Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 71.2 Your big brother is Yan Hao?

“Abandoned the exams?!” Director Liao’s eyes widened.

“Yes. That day when we announced the exam questions, one student ran away on the spot. I thought it was strange, so I specifically checked that student’s information and found that his name was Yan Hao.” Luo Hai Ming continued, “Now that I think about it, he probably went to the wrong exam room. At that time, we and the Mech Building Department were conducting the exams at the same time, so he probably rushed over there.”

“Professor Luo, if a freshman student was able to make a level 6 sedative, what do you think he studied in high school?!” Director Liao asked.

Luo Hai Ming was stunned. That’s right, someone who had studied pharmacy seriously might not be able to make high-purity sedatives, but someone who hadn’t studied it seriously would definitely not be able to make a high-purity level 6 sedative.

Director Liao didn’t speak anymore. Walking to his desk, he turned on his office’s light brain, pulled out last year’s entrance exam information and soon found Yan Hao’s information in it.

Yan Hao, 19, Z Star Planet high school champion, Qingyang Middle School, pharmacy. First choice in university, Federal University’s Pharmacy Department.

“…..” Luo Hai Ming.

“And he was even the top scorer! How did such a good seed end up in the Mech Building Department?! Director Liao was furious as he scanned Yan Hao’s information. He clearly studied pharmacy in high school and his first choice in university was their pharmacy department, so how did he suddenly go to the Mech Building Department and even ran away during the exam?

“Wait, I remember Yan Fei is also from Z Star Planet and their names are so similar. Could they know each other?” Sun Liang said all of a sudden.

Director Liao had already opened the student database, so he searched for Yan Fei’s information.

Yan Fei, 18, Z Star Planet’s 26th place in the university entrance exam, Qingyang Middle School, pharmacy. First choice in university, Federal University’s pharmacy department.

“They’re from the same middle school and their names are similar.” Luo Hai Ming looked at Sun Liang.

Regardless of what their relationship was, coming from the same middle school meant that they knew each other.

“I’ll call Yan Fei over so we can ask.” Not hesitating, Sun Liang sent Yan Fei a message, asking him to come to the department head’s office.

Yan Fei was in the lab organizing things when he received the message and as soon as he saw the message, his eyes lit up suddenly, a smile appearing on his face that was very hard to ignore.

“Yan Fei, what have you seen that has made you so happy?” One of his classmates asked.

“The teacher has asked me to come to the department head’s office.” Yan Fei replied.

“He has asked you to go to the department head’s office? It looks like the matter of you entering the Pharmacy Department’s Research Institute is a success. Yan Fei, you’re amazing. You’re the first freshman in the Federal University to enter the Research Institute.” The classmate shouted so loudly that the students around who hadn’t left yet heard it, causing them to be unable to help but look over in envy.

“It’s not a certainty yet, don’t talk nonsense.” Yan Fei quickly went to cover his classmate’s mouth, an embarrassed and shy expression on his face.

“It definitely is, otherwise why would the department head be looking for you, a freshman?”

“It may be that there’s something wrong with my newly improved prescription, so he’s asking me over to question me.” Yan Fei said.

“Yes, just in one semester and you’ve improved three prescriptions. With such talent, if you don’t enter to the Research Institute, who will?”

Yan Fei blushed, seeming a little embarrassed by the praise. He punched the teenager who was praising him loudly lightly, “Stop it. I’m going to see the department head, so please help me take my books back.”

After saying this, he left the lab and ran to the office building.

“Teacher, Director, Professor Luo.” When Yan Fei entered the office, he greeted each person one by one politely.

“You know me?” Professor Luo raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“You and Professor Li supervised our entrance exams, how could I not know you?” Yan Fei said with a beaming smile.

“Professor Sun, your disciple is good, he’s very perceptive.” Professor Luo complimented.

Sun Liang was already very satisfied with his disciple, so hearing Professor Luo praising him, he shot Yan Fei an approving look.

“Yan Fei, which planet are you from?” Director Liao looked at Yan Fei.

Yan Fei replied respectfully, “Director, my hometown is Z Star Planet.”

Director Liao had just checked Yan Fei’s information and so naturally knew that he was from Z Star Planet. He had only asked this question just to set the tone for what was to come: “Do you know Yan Hao? He is the top student of your Z Star Planet, in the same year as you.”

Yan Hao?!

Yan Fei was startled. How come he was asking about Yan Hao? Hadn’t the department head called him here to talk about him joining the Research Institute?

Subconsciously, Yan Fei turned his head and looked at his teacher Sun Liang.

“Xiao Fei, the director is asking you a question.” Seeing his disciple in a daze, Sun Liang reminded him.

“Yes.” Yan Fei replied quickly, “I know him. Yan Hao is my big brother.”

“Your big brother?!” Director Liao’s voice suddenly went up a few notches.

“No wonder your names are so similar.” Luo Hai Ming asked directly, “Then do you know why your big brother gave up studying medicine?”

“Professor, why are you suddenly bringing up my big brother?” Yan Fei asked in surprise.

“Professor Luo is asking you a question, just answer it.” Sun Liang said in dissatisfaction. How come his usually sharp disciple was being talkative today?

“Yes.” Pressing his lips together, Yan Fei replied in a low voice, “Actually, I don’t really know.”

“You’re his younger brother, how could you not know?” Director Liao asked.

“I….. my big brother doesn’t really talk to me much. At that time when he gave up the exam, I asked him and tried to convince him to come back to the Pharmacy Department…..”

“What did he say?!” Director Liao’s voice turned excited, going up a few octaves.

“My big brother said that he now likes mech building more and that he won’t study medicine in the future.” Yan Fei was confused but still answered truthfully.

“How come he likes mech building? His talent in medicine is clearly superior.” When Director Liao heard that Yan Hao preferred mech building, he only felt that a pearl had been overshadowed, that a good cabbage had been gored on by a pig, his heart aching so much.

“Director, how do you know my big brother’s talent in medicine is good?” Yan Fei couldn’t help but ask.

“What? Was his talent in medicine not good in high school?” Director Liao looked at him.

“No.” Yan Fei shook his head quickly, “My big brother’s talent in medicine is quite good. In high school, in the potions exams, my big brother was always first.”

Yan Fei added after a pause, “Although he has an average grasp of the properties of herbs and isn’t very good at improving remedies, as long as he is given a pre-made prescription, the medicine he produces always has the most stable effect.”

“Then it seems his mental energy level should be quite high. Do you know what your big brother’s mental energy level is?” Luo Hai Ming asked.

“I….. I don’t know.” Yan Fei shook his head.

“How can you not know? I remember you telling me that you went to the appraisal center to appraise your mental energy level when you decided to study pharmacy. Wasn’t your big brother with you then?” Mental energy level appraisal required going to a specialized appraisal center, and it also cost a significant amount of starcoins to issue an appraisal report, hence most parents only took their children for appraisal when they graduated from primary school and needed to choose a major in high school. And it was only if they met certain conditions or if they were sure that their child had a high talent that they would go.

“That day, my big brother threw a temper tantrum at my mom, so he didn’t go.” Yan Fei responded.

“So your big brother hasn’t taken the mental energy level appraisal?”

“That’s a small problem. Since he was able to get into the Mech Building Department, his mental energy level must be at least B+ or above.” The standard mental energy level requirement for entry into the Mech Building Department was B+. Director Liao looked at Yan Fei then asked, “Can you go talk to your big brother again and see if he wants to come back to study pharmacy? If he comes back, I can make an exception for him to enter the Pharmacy Department’s Research Institute.”

“!!” Yan Fei.

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  1. Poor Yan Hao, being shot by crossfire while lying down. These people are a special kind of assholes, automatically wanting to force someone to do something that they show skill and talent in even if it isn’t what they wish to do. Coincidentally, this is also why most people shouldn’t make their passion into their career. You’ll just grow to hate it over time as you burn out.

    1. Yeah, but if you are really good at it, maybe you should do it as a side job or side quest to make a few extra bucks if you have the time though.

  2. Lmao yan fei subtly trying to make yan hao look bad. “He threw a temper tantrum” “Not very good at herbs”. This green tea bitch needs a good slapping my god. And all those people who want to force yan hao into pharmacy, like bro

  3. Wow, so much for a person who declares himself as the one person who understands his big brother the most. What good thing you have done to your brother anyway if you really care about him? So far I see you just yapping around and never actually doing anything good for your brother.

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