Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 33.1 Sour note

‘Mimetic sensing’ was a completely new field for Yan Hao, so ever since the day he bought the small robot, he would spend at least half of his day studying the mimetic system in the robot and the other half assembling the mech’s arm.

He Shao also practiced making a level 5 energy block desperately as his final exams were approaching, and as a result, his mental power also broke through as he continued to practice, causing him to finally succeed in making a level 5 energy block with an efficiency of 75.62% three days before his final exams. He was so happy that he collapsed on the bed in his dormitory right then and there.

During this period, Sheng Heng was unable to meet his little junior in the canteen, so he approached Yan Hao twice under the guise of replacing parts for his mecha, but each time Yan Hao came, he would just change the parts hurriedly and leave, his perfunctory attitude hurting Sheng Heng a little. But this also made him realize that in his little junior’s eyes, he was no match for scientific research.

“Ugh.” Sheng Heng couldn’t help but sigh.

“Are you thinking about your little cutie again?” As soon as Cheng Wenkang saw his boss sigh, he immediately guessed the reason why.

“I’ve told you, don’t call him little cutie.” Sheng Heng glared at him.

“Boss, it’s useless to control me. If you have the ability, control them.” Cheng Wenkang pointed behind him.

Behind him were the mech warrior students who had finished their day’s lessons, all of them sweating and looking tired.

“It was a tiring class today. My hands are sore, I miss little cutie.”

”Ever since I got my little cutie, my fingers don’t get sore anymore.”

“Thanks to little cutie, I can practice on average two more hours a day.”

“Come on, let’s go soak little cutie a little.”


When he heard this noise, Cheng Wenkang held him down quickly: “Boss, calm down, it’s okay to break the back of a chair, but if you break a classmate’s neck, you’ll go to jail.”

“How can they talk like that?” What did they mean by flirt with little cutie a little?

“They don’t mean that. They’re going to soak 1The character for ‘soak’ is the same as the character for ‘fooling around with somebody or flirting’ — ‘泡’. Which is why Sheng Heng is angry. some little cutie, no, they’re just going to pick up the herbal packets, they’re not really going to flirt with our little junior. They don’t even know who little cutie is.” Cheng Wenkang reassured him, “You’re the only one who knows who our little junior is, so only you have that opportunity.”

Since Yan Hao’s muscle-relieving herbal packets were announced on Starnet, it had been used widely among mech warriors, and the more they used it, the more they felt closer to its creator. Later on, it was unknown who started it, but it was no longer called the Muscle Relief Herbal Packet. Instead the name was changed directly to Little Cutie. So much so that at the end of every training session, this conversation could be heard among the mech students.

These words were nothing more than a gesture of affection for the Master Pharmacist Little Cutie, but they didn’t sound right to Sheng Heng’s ears. For the past month, as soon as the mech warrior class was over, he would get angry.

Sheng Heng did calm down, but he wasn’t in high spirits either: “It’s still left with six months before he becomes a sophomore.”

“Yes, everything will be okay when he becomes a sophomore. He’ll be learning to build and repair mechs and at that time every mech builder would be paired with at least one of our mech warrior students. If you are able to win our little junior over, you’ll have the chance to meet him.” Cheng Wenkang said.

“I don’t need you to tell me this.” Sheng Heng thought for a moment and then suddenly said, “But they are usually paired with those in the same year. Do you think I should ……”

“Repeat the grade.” Cheng Wenkang said.

Sheng Heng didn’t say anything, seeming to have acquiesced.

“It’s better if you don’t. If Yan Ge finds out you are repeating a year at university, he’d come over and beat you up.” Cheng Wenkang advised in a serious tone.

“It won’t happen. To them, it doesn’t matter if I stay in the class or not, I won’t be able to go to war anyway.” A touch of bitterness appeared in Sheng Heng’s eyes.

Not good, Cheng Wenkang said in his heart. How come the topic had changed to this subject?

“It’s lunchtime. Boss, let’s go to the canteen. At this hour, we might even run into our little junior.” Cheng Wenkang tried to change the subject.

“Let’s go.” Sheng Heng knew what he was doing but didn’t expose him, getting up and heading out.

Dorm of the Mecha Building Department.

He Shao lifted Yan Hao’s blanket and looked at the person who was curled up in a ball because there was no blanket on the bed, and pulled him up in amusement: “Yan Hao, get up.”

“I’m sleepy.” Yan Hao was forced to get up, but his eyes remained closed.

“Eat first before you sleep. You didn’t eat lunch yesterday and slept until now. You’ll starve to death if you keep sleeping.” He Shao said angrily.

Yan Hao had been working on the mimetic sensing system since he bought the intelligent robot, but it was fine at first because the school had classes every day, and despite the fact that Yan Hao was a strong self-learner who had mastered more than his freshman year, he still attended classes. However, about a month ago, classes were suspended to give students enough time to prepare for their final exams.

Yan Hao went crazy when classes were suspended, staying in the lab for half a month and not going back to the dormitory. It was He Shao who had to bring him three meals a day and when he finally came out of the lab last night, he came back to bed and slept so deeply that it scared He Shao into almost sending him to the infirmary.

“It’s okay, I’ll be fine after sleeping for 26 hours.” Yan Hao was very familiar with his current state. In his previous life, he had often forgotten himself this way whenever he was doing a research and would have to sleep for 26 hours after each study.

“If you don’t eat, your stomach will hurt.” He Shao yanked him out of bed and pressed him into a chair.

“It’s fine, it can be cured.” With today’s medical treatment, stomach problems weren’t difficult to cure.

He Shao ignored him, took Yan Hao’s clothes, forced them on him, and then dragged him out of the dorm building.

He Shao managed to bring him to the canteen and found a seat for him, “Sit here and wait, I’ll go get the food.”

Yan Hao sat down obediently. He hadn’t had enough sleep; he was fine when he was walking earlier, but now that he was sitting down, he suddenly felt a bit sleepy again, so he couldn’t help but support his head with his left hand, his head nodding again and again. As he nodded, his left hand suddenly tilted and his head was about to hit the table when a hand came up from a slant and caught his chin in time.

Yan Hao was so sleepy that he didn’t notice anything unusual. He just rested his chin on the palm and went back to sleep, even rubbing his face against it and turning over.

“…… “The corners of Sheng Heng’s lips hooked up slightly as he thought to himself that his little junior’s face was really soft.

“Holy sh*t. Just how sleepy is our little junior that he can even fall asleep with all that has just happened?” Cheng Wenkang came over with a tray for the two of them.

After finishing their meal, they had looked for their little junior out of habit in the canteen, and then, as the saying goes, ‘good things come to those who wait’. After half a month of disappearance, their little junior had finally appeared in the canteen today. He and Sheng Heng hurriedly carried their lunch trays in the direction of their little junior, but it was only when they got closer that they saw their little junior trying to use his head, which was full of knowledge, to compare to the hardness of the aluminum dining table, which scared Sheng Heng so much that he shoved his plate at him and flew over.

The speed he had used was definitely a speed that could only be displayed by an S-rank physical ability.

“Keep your voice down.” Sheng Heng glared at Cheng Wenkang immediately.

“Don’t worry. If he can even fall asleep in the canteen, would he wake up because of my loud voice?” Cheng Wenkang sat down opposite the two of them, unconcerned.

Sheng Heng glared at him.

“Let’s eat.” Cheng Wenkang pushed the plate belonging to Sheng Heng over.

Sheng Heng looked at it but didn’t move.

“Boss, little junior is no longer in danger, your hand can be withdrawn.” Cheng Wenkang reminded.

To now, Sheng Heng’s right hand was still resting under Yan Hao’s head.

“Eat your food.”

Cheng Wenkang smiled, realizing he couldn’t bear to remove his hand. He stopped caring about Sheng Heng and started eating his food while Sheng Heng’s palm was under Yan Hao’s head. Every now and then, he would move his fingertips to touch Yan Hao’s warm cheek. It was as if he had stolen something he loved; he wanted to touch it, but feared that someone would find out.

Five minutes later, He Shao returned with the lunch tray and wasn’t surprised to see Sheng Heng and Cheng Wenkang sitting at the table, after all, eight out of the ten times that he and Yan Hao had come to the canteen to eat, they had met them. He had guessed long ago that this must have been done deliberately by someone with an ulterior motive.

“He’s asleep again?” He Shao put the lunch tray on the table and, without a word of greeting, went over and dragged Yan Hao up, with such a crude movement that Sheng Heng’s face turned pale.

He pulled He Shao back: “What are you doing?”

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