Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 118.1

Editor: Jodi

Sheng Heng returned to school half a month later than expected, coming back a month after the semester started, and on the day he returned, he waited outside Yan Hao’s classroom, making it so that as the students from the Mech Building class stepped out, they were greeted by a distinct and prominent voice. At once, they all let out an ‘ooh’ in unison, and the collective sound made Yan Hao blush immediately, however a sweet, irrepressible feeling welled up in his heart.

“Hello, I’m Sheng Heng.” Sheng Heng stepped forward, introducing himself confidently.

“We know, we know.” The students from the Mech Building class responded, indicating that they knew who he was.

How could they not know the Federation’s number one soft rice eater?

At this moment, Yan Hao, face red, quickly came out from the crowd and a bit overwhelmed, grabbed Sheng Heng’s hand and rushed out, head down.

“Xiao Hao is in such a hurry.”

“If you had a wife, you’d be in a hurry too.”


Another meaningful ‘ooh’ sounded from behind, causing Yan Hao to stumble, but Sheng Heng, with quick reflexes, caught him before he could fall. This made the ‘ooh’ from behind that hadn’t yet subsided become even louder.

After the two of them walked through a small grove and were sure that they were alone, Yan Hao finally asked Sheng Heng, “When did you get back?”

“Ten minutes ago.” Sheng Heng replied honestly.

“Then why didn’t you go back to the dorm to rest first? You must be tired after such a long spaceship ride.” Yan Hao detected a hint of fatigue in Sheng Heng’s expression.

“But I wanted to have lunch with you first.”

Sheng Heng’s voice was soft and gentle, very different from his usual tone and like a cat’s paw, it scratched at Yan Hao’s heart, making his heart itch.

Could it be, that this was the legendary acting cute?

“Are you… are you acting cute?” Yan Hao couldn’t help but ask.

Sheng Heng, who had been trying to create an ambiguous atmosphere, froze for a second, then nodded with a smile.

He really was acting cute.

“Then, then let’s go have lunch.” Yan Hao agreed immediately.

No wonder Senior said one should act cute when one wanted something. Sure enough, it was difficult to refuse when someone acted so coquettishly.

Although Yan Hao was usually very easy to talk to, he seemed even more so right now, and seeing this, Sheng Heng’s deep eyes darkened a little, then he tried his hand at really acting cute, “I also want to kiss you.”

Yan Hao, who was about to lower his head and pull Sheng Heng to the cafeteria froze suddenly. He looked up at him, then looked around and seeing that they were alone, whispered, his voice as small as a mosquito’s hum, “You….. you didn’t ask me before.”

Whether it was their initial confession kiss or the subsequent ones, where had Sheng Heng asked him? He would just press him and kiss him. What’s more he had never refused, so why was he suddenly asking now? Really making him embarrassed.

Seeing Yan Hao’s face that was as red as an apple’s, Sheng Heng couldn’t wait to lean down and kiss him and thinking this way, his body also bent at the waist very honestly and throughout this whole process, Yan Hao also didn’t move, seemingly waiting for him.

However changing his trajectory at the last moment, he tilted his cheek and whispered in Yan Hao’s ear, “But…. I want you to take the initiative and kiss me once.”

Yan Hao’s heart trembled, and just as he subconsciously turned his head to look at Sheng Heng, because their temples were already against the other’s, as well as their close proximity, because of this turn, his lips pressed against Sheng Heng’s.

However just as he jolted and was about to retreat, he was hugged closer by Sheng Heng, who then deepened the kiss.

As a result, the two who had left the classroom the earliest and run towards the cafeteria, were the last to arrive.

After lunch, Sheng Heng sent Yan Hao back to his dormitory first before going back to rest himself and over the next few days, he became busy catching up on the lessons he had missed while Yan Hao worked on redesigning the wiring circuit for a level six mech.

He wanted to layout the wiring circuit of the level six mech perfectly from the start, so that it would make it easier to turn it into a mimetic mech later without having to change most of the wiring inside like what he had done with Black Soul the last time he had modified it.

What’s more, if the wiring circuit was designed well, it would reduce the requirements on the mech’s core. In this way, perhaps in the future, when making a mimetic mech, he wouldn’t need to use the Tempest Stone, which will reduce the cost greatly.

Moreover, with the designs of current mechs, there was significant energy loss during transmission through the circuits, so by reducing the energy transmission length, energy could be conserved and even potentially increase the power of weapons.

The more Yan Hao learned, the more he realized how complex mech building was, something which contrasted sharply with what he had imagined at the beginning. He remembered that in the first class after he had enrolled, the professor had taught them the wiring circuit of a mech, and that it had only taken him a few days to memorize and get it; he didn’t feel that it was difficult at that time. Who would’ve thought that now, he would spend over a month on it but still wouldn’t be able to finalize the design.

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