Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 47.2 Test

“I’ve heard he’s only a freshman this year, yet you’re giving him the mental energy test. Isn’t that a bit hasty?” Deng Ziming asked.

“Maybe.” It was only after he said this that Old Pang started reflecting. Could it be that he had overestimated Yan Hao’s mental energy that day? After all, he was only a freshman, and channeling three different frequencies of mental energy at the same time was a bit too much.

“How long has the test been going on?”

“Six hours.”

Deng Ziming took one look at his teacher’s face and knew that he was probably a little disappointed, so he stopped talking about the subject, found a few questions he had encountered and began to ask his teacher.

At that moment, a ‘ding-dong’ beep sounded from the maintenance room, a beep that indicated the end of the test.

“Let’s go in and have a look.” Getting up, Old Pang headed for the room where the test had been held.

Inside the room, Yan Hao, who was holding his stomach looked down, a little upset. He had lost track of time again and had stayed in the room for so long, he wondered if Old Pang would be angry.


Just then, the door to the room was pushed open and Old Pang and his disciple Deng Ziming walked in. Although Yan Hao’s overtime disappointed Old Pang a little, he still smiled warmly, not wanting to discourage the young student. He was just about to say a few words of comfort when he looked up and saw a mech arm on the operating table, an already completed whole small arm.

“You…. why did you assemble so much?” Old Pang asked, speechless.

“I’m…. I’m sorry, I… lost track of time.” Yan Hao lowered his head in shame. He had been in the lab for so long, sure enough, he had delayed Old Pang’s activities.

Ignoring Yan Hao, Old Pang took one stride over to the mech arm, picked it up, examined it carefully, and then a big smug grin crossed his face, “Ziming, come over here and take a look at this arm. What do you think of its assembly?”

Deng Ziming also reflected at this point and stepping over quickly, took the mech arm from his teacher’s hand, injected mental energy into it and probed it carefully, “The mental energy in it is smooth, there is no rejection and it’s very well assembled.”

“Hahaha, I told you, how could I possibly be wrong about someone?” Old Pang instantly became even more smug.

“Then…. Professor Pang, have I passed the test?” Yan Hao asked in a small voice.

“I only asked you to assemble three or more of the main parts and you’ve assembled half of the arm. How can I not let you pass?” Old Pang rejoiced, “From now on, every weekend, you can come to my lab to study.”

“Thank you, Professor Pang.” Yan Hao was so excited that his face turned red.

He had passed the test, which meant he would be able to see the level 9 mech every week from now on.

“What Professor Pang, call me teacher.” Old Pang instructed.

“Thank you, teacher.” Yan Hao didn’t see anything wrong with it either. As far as he was concerned, anyone who taught him knowledge was his teacher.

“……” Deng Ziming looked speechlessly at his teacher. This just showed how much he liked him. He wasn’t even making him an intern anymore, he was directly just taking him on as his disciple. But wasn’t this young student in front of him acting too calm? Accepting the only level 10 Mech Builder Master in the entire Federation as his Master, wasn’t he even the least bit excited?

“Why didn’t you just finish assemblying the whole mech arm?” Old Pang asked Yan Hao.

“I…… I’m hungry.” Yan Hao scratched his face in embarrassment. He had been eating all three meals regularly for the past two months that unknowingly, it had become a habit. When the time came that he didn’t eat, he would be especially hungry.

When Old Pang and Deng Ziming heard this, they didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Go and eat, don’t get starved.”

Before leaving, Old Pang gave Yan Hao a card, which he said would give him free access to the tenth floor. Before leaving the tenth floor, Yan Hao went to Professor Qin’s place again and told him that he had passed the test, but Professor Qin didn’t look surprised. It was as if he already knew that he would pass the test, so after giving him a few words of encouragement, let him go. It was Zhou Xiong however, who looked at him with a somewhat complicated expression. Yan Hao was surprised, but because he was too hungry, he didn’t ask too many questions, thinking that there would be plenty of opportunities to meet him later anyway.

When he returned to the dormitory, He Shao had already ordered takeaway for him and after he had eaten to his fill, he told him about the afternoon’s test.

“What?! It’s Old Pang’s lab that’s looking for interns?! What kind of shit luck do you have!” He Shao was so excited that he stood up straight from the bed.

“Why are you so excited?” Yan Hao was puzzled.

“Don’t you know who Old Pang is?” He Shao roared, “Old Pang’s full name is Pang Tianhe.”

Pang Tianhe? That name seemed familiar.

Yan Hao’s eyes went wide, “The level 10 Mech Building Master?”

“You’ve just come to your senses? Are you even from the Mech Building Department? You unexpectedly don’t even know this top-notch guy?” After He Shao finished roaring, he realized something, “I forgot, you were studying Pharmacy before. But you’ve at least switched to Mech Building for half a year, how could you not know Great Master Pang Tianhe?”

“I…… I’ve heard of him. I just didn’t expect…. to be able to meet him personally.” In the previous life, although Yan Hao wasn’t engaged in Mech Building, he had always been very interested in it and knew a thing or two about the legends of the Mech Building industry. There were only two Mech Building Masters in the Federation now, and indeed in the next fifteen years, there would be only two, namely Great Master Pang Tianhe and Great Master Zhonggao Xuanzhong.

It wasn’t that Yan Hao didn’t know Pang Tianhe’s name, it was that he could never have imagined that the old man he had met casually was the legendary Master. He had thought that he would have to be a level 7 or 8 Mech Building Master before he would be qualified to meet such a great man.

“Not only have you met him, he has also become your master.” He Shao said.

“No, I just became an intern.” Yan Hao shook his head.

“Tsk, all the interns Old Pang take in end up as his disciples. The so called interns, are the disciple reserves.” He Shao’s uncle was the deputy director of the Mech Building Department, so he knew about this.

“Pah!” The chopsticks in Yan Hao’s hand fell to the ground.

He remembered that Old Pang seemed to have, it seems, said, asked him to call him teacher.

I…… I’ve taken Old Pang as my Master but I didn’t even bow. Will Old Pang think I’m rude and regret his decision tomorrow?

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