Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 10 Testing the effectiveness (1)

The principle of making energy blocks was actually the same, but the more advanced the energy block was, the more energy it contained and the more instability points it had, which made the formula for calculating it more complicated and more mentally demanding.

Energy shields below level 8 could already be made by technology, and the calculation of instability points could be done by light brain, hence although the production of energy blocks below level 8 could be automated by machines, the loss of energy, however during the production process would be more than the one that occurred when produced by skilled human labor and that, was difficult to reduce.

On his first day at University, Yan Hao learnt the formula for calculating energy blocks for levels 4-6, which wasn’t too complicated for him, or perhaps it should be said, was too simple.

In his previous life, in order to formulate a special medicine, he’d had to calculate different ratios among a thousand kinds of medicines. If he’d had to try them one by one, he probably wouldn’t have been able to finish them all in a lifetime. This was why most pharmacists used their own knowledge of the properties of herbs to make their own formulations. This was the so-called talent of a pharmacist, and Yan Fei was very talented in this area, which was why he was always innovative, but Yan Hao didn’t have any talent in this area, hence had come up with a very simple and brutal method.

Which was to precisely measure the composition of each herb and the possible variations in the various ratios, and then calculate them through a large number of complicated mathematical formulas. This formula was much more complicated than the formula for an energy block, or at least not in the way that he could have calculated it mentally when he first formulated the special medicine.

With this foundation, Yan Hao made his first level 4 energy block in only 30 minutes.

Then came the second, the third, the fourth, and the fifth, and he finished all the raw materials Sheng Heng had bought for him and finally compressed the time to 25 minutes.

“If it weren’t so late, I’d like to take these energy blocks of yours to the lab to test their effectiveness.” Perhaps because he had been stimulated so much during the night, He Shao was by now able to gaze at the freshly made level 4 energy blocks in front of him calmly.

“Let’s go first thing in the morning.” Yan Hao was also curious to know how effective the energy blocks he had made were.

“What percentage of effectiveness do you think the energy blocks you made are?” He Shao asked curiously.

“About 60 percent.” Yan Hao answered.

If he had made an energy block that was more than 60 percent effective, then that meant that his energy block was without problems.

“Only 60 percent?” Having witnessed someone’s amazing performance overnight, He Shao was much more confident than Yan Hao at this point, “With your level of production, it’s at least 70, if not more.”

“Thank you, but you’re being too optimistic.” Yan Hao laughed, “I’m just better at calculations, but I’m not as good as a light brain, and the effectiveness depends on the mental sorting of the energy.”

Yan Hao was very self-aware, because like in the past, he knew that the more advanced the medicine he made was and the more perfect the proportions were, the potency would always only be just medium when compared to Yan Fei’s.

So in this life, he only set the ratio of 60% for his own energy block.

“Sigh, how come you’re so boring? The energy block hasn’t been tested yet, yet here we are discussing the possibilities. It’s just like when you’ve just taken a test and you’re evaluating your score and subconsciously overestimating it by a few points. This is called having nice fantasies.” He Shao couldn’t help but lecture.

“But…… what if I’m wrong about the percentage? Wouldn’t it be embarrassing?” Yan Hao frowned.

“What’s there to be embarrassed about? We’re just talking about it, who’s going to go to such an extreme? Isn’t that madness?” He Shao picked up the level 3 energy block he had just made and said, “I think this energy block’s effectiveness is 80 percent. Will you make fun of me if we find out that I was wrong when we test them later?”

Yan Hao shook his head.

“This just goes to show, that a little bragging between friends is a way to get to know each other better.”

“Then….” Yan Hao copied him. He pointed to his level 4 energy blocks and said, “I think these energy blocks I made are 90 percent effective. “

“Eh, that’s right.” He Shao smiled, giving him a thumbs up.

Yan Hao smiled back, his anxious heart unconsciously settling down as he suddenly felt that even if the energy blocks were tested tomorrow and were less than 50 percent effective, it wouldn’t matter. Because there was no one here who was going to tease him about his mistakes, or his lack of excellence.

Suddenly, he was wrapped in an unprecedented relief and felt like a fish that had just been released into the sea which could wag its tail freely.

The next morning, after breakfast, Yan Hao and He Shao took their things to the lab to test their effectiveness.

The Mecha Department and the Mecha Building Department were very close to each other, and because of the inextricable connection between the two departments, they had built their labs, repair rooms, and mecha training rooms all in the same place.

Yan Hao had just reached the entrance of the Mecha Building Department’s lab when he met Sheng Heng, who was coming from the other way, with a breakfast in his hand, looking like he was bringing it to someone.

“Senior.” Yan Hao greeted politely.

“Little Junior.” Sheng Heng smiled slightly, “Here at the lab so early?”


“Have you had breakfast yet?” Sheng Heng shook the breakfast in his hand, as if he would feed Yan Hao as soon as he shook his head. He didn’t know why, but as soon as he saw Yan Hao, he wanted to feed him something because he felt that this little junior was a bit too well behaved.

“I’ve already had breakfast.”

A flash of disappointment passed through Sheng Heng’s eyes, but just as he was about to say goodbye to the two and head for the training room, he heard He Shao suddenly let out a cry.

“What’s wrong?” Yan Hao looked at his roommate strangely.

“We can’t go to the lab.” He Shao said agitatedly, “We have to pay 50 star coins to go to the lab for testing.”

He had shouted precisely because he remembered that Yan Hao didn’t even have the money to buy the materials.

“So expensive?” Yan Hao was really shocked. The market price of a level 4 energy block was 800 star coins and the test cost 50 star coins. Wasn’t this too black bellied?

“It’s not that expensive if you think about it. Testing a level 4 energy block once is 50 star coins, testing a level 8 energy block once is also 50 star coins, but once you learn how to make advanced energy blocks, you won’t think it’s expensive anymore.” He Shao explained.

“Then….. let’s test one block.” Yan Hao said with heartache.

As Sheng Heng listened quietly to the conversation between the two, he understood the gist of what they were saying, so he asked, “You…. are going to test the effectiveness of an energy block?”

“Yes.” Yan Hao nodded his head.

“Why don’t we ask senior to help us test it? Each mech can automatically detect the effectiveness of an energy block, so it will be easier.” He Shao added immediately, “Plus you’re going to sell these energy blocks to him anyway, so letting senior take the test can save you about 200 star coins.”

When Yan Hao heard this, his eyes really lit up and he looked at Sheng Heng with burning eyes.

In the previous life, he didn’t lack money, but in this life, as Mecha Building was his major, he would have to build mechs and that would need a lot of money, but as he didn’t want to ask his parents, he would have to save.

A smile appeared in Sheng Heng’s eyes: “You made a level 4 energy block so quickly?”

From the last time Yan Hao had helped him replace his mech’s axle, he could see that Yan Hao had a solid knowledge of mechs, so he wasn’t surprised to learn that he knew how to make a level 4 energy block.

“I learned how to make it yesterday, can you help me test it? If the performance isn’t up to standard, I can do it for free.” Yan Hao added.

“Let’s go.” Sheng Heng didn’t say much. He just turned around and walked towards the training room.

Yan Hao dragged He Shao behind him happily as he followed Sheng Heng at a fast pace.

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