Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 105.2 Meeting the family

Inside the car, Yan Hao kept his head down, and thinking he had scared him with his harsh tone earlier, Old Zhong couldn’t help but feel regret. He knew himself well, he had a quick temper and a sharp tongue whenever angry and the more disciples he taught, the more he scolded them. However his disciples were aware of his temperament and so were resilient. But Yan Hao was different. Since he came to the Research Institute, he had been able to learn everything by himself with the help of just a material and rarely needed help from him this master. A fact which left him feeling frustrated to no end.

Had he been too scary just now? It shouldn’t be right? Why did this kid have such low resilience? His tone had just been a little heavy and he was like this. Could it be that Old Pang had never scolded him?

“Ahem, my tone was indeed a bit harsh earlier.” Old Zhong, after some contemplation, decided to soothe his hurt little disciple.

Across from him, Baby Bug who heard this looked as if he had seen a ghost. What was happening? Master was apologizing?

Feeling uncomfortable under Baby Bug’s stare, Old Zhong glared at him. Baby Bug looked down decisively.

Lifting his head, Yan Hao blinked in confusion. It was only then that Old Zhong realized that his little disciple had been messaging someone with his head down.

“….” Old Zhong.

Picking up the documents next to him, he began to read, deciding to wipe out the memory of what he had just done.

Seeing that Old Zhong was suddenly ignoring him again, Yan Hao turned to look at his senior brother Baby Bug and saw that his head was also down. Unsure of how to react for a while, Yan Hao went back to lowering his head to text Sheng Heng.

Yes, Yan Hao had been messaging Sheng Heng just now. What surprise? Nothing could rival the nervousness of meeting the family.

Meanwhile on the other end, Sheng Zhuo, sitting in a military hover car was video chatting with his little brother and in the video, Sheng Heng’s eyes were darting around, as if looking for something.

“Stop looking, he’s not in this car.” Sheng Zhuo told him.

Despite the fact that Sheng Heng was his little brother, as he wasn’t part of the military, Sheng Zhuo didn’t allow him participate in the pick-up.

“How much longer until you guys arrive at the base?” Sheng Heng asked him.

“Old Zhong is going to upgrade the system at the training field first, so even when we arrive, you won’t be able to see him.” Looking at Sheng Heng’s background in the video, Sheng Zhuo knew he was near the residence arranged for Old Zhong at the base.

Sheng Heng was somewhat disappointed, but he didn’t ask his big brother for special permission to go to the training field.

“Your little boyfriend….. is quite well-behaved.” Remembering Yan Hao calling him ‘big brother’ when they met earlier, Sheng Zhuo couldn’t help laughing. Blushing at just one greeting, he was really too cute. It made one want to bully him.

“What happened?” Sheng Heng felt intuitively that something must have happened, otherwise his big brother wouldn’t just say this all of a sudden.

“Nothing, he’s just very well behaved. Don’t bully him.” Sheng Zhuo told him.

“You don’t need to tell me that.” Someone that he had finally managed to pursue, how could he bear to bully him? As he said this however, his expression suddenly changed, “Big brother, I have to go.”

“What’s wrong?” Sheng Zhuo asked, puzzled.

“Xiao Hao is contacting me.” And with that, he hung up.

“…..” Sheng Zhuo.

Forgetting his brother at the sight of his lover.

Sheng Heng tapped Yan Hao’s message: [Senior, I’ve come to see you.]

Sheng Heng laughed: [I know.]

Yan Hao: [How did you know?]

Sheng Heng: [Your name was on Old Zhong’s accompanying personnel list.]

Yan Hao felt that he had worked for nothing: [It turns out you already knew. I thought I would be able to give you a surprise.]

Imagining Yan Hao’s upset expression, Sheng Heng replied with a smile: [I was already very surprised when I saw the list.]

Yan Hao: [I saw your big brother earlier.]

Sheng Heng: [He saw you too.]

Yan Hao: [Did he say anything about me?]

Sheng Heng was confused: [What’s wrong?]

Yan Hao: [I was so nervous that I might have been a bit rude.]

Yan Hao had been thinking just now, if Sheng Zhuo didn’t know about his relationship with Senior Sheng, then he calling him ‘big brother’ just now was really a little too abrupt. It was all because his sixth senior brother had adviced him to be sweet and the only way he could think of to be sweet was to call him ‘big brother’. He hadn’t even considered whether it was appropriate for this occasion or not.

Sheng Heng: [Why were you nervous?]

His face bright red, Yan Hao typed: [Meeting the family.]

Sheng Heng was stunned, then teased: [Xiao Hao, are you proposing?]

After sending this message, Yan Hao didn’t respond for quite a while, and thinking he might have scared him, quickly sent another message: [I was just joking, don’t be nervous. My big brother likes you a lot. After you’re done with your tasks, I’ll introduce you to him privately; and there’s also something I would like your help with.]

Looking down at his phone again and seeing this sentence, Yan Hao immediately forgot Sheng Heng’s earlier teasing about him proposing and asked: [What do you need help with?]

Sheng Heng: [I’ll tell you when we meet.]

After that, they didn’t continue chatting. The hover car soon arrived at the base and everyone, urged by Old Zhong, headed straight to the training field. Inside the training field, a team of twenty elite soldiers were already waiting with their mechs.

“Old Zhong, this is Di Ya, a level nine mech builder. He’s in charge of the system upgrade this time.” Sheng Zhuo introduced a middle-aged man in his fifties in the control room of the training field to Old Zhong.

Seeing Old Zhong, Di Ya was visibly excited. However his good professional demeanour helped him control his emotions and after a brief exchange of pleasantries, he started the introduction: “Old Zhong, we’ve prepared twenty mechs, five each of levels five, six, seven, and eight. They are our War God Group’s most outstanding warriors, and their mechs are all in top condition. The systems inside their mechs are already connected to the main light brain in the control room and can be upgraded at any time.”

“Alright then, let’s begin.” The moment Old Zhong’s words fell, Yan Hao and Baby Bug immediately went straight to his side. Then, the master and his two disciples took over the control of the main light brain in the control room to start the system upgrade.

About half an hour later, the synchronous upgrade for all twenty mechs had been completed. After that, it was time to test them in real combat. Although they had already conducted real combat experiments at the Research Institute, there was a fundamental difference between real combat in the Research Institute and real combat on the battlefield. Therefore, the data obtained here would be the most accurate and comprehensive. The reason why Old Zhong personally led the team every time they upgraded the system was because this final test had to be conducted by him personally, and only after he had confirmed that there were no more problems would he synchronize the data with other lands and allow the mech warriors of other legions to complete their upgrades.

This test lasted for seven to eight hours, during which, Sheng Zhuo tried to persuade Old Zhong and his team to eat first, but Old Zhong ignored him. It was only after three abnormal values were detected and resolved that Old Zhong agreed to take a break.

After Old Zhong left, Di Ya and his subordinates stared at the bugs in the system that had just been modified, their faces full of awe.

“Three bugs that were detected just now were all fixed in just two hours?”

“If it were me, I probably wouldn’t be able to fix them in two months. The action values of a level eight mech are enormous, it would take several days to calculate.”

“Did you see that teenager called Yan Hao earlier? He calculated a value in half an hour. Is he a human light brain?”

“That’s why he could become Old Zhong’s disciple.”

“Alright, let’s hurry up and continue the testing so we can help Old Zhong complete the system upgrade as soon as possible. Then we’ll have time to ask questions.”

On the other end, Yan Hao parted ways with his master and senior brother and returned to his room. And as soon as he entered, he saw a familiar figure waiting for him inside.

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