Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 43 One hundred starcoins

As soon as Yan Hao arrived at the lab at 8am, he received a message from Baby Bug asking him if he could give the data on time.

“Are you in such a hurry?” When Yan Hao saw that he was in anxious, he immediately opened the math problem he had solved last night and continued to work on it.

While eating breakfast just now, he had gone over the process he had written out last night in his head, so now he was able to write it out smoothly and in the end, it only took him an hour and twenty minutes to finish the preliminary formula.

Seeing that it was still early, Yan Hao quickly went through the formula again and made sure it was correct before he clicked save and uploaded it to his email. However just as he was about to send it to Baby Bug, he suddenly stopped.

[You have to remember, every piece of your research, even if it’s just a very simple string of formulas, can be exchanged for money].

“Do I also have to charge money for this formula I wrote?” Yan Hao’s brows knitted together, “But Baby Bug is also my friend, and I shouldn’t charge for doing a favor for a friend. But I also made a promise to Senior.”

“And, even if I were to charge, how would I price this?”

Yan Hao spent only two minutes checking his solution, but eight minutes thinking about the problem, until Baby Bug’s message came again.

Baby Bug: [Ri An, have you finished writing yet?]

Yan Hao was still undecided about how to price it: [Can you wait a little longer?]

Baby Bug: [How long will it take? I’ve booked a time with the lab to use the Super light brain. If it will take long, then I’ll go ahead and cancel the booking so someone else can use it.]

Ri An: [No, it will only take a few minutes.]

Yan Hao thought about it for a few more minutes then finally decided on a price, but instead of emailing Baby Bug first, he sent him a message.

Ri An: [I’ve finished writing it?]

Baby Bug: [So soon? Then send it to me through email. I’m going to the room with the Super light brain right now].

Ri An: [I have something to say to you.]

Baby Bug: [Go ahead.]

Yan Hao took a deep breath, then wrote out the words he had prepared: [I promised my big brother that I would charge money for every formula I write].

On the other side of the light brain, when Baby Bug saw this message from Ri An, his whole person froze on the spot.

“Senior, I was right, wasn’t I? He’s a fraud. We aren’t even sure if the Super light brain test is correct and yet he wants to charge us first. So shameless.” A youth said in a deliberately ambiguous tone.

Baby Bug had already told his professor yesterday that Ri An had solved the math problem, so at this moment, he was also standing behind him. The old man, who had been expectant, was more disappointed than angry when he saw this. He had thought that someone had really solved the formula.

Baby Bug was also disappointed and even a little sad. Although he had never met Ri An, he had once considered him a friend.

Just as Baby Bug was about to refuse Ri An’s request, a new message came through.

Ri An: [Is a hundred starcoins okay?]

Baby Bug blinked, then blinked again, “A hundred starcoins?”

The old man, who had already turned to leave, stopped in his tracks when he heard his student’s shout.

“Professor, Ri An wants only a hundred starcoins from me. From this amount, you can tell that he’s not a scammer.” A hundred starcoins, at most, was the cost of a meal. What kind of scammer spent a day and a night solving problems only to end up conning an amount that could only buy a meal?

“He only asked for a hundred starcoins?” The old man confirmed.

“Prof, look.” Baby Bug showed the old man the message Yan Hao had just sent.

The old man looked at it, pondered for a moment then said, “Give him the hundred starcoins.”

It was only a hundred starcoins. He wouldn’t be falling for a scam if he gave this amount.

Baby Bug nodded and immediately transferred hundred starcoins from the Apollo Website’s backend to Ri An.

Yan Hao was very nervous after sending the message. This was the first time he had asked for money, and he was also afraid that Baby Bug would be angry. It wasn’t until Baby Bug transferred the money directly that he exhaled slowly, then sent the data he had uploaded to him.

“He has sent it.” Receiving the email, Baby Bug clicked on it immediately.

The people present were all mathematical geniuses, so after just one glance at the formula in the email, they could immediately tell that what Ri An had sent them wasn’t just random writing. The eyelids of the three men popped open and they couldn’t help but read on until they had finished the whole process.

“Prof…. professor?” Baby Bug’s voice was a little excited.

“Are you going to enter the data?” The old man asked.

“Yes.” Turning, Baby Bug ran for the Super light brain room.

After sending the data, Yan Hao thought about it for a moment then took a screenshot of the hundred starcoins he had received and sent it to Sheng Heng.

Sheng Heng: [?]

Yan Hao smiled cheekily: [This is the money I made from selling a formula].

Only a hundred starcoins?

Sheng Heng didn’t know what kind of formula Yan Hao had sold, but the formula he had written shouldn’t have cost so little. Standing up, he moved to try to call Yan Hao’s communicator in a deserted place: “Mom, I’m going out to make a call.”

Mother Sheng looked at her son and thinking he was nervous, nodded.

Going out, Sheng Heng went to the garden, found a deserted corner then made a video call to Yan Hao.

“Senior Sheng?”

As soon as the call was answered, Sheng Heng saw Yan Hao’s sparkling eyes, and his expression, which had been tense, couldn’t help but soften as he asked, “You’ve sold a formula so quickly?”

“It wasn’t really a sale. Actually, a friend of mine asked me to help him solve a problem, but then I remembered the promise I made to you that I would charge, however I was afraid that it would be bad to charge more, so I only asked for a hundred starcoins.” Yan Hao explained.

It turns out it was a favor for a friend. No wonder he had only charged that much.

“Did you do a good job? If that person is really your friend, then they won’t let you lose out.” Sheng Heng told him.

“Baby Bug has helped me a lot before.” Yan Hao said.

“Then that’s good.” Sheng Heng smiled.

“Senior, please have you found a mech core made of the Tempest Stone for me?” Yan Hao asked.

“Sorry, I’ve been rather busy this time, so I haven’t been able to take care of it.” Sheng Heng looked apologetic.

“It’s okay, senior, you go about your business first. Did I disturb you with my call?”

“This call, I’m the one who called you.” Sheng Heng laughed helplessly.

“Yes oh.” Yan Hao scratched his head in confusion.

“Xiao Hao….” Sheng Heng paused, then suddenly asked, “When do you think mech piloting will be capable of mimetic manipulation?”

Yan Hao’s heart skipped a beat. Had Senior Sheng Heng already learned about the present he wanted to give him?

“Senior, why are you asking this?” Yan Hao asked cautiously.

“I was just thinking, my little junior is so smart, maybe if you do some research on it, you might be able to break through soon.” Sheng Heng spoke calmly, but only he knew the hope hidden beneath that calmness.

He had come to the hospital today to make a match to ensure that his mental power level wouldn’t be affected too much after the cloned hands were transplanted. The Lin Group Research Institute would start cloning his hands once the match of the transplants were confirmed, and then they would start cultivating them in a month and a half before the surgery. By the time he returned to school, he would have a healthy pair of hands.

And the cost of this, was ‘the War God’, a symbol of the Sheng family’s glory which would be given to the Situ family.

He longed for healthy hands, but didn’t want the family’s glory to be given away because of him. However he couldn’t ignore the kindness of his parents and big brother.

“It depends on the level of the mech. If it’s a level 5 mech, it shouldn’t be too difficult.” Yan Hao said conservatively.

Sheng Heng was stunned, then continued to ask, “Isn’t the difficulty for a level 5 mech high?”

“Not too much.”

“You’re so sure?” Sheng Heng couldn’t help but feel a little excited.

“I’ve been working on the mimetic sensing system recently, and I’ve calculated that with the current mimetic system program, in another year, I’m sure I’ll be able to reach a level 5 mech operating strength.” Yan Hao deliberately stretched the time to a year, so that when the holidays were over and Senior Sheng returned to school, he could surprise him.

“A year?” Sheng Heng’s eyes lit up in radiant splendor.

“A year, that’s enough.” Yan Hao affirmed again.

“If you say a year is enough, then it’s definitely enough.” Sheng Heng jerked upright from the bench he was sitting on. “Xiao Hao, thank you.”

“Huh?” Yan Hao was a little confused.

“Xiao Hao, I have something to do, I’ll talk to you later.” After saying this, Sheng Heng hung up and got up to walk back.

Back in the lounge, he saw that there were two more people inside. The head of the Lin family, and the head of the Lin family’s lab.

“It’s just as well, Sheng Heng is back too.” The head of the Lin family said with a smile, “The data of your match has come out. It’s a 99.99% match. Congratulations, after transplanting the new arms, your mental power level will only be lowered by one small level .”

Mother Sheng’s nervous expression relaxed when she heard the result and she smiled as she looked at Sheng Heng, but the expression on Sheng Heng’s face wasn’t a smile of joy like the head of the Lin family’s, but rather a calm one.

“Sheng Heng, do you want to see it for yourself?” The head of the Lin family handed over the test report he was holding. “As soon as the agreement is signed, our lab can start the cultivation immediately, and in a month and a half, or even sooner, you will have a healthy pair of hands.”

“There’s no need.” Sheng Heng didn’t take the test report, “I don’t plan on doing the transplants.”

“Sheng Heng?!” Mother Sheng exclaimed in shock.

The head of the Lin family was also shocked: “Sheng Heng, you have to think about it carefully. This is the last bit of the medicine we have cultivated. If you miss this chance, there won’t be a next time.”

“Thank you, head of the Lin family for your concern, but I’ve thought it through. I’m not going to be doing the transplants anymore.” With that, Sheng Heng went straight over and pulled his mother with him out of the lounge.

Sheng Heng didn’t let go of his mother until they were out of the hospital building.

“Sheng Heng, what are you doing? I thought we had agreed before.” Mother Sheng asked, puzzled.

“Mom, my wish is simple. I just want to be able to pilot a mech, to be able to become a mech warrior, to go to war like my father and big brother and to k*ll the zergs. I will be satisfied with just that.”

“But how can you pilot a mech if you don’t treat your hands?”

“A friend of mine said that in just one year, the mimetic manipulation system of a level 5 mech can be achieved.” Sheng Heng told her, “With a level 5 mech, I can go to war just as well. So, the War God can’t be given out.”

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  1. I’m so released that YH told SH about the mimetic system. I was so worried that the mecha would be given away. YH would be so sad if he found out too late.

    Thanks for the update!

  2. The confidence and trust SH has in YH is beautiful. I also love the little mischievous side YH shown in going around SH’s order to charge for his work!

  3. Also, holy crap is the Lin family scummy for that. They want a mech that should cost in the tens to hundreds of billions of star coins just to treat his hands, and they can’t even maintain him at his current mental energy level after treatment. That seems like a horribly unfair trade. Glad Yan Hao was able to help them side-step this transaction. The worst part is that even if he was able to get new hands, he still would suffer from the crap operation mechanism of current mecha and be prone to new hand injuries.

  4. This professor is such a hypocrite? What wrong with asking for money when he helped you solve an unsolved formula? He not even your student and you don’t know him personally.

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