semester. When Yan Hao had made it, it had only been a month since the start of the school year.

From this, it could be seen that Yan Hao had a mental ability and calculation ability that surpassed those of his peers, both of which were important to mecha building, especially the calculation ability.

“Yan Hao.” Professor Qin shouted.

With this shout, most of the students in the classroom breathed a sigh of relief and then all looked in Yan Hao’s direction.

Stunned, Yan Hao stood up, “Professor.”

“You answer the question I just asked.” Professor Qin said.

“I think the reason why a level 4 mecha is more flexible than that of a level three mecha is because the wiring in its body is more complex.”

As soon as Yan Hao said this, the classroom immediately resounded with boos. Wasn’t this nonsense? The professor had said at the beginning, that the more wiring a mecha had, the more flexible the mecha was.

“Everyone be quiet and listen to Yan Hao’s words.” Professor Qin saw that Yan Hao hadn’t finished speaking.

Yan Hao settled down and continued, “I have calculated that there are 126 more lines in a Level 4 mecha than a Level 3 mecha, including 10 more in the torso, 78 more in the hands, and the remaining 38 in the legs. This makes the level 4 mech 300.15% more sensitive than the level 3 mech’s arms, 120.25% more sensitive than the level 3 mech’s legs, and has more than three times the energy consumption, while achieving finger maneuverability and allowing the mech body to perform simple and fine operations. But likewise, the operating commands of a Level 4 mecha, based on the feasibility of consideration, are at least a hundred more than those of a Level 3 mecha. Also, above its arm, counting from the outside to the inside, the eighth to the twentieth line, is ……”

The crowd listened to Yan Hao’s explosion of specific numbers one by one in a daze. This, this was too precise.

“Okay, that’s enough, sit down.” Professor Qin raised his hand and gestured for Yan Hao to sit down, “It seems that Yan Hao has studied well, and he can already distinguish the function of each line in the mech. That’s right, the goal of this course is to understand the function of each circuit inside the mech. Only after understanding their roles, when we make the mecha, can we dispose of reasonable wiring according to our needs.”

“Prof, how many levels of mecha wiring diagrams should I master?” A student asked.

“Naturally, all of them should be mastered.” Professor Qin answered.

“What?! But there are more than six thousand lines inside a level 6 mecha.” The students wailed.

“Six thousand lines and you guys are screaming miserably, what about level 7, level 8, or even level 10 mechs?” Professor Qin said calmly, “Might as well tell you guys, if you can’t remember these lines in the second semester of your freshman year, you can just wait to repeat the class.”

“Ah?!” There was another cry of misery in the classroom, with He Shao’s scream being the loudest.

Yan Hao looked at He Shao and said comfortingly, “What the professor is saying sounds scary, and as a matter of fact, you can’t remember it, but it’s all patterns.”

He Shao looked at Yan Hao with an incredulous gaze, and asked, “You …… you can’t have memorized it all already, right?”

“That’s not true, I’ve only memorized it up to level 4.” Yan Hao shook his head.

He Shao’s eyes rolled up and he planted himself on the desk.

“Get up, listen to the lesson, the professor is talking about the layout of lines. If you understand it, you can grasp the pattern.” Yan Hao pulled He Shao up, who was in a state of shock.

At the end of the lesson, the complicated knowledge made this group of freshmen only feel that their brains were deprived of oxygen, but Professor Qin smiled as he looked at the flowers of the motherland who had been ‘destroyed’ like this: “There is still one month left for the final exam, and the knowledge points of this lesson account for at least thirty points, so go back and study well.”

“Huh?!” There was another cry of misery in the classroom.

Professor Qin had been teaching for many years, and what he loved most was to hear the lovely screams of the students, which gave him an immense sense of achievement. After gathering up his things, Professor Qin waved his hand, and walked out of the classroom.

“Just how much water was in my head at that time that I enrolled in the Mecha Building Department? Was I crazy?” He Shao scratched his hair frantically and after he was done venting, was about to pull Yan Hao to go to dinner, but then saw that Yan Hao kept looking in the direction of where the professor had left with an odd expression, as if he was gathering great courage.

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