Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 64.1 Genius in Pharmacy

“Why aren’t they both awake yet?” Sheng Heng asked in surprise as he looked over at the two students sleeping on the other side of Cheng Wenkang.

“Their level 6 sedative isn’t ready yet.” Cheng Wenkang explained.

Sheng Heng looked at Cheng Wenkang in confusion.

Cheng Wenkang told Sheng Heng what had happened at that moment.

“So the level 6 sedative that I used, was made by Xiao Hao?” Sheng Heng knew that Yan Hao had studied pharmacy and that he was exceptionally gifted in the field, but was he actually that gifted? Or was it because he had originally worked out the mathematical model for advanced sedatives, that was why he was able to sit up easier than the next person?

“Our little junior made it with Doctor Hu, so I’m not sure as to who made what we used.” Cheng Wenkang said.

“Mine was definitely made by Xiao Hao.” Sheng Heng said with conviction.

Cheng Wenkang rolled his eyes, thinking in his heart, you want to grab this one too?

“I say, you two, don’t you have a headache?” Sun Zhu, who was lying on the side resting couldn’t help but ask.

“It doesn’t hurt.” Cheng Wenkang laughed, “Class leader, you haven’t cultivated your mental energy enough, so after a comparison, there is a drop off, right?”

“Drop off my a*s. The last time I tested, my mental energy was clearly stronger than yours.” Sun Zhu cursed.

“That’s true. Then why do you have a headache but I don’t?” Cheng Wenkang was also puzzled as to how it was that he woke up so refreshed while the other three were still wilting on the hospital bed when they had all been injured the same way and taken the sedative together.

“Yan Hao said that the fluctuation of your mental energy when you are attacked will be different, resulting in a different degree of injury.” Xiao Tianhan entered the room through the doorway.

“Teacher.” They all shouted.

“Rest well.” Seeing Sheng Heng awake, Xiao Tianhan was instantly relieved, “You’re awake, how do you feel? Has your sea of consciousness been affected?”

“No, it feels as if I haven’t been injured.” Sheng Heng responded.

“When it comes to mental energy, you can’t be careless.” Xiao Tianhan admonished.

“Teach, don’t worry, I will pay attention to it.” Sheng Heng promised.

“I heard Ming Xuan say that you had already killed the level 6 mutant zerg by the time they arrived.” Xiao Tianhan had noticed Sheng Heng’s abnormality back on the first day of the examination when he saw Sheng Heng take first place in the points ranking, and so his first reaction hadn’t been that Sheng Heng had cheated, but that Sheng Heng’s hand injury had been healed.

But just now, when he was tending to the seven students in the ward, he suddenly became aware of a detail. After more than two days of intense training, everyone’s hands were more or less slightly red and swollen, except for Sheng Heng’s hands which were too healthy and normal. They didn’t look like a pair of hands that had just experienced combat.

“Boss, you killed the level 6 mutant zerg alone?!” Cheng Wenkang had always thought that they had been saved by Teacher Xiao and his men. He never, in his wildest dreams expect that it was Sheng Heng who had single-handedly killed the level 6 mutant zerg.

Sun Zhu and the other two students who had awakened were also shocked when they heard this.

“We didn’t know about the existence of the level 6 mutant zerg beforehand, so the rescue wasn’t timely enough. At that time, if Sheng Heng hadn’t blocked the zerg tide in front of you, with the incapacitated state you guys were already in, by the time we arrived, I’m afraid we would have only been able to pick up a few pieces of mecha debris.” Xiao Tianhan said.

When the four heard this, they broke out in cold sweat.

“Sheng Heng, thank you.” Sun Zhu thanked Sheng Heng, “I will definitely return this favor.”

“So will we.” The other two echoed.

“We are classmates and comrades in arms, so to say such things is out of place.” Sheng Heng laughed, “If our positions were reversed, I‘m sure you would have saved me too.”

All three laughed at this and although no words were being spoken, Sheng Heng carried a different weight in their hearts.

“Teacher, the person you just said saved me, was it Sima Ming Xuan?” Sheng Heng turned his head and asked Xiao Tianhan.

As one of the three major powers of the military, Sheng Heng naturally knew about Sima Ming Xuan, not to mention that during the summer holidays, the Sima family had even had designs on his family’s mech. Had Yan Hao not researched the mimetic system, the war god would have probably gone to Sima Ming Xuan.

“Yes, that was when their squad had just come down from the interstellar battlefield and happened to be passing near you. Later, the base was short of sedatives and he even brought out his own, specifying that it should be given to you. When you’re well rested, find a chance to thank him.” Xiao Tianhan instructed.

Sheng Heng’s heart tightened: “The mental sedative I used was given by Sima Ming Xuan?”

Sheng Heng subconsciously turned to look at Cheng Wenkang. Cheng Wenkang was also confused. How come it was different from what he had heard from their little junior?

“It would have been, but that partner of yours refused. He said he could make sedatives and then told me to give the sedative Ming Xuan brought over to the other students.” Speaking of Yan Hao, Xiao Tianhan couldn’t help but boast, “Where did you find such a little monster? He is obviously studying mech building, but his level in pharmacy is actually better than most of the students in the Pharmacy Department.”

As soon as Sheng Heng heard that the level 6 sedative he had used wasn’t Sima Ming Xuan’s, he was secretly relieved, because although it was only a matter of a level 6 sedative, it would mean that he owed Sima Ming Xuan a huge favor if he had used it on this occasion. And as they represented two separate families, this time, it would have risen directly to a matter of it being family interests. Sheng Heng even suspected that Sima Ming Xuan had deliberately specified that the sedative be given to him for this very reason.

Luckily, fortunately, Yan Hao had refused it for him.

“Teacher, how long will it take for the rest of the sedatives to be ready?” Sun Zhu asked a little anxiously when he saw that the classmate lying beside him was still unconscious.

Xiao Tianhan looked at the time and was about to respond when Doctor Hu suddenly pushed the door in.

“Doctor Hu, have the sedatives been made?” Seeing that the person who had entered was him, Xiao Tianhan asked him hurriedly.

With a tired look on his face, Doctor Hu handed Xiao Tianhan two sedatives, “Here are two sedatives, take them first. I need to go back and get some sleep to recover my mental energy before I can continue making the rest of the sedatives. I will try my best to make two more within 24 hours.”

“But…..”Xiao Tianhan didn’t understand somewhat, “There are already enough sedatives, you don’t need to make any more.”

“Enough?” Doctor Hu was stunned, then turned his gaze to the ward to find that five of the seven unconscious people had already woken up, even the worst one, “You found two extra sedatives?”

“No. Doctor Hu, wasn’t it the sedatives you made with Yan Hao earlier?” Xiao Tianhan asked.

“??” Doctor Hu was dumbfounded.

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  1. Apparently he forgot that the little cutie was making sedatives with him. Probably because he was too involved in the process and figured that Yan Hao gave up early rather than him just finishing his twice-processed sedatives in less than half the time.

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