Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 63.1 Making Medicine

One of the reasons why Yan Hao gave up his pharmacy major and switched to mech building after being reborn was because he liked mechs himself, however another more important reason was that he wanted to completely break free from the protagonist, Yan Fei’s aura.

This aura, included Yan Fei’s research in pharmacy that always easily overwhelmed him, as well as Yan Fei colleagues, friends, and even more so Yan Fei’s future partner, Sima Ming Xuan who always somehow inexplicably felt that he was bullying and jealous of Yan Fei.

And since joining the Mech Building Department, he had sort of completely cut himself off from the people and events of his previous life and for the past seven or eight months, had lived an ordinary and common life and his days had been pleasant. The students around him didn’t look at him angrily for no reason, let alone attack him with sarcastic comments; he had even made friends and met teachers who shared their knowledge with him. Even the two times Yan Fei had come to him, he hadn’t suffered much.

And just when he thought he was out of the protagonist, Yan Fei’s light, Sima Ming Xuan suddenly appeared in front of him.

How did Sima Ming Xuan appear here?

Is he going to help Yan Fei deal with me again?

No, they shouldn’t have known each other at this time. Yan Fei only met Sima Ming Xuan in sophomore year.

“Little junior, don’t be afraid. I’ll put the medicine here.” Sima Ming Xuan, seeing Yan Hao’s terrified expression, thought that he was shocked by the fierce aura he carried, so he tried hard to pull out a gentle smile, raised his hand and put the level 6 sedative on the table next to him then took two steps back.

Yan Hao still looked at Sima Ming Xuan warily, not moving his feet in the slightest.

Thinking that Yan Hao was still scared, Sima Ming Xuan took another two steps back helplessly then teased, “And here I thought you were a bold one when I saw that you dared to catch someone with your bare hands before. Now it looks like you still have to practice some more.”

“He’s only a freshman.” Xiao Tianhan couldn’t help but explain for Yan Hao.

“A freshman?” Sima Ming Xuan looked to Yan Hao in surprise.

Yan Hao turned his head away from Sima Ming Xuan, trying hard to suppress the memory images that involuntarily surfaced in his mind.

“I heard from Yan Fei that you liked to steal things from him when you were little. Whatever he had, you would steal and now you show up here with the intention of stealing from me?”

“No, I’m just here to adjust the ratio of the medicine.”

“The medicines I use are all configured directly by the Institute and you need to adjust them?” Sima Ming Xuan’s pretty phoenix like eyes were filled with mockery.

“I set all the ratios of the medicines you’ve been soaking in.”

“You’re starting to steal credit?”

“I’m not!” Yan Hao knew he would never be believed when he said these three words and although he didn’t like Yan Fei and compared himself to him at every turn, he never bothered to lie.

“No? I’ve been soaking in this medicine for a year and it’s always been Yan Fei who adjusts it for me or it is sent directly from the lab. How come you didn’t come before but are suddenly appearing today? Isn’t it because you know Yan Fei happens to be away for something?”

“No, the mental map you passed to the research lab today had an anomaly and the ratio of the medicine needs to be readjusted, that’s why I came over.” Yan Hao explained.

“And it has to be in my bathroom that you adjust the proportions?” Sima Ming Xuan sneered.



“I’m not lying. This medicine you have in front of you has to be made on the spot to work, otherwise the healing effect won’t be achieved.” Yan Hao met Sima Ming Xuan’s gaze, his indignation reaching its peak. He was tired of this scene where no matter how much he explained, no one would believe him, “If you don’t believe me, put the medicine in the bathtub and someone else will make it for you.”

“I don’t want to use the medicine you’ve mixed either.” As Sima Ming Xuan turned around and was about to go and drain the medicine from the bathtub, Yan Fei suddenly pushed the door in, interrupting Sima Ming Xuan’s movements.

When Yan Hao saw Yan Fei enter, knowing that what he was trying to prove might fail again, he became desperate and rushed towards the bathtub, intending to drain the medicine from it himself. However to get close to the tub, he had to cross Sima Ming Xuan, who mistakenly thought he was going to throw himself at him and so kicked him out.

That kick kept Yan Hao in the hospital for three months and as soon as he could be discharged, he was driven out of Capital Star.

So, even after being reborn and coming back, Yan Hao subconsciously felt pain in his ribs upon seeing Sima Ming Xuan.

“Ming Xuan, go back and keep looking for some for me, see if you can still find a level 6 sedative.” Xiao Tianhan’s head was now filled with the last sedative that was short.

“Okay.” Nodding, Sima Ming Xuan took one last look at Yan Hao before leaving.

Although he didn’t know why, he had the feeling that this Yan Hao looked at him with more than fear, as if he knew him. However he was a freshman, so he shouldn’t know him. He had been fighting on the front line since the latter half of last year and hadn’t even gone back to the Department.

With Sima Ming Xuan gone, Yan Hao’s tense body relaxed as he turned his head and asked Xiao Tianhan, “Teacher Xiao, it’s that we are short of a level 6 sedative, right?”

“Yes. There are only two left on the base, plus the one Ming Xuan brought us, so that makes it only three. And only Doctor Hu on the base can make a level 6 sedative, however he can only make three in 24 hours.” Xiao Tianhan sighed.

Being able to make them meant that the raw materials were available on the base.

“Take this one to Sheng Heng for him to use. Ming Xuan specifically requested that it be given to him, so when Sheng Heng is ready, tell him to thank Ming Xuan.” Xiao Tianhan took the medicine Sima Ming Xuan had placed on the table and handed it to Yan Hao.

Shaking his head, Yan Hao didn’t take it, “I don’t want this one. Teacher, please give it to someone else and give all the other medicines to the other injured seniors.”

If they were all given to others, then didn’t that mean that there was no shortage of medicines?

Xiao Tianhan’s eyes lit up as he looked at Yan Hao excitedly, “You have a level 6 sedative?”

Yan Hao shook his head.

The light in Xiao Tianhan’s eyes instantly dimmed and he said with some dissatisfaction, “Then why are you refusing the medicine on Sheng Heng’s behalf? Do you know what the consequences of Sheng Heng’s mental energy going berserk are?”

Realizing that Teacher Xiao had misunderstood, Yan Hao explained hurriedly, “Although I don’t have a mental sedative, I can make one.”

Saying that, Yan Hao looked at Doctor Hu who was standing by the side and requested, “Doctor Hu, can you give me two copies of the herbs for making a level 6 sedative as well? It should be faster if we do it together.”

“You know how to make a level 6 sedative?!” Doctor Hu asked skeptically, “You’re a Pharmacy Major? But you’re just a freshman and you’ve only just learned a smattering about level 5 medicines at most, so how can you possibly table making level 6 sedatives?”

“Level 6 sedatives are much less difficult to make now that there are ready-made data models, so as long as one has enough mental energy and also knows enough about the medicinal properties of the herbs, one should be able to make them.” Yan Hao, fearing that he wouldn’t believe him, added, “I have tried to make it and it was successful.”

“You were successful?” Doctor Hu remained somewhat unconvinced.

“Anyways, even if I don’t succeed in making it, it would just have been a waste of some herbs and it won’t exacerbate the seniors’ illness. But in case I succeed, the seniors will have enough medicine. Doctor Hu, Teacher Xiao, just trust me this once.” Yan Hao pleaded sincerely.

As Yan Hao’s words were reasonable and justified, Doctor Hu had no reason not to say yes again, after all, it was only two herbs: “I will go and fetch the herbs.”

With that, Doctor Hu turned around and went to the inner pharmacy.

“You…. know how to make medicine?” Xiao Tianhan asked hesitantly, “Aren’t you a student of the Mech Building Department?”

Could it be that Sheng Heng had pulled a random pharmacy student to make up the numbers? It shouldn’t be, he had made a master-level level 6 energy block a few days ago and even earned over five thousand points.

“I studied pharmacy in high school and was actually originally going to take the Pharmacy Major at our school as well but for some reason, I majored in Mech Building instead.” Yan Hao explained the reason briefly.

“You were originally planning to major in Pharmacy?! What you studied in the six years of high school was also Pharmacy?” Xiao Tianhan asked in shock.

“En.”Yan Hao nodded.

At that moment, Doctor Hu came out from inside the pharmacy, holding two huge boxes in his hands. When Yan Hao saw him, he rushed up to help, taking one of them from him.

“The pharmacy is this way, follow me.”

Saying this, Doctor Hu led the way. Yan Hao followed a few steps after him, but on the way out, cast a somewhat uneasy glance in the direction of the ward.

Xiao Tianhan understood and said immediately, “I’ll take care of them, go make the medicine.”

Only then was Yan Hao completely relieved and followed Doctor Hu to the medicine room. The medicine room was very well stocked with tools and although it had been over half a year since he had touched them, Yan Hao was more familiar with the sight and feel of them than that of mech parts.

This was, after all, something that he had lived with and used frequently for almost twenty years.

“This is the distillation table ……” Doctor Hu was about to explain to Yan Hao about the usage of the tools in the medicine room only to turn his head and see that Yan Hao was already working directly on configuring the medicine, what’s more his movements were much more skillful than his, who had been a pharmacist for almost twenty years.

His mind at ease, Doctor Hu opened the box beside him, diving into the preparation of the medicines.

As time passed, both of them unconsciously fell into a state of forgetfulness. If an outsider saw this scene, he would have subconsciously thought that Doctor Hu was making medicines with his student. However if they were to look closely for a while, they would find a shocking fact, which was that Yan Hao, who was supposed to be a student, was far more skilled than Doctor Hu in making the medicines.

Not only was he skilled, he was even comfortable with it. The young man’s face was calm and he moved with ease, as if he wasn’t preparing a high-grade medicine at all, but doing something extremely simple. On the other hand, Doctor Hu’s brow was furrowed and his breath was stagnant as he deliberated each time he added an herb to refine the medicine.

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