Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 136.2

Sheng Heng walked over to Yan Hao’s side slowly, as if he was afraid of waking him up, then squatting down slowly, held Yan Hao’s hand in his gently and was silent for a long time without saying a word, only the trembling of his body, as well as the murderous aura that was emanating from him reflecting his current unsettled state of mind.

He had flown over in his mech, changing course and spaceship mid-flight on the spot when he had received the urgent message about what was happening on Z Star Planet while still half a day away. At that time, he’d had no way of letting the spaceship fly directly to Z Star Planet, so he could only negotiate with the spaceship’s captain to allow him to disembark midway so he could pilot Black Soul the rest of the way directly to Z Star Planet.

Naturally, a mech’s speed couldn’t compare to that of a spaceship’s, hence he had arrived half a day later than planned, and it wasn’t until he reached Z Star Planet that he received the message his big brother had sent him that he learnt of what Yan Hao had done during this period of time, and burning with anxiety, he didn’t even bother to report and piloted Black Soul directly to the Third Military Hospital. Fortunately, there were many reinforcements on the periphery of Z Star Planet at this time, making it so that the entry to where Yan Hao was at wasn’t blocked, allowing him to arrive at the hospital smoothly. However just as he arrived at the entrance, he had been stopped, and so had had no choice but to use violence to fight his way in.

“You’re Sheng Heng, right?” Cong Yi called out.

Sheng Heng looked up at him.

“I’m Cong Yi, Yan Hao’s Eldest Senior brother.” Cong Yi introduced himself.

“Hello, senior brother.” Sheng Heng greeted politely then asked anxiously, “Senior brother, how is Xiao Hao doing?”

“Xiao Hao is suffering from a severe overdraft of mental energy, and his sea of consciousness isn’t doing too well, vut don’t worry. Old Wen, Grandmaster Pharmacist Wen Feng has already sent the prescription formula over and has asked us to stabilize Xiao Hao’s condition first according to the prescription formula. And he himself is on his way here as well.” Without waiting for Sheng Heng to ask, Cong Yi said everything he knew.

And hearing Cong Yi’s words, Sheng Heng’s expression really did indeed improve a little. Old Wen was Old Pang’s good friend, so him coming over this time definitely had to have been at Old Pang’s request.

“Where’s the prescription formula? Is it ready yet? Has Xiao Hao taken it?”

The expression on Cong Yi’s face froze, then he looked away in embarrassment. Likewise, Winston and Cang Yan who had also followed him in had embarrassed expressions on their faces.

“What’s going on?” Sheng Heng asked keenly.

“The prescription formula is ready, but Z Star Planet doesn’t have a Pharmacist who is capable of configuring the medicine.” Cong Yi told him.

“What?!” Sheng Heng could hardly believe what he was hearing.

The prescription formula to treat Xiao Hao was already available, but because the levels of the Pharmacists on Z Star Planet wasn’t up to par, they couldn’t configure the medicine. Could there be anything more ridiculous than this?

“Z Star Planet is only a level three minor planet, and the Pharmacist with the highest level here is only a level seven Pharmacist.” Cong Yi told him.

The old face of Consul Winston, who was standing on the side turned red with embarrassment when he heard this, very ashamed.

Sheng Heng looked at Cong Yi, then back at Yan Hao who was lying on the bed and a deep sense of powerlessness surged up within him. They had one. How could Z Star Planet not have a top level Pharmacist? Xiao Hao was a top level Pharmacist himself, however ironically, he was the one who was injured. Xiao Hao had saved so many people, was there really no one who could save him in return?

Perhaps, it was that the heavens had heard Sheng Heng’s call, because Cang Yan’s communicator rang once more. “Colonel, there’s a Pharmacist who claims to be able to configure Old Wen’s prescription formula here.”

“Invite them in quickly!” Cang Yan shouted.

The group left the hospital room and went to the meeting room from before to receive this pharmacist who claimed to be able to configure the medicine. However the moment Sheng Heng saw the person in the meeting room, the enthusiasm in his eyes was instantly replaced by astonishment.

Yan Fei?!

“You’re the pharmacist who can configure the medicine? What level pharmacist are you?” Winston asked skeptically when he saw the teenager in the meeting room.

“Level five.” Yan Fei replied.

“Even a level seven pharmacist can’t configure the medicine, but you can?”

“My master is the Master Pharmacist Le Taihong, and although I’m only a level five pharmacist, I’ve worked on many advanced prescriptions under his guidance. My mental energy level is A+, and the soothing elixir I make can alleviate the restlessness of someone with S level mental energy. Besides, my name is Yan Fei and Yan Hao is my big brother.” Yan Fei said in one breath.

While Yan Fei’s introduction sounded impressive, the others had still had their reservations. However when they heard his connection to Yan Hao, they were instantly relieved.

“You’re Yan Hao’s little brother?” Winston shouted involuntarily. Their names were so similar, he must definitely be Yan Hao’s little brother. If he was his little brother, then he wouldn’t harm his own big brother.

Cong Yi should have seen Yan Fei when he went to pick Yan Hao up, however at that time, he had been focused on taking Yan Hao to the space fortress to repair the warship, so he hadn’t paid much attention to him. However he agreed with Winston’s judgment as well. They were family, and he wouldn’t harm Yan Hao.

“No.” Just as everyone was about to agree, Sheng Heng opened his mouth.

The others looked at Sheng Heng, the only one objecting in surprise and asked, “Why?”

However instead of answering them, Sheng Heng walked up directly to Yan Fei and said, “Didn’t I warn you not to get close to Xiao Hao again?”

And as he said this, his mental energy surged out and pressed down on Yan Fei, causing his face to turn white on the spot.

“Senior Sheng, I know you’re concerned about my big brother, but I’m also concerned about him, and my parents are right outside, waiting for my big brother to recover, so please trust me. I will do everything I can to save my big brother.” Yan Fei said hurriedly.

“I don’t trust you.”

“But right now, apart from me, no one else can configure the medicine, and if we continue to waste time, my big brother will die.” Yan Fei shouted.

Immediately, the pressure from Sheng Heng’s mental energy disappeared.

Yan Fei breathed a sigh of relief, then looked up at him silently, a hint of determination flashing at the bottom of his eyes.

The other people in the meeting room looked at each other, and for a while, didn’t know how to choose. One was Yan Hao’s boyfriend, and the other was Yan Hao’s little brother. Who the h*ll should they trust?

In the end, it was Cong Yi who said, “Sheng Heng, even though I don’t know the details and why you don’t want Yan Fei to configure the medicine, we already don’t have any other options.”

Although the instant change in Yan Fei’s expression was brief, Sheng Heng didn’t miss it, making him even more unable to bring himself to trust him with Yan Hao’s treatment.

“Little junior brother is now the hero of Z Star Planet, and every person on Z Star Planet is concerned about his health, so no one would dare to neglect his treatment at all.” Cong Yi explained.

Sheng Heng knew that of course Yan Fei wouldn’t dare harm Xiao Hao directly, but what if he targeted another area, like his mental energy? Xiao Hao’s sea of consciousness was already seriously damaged, so it was ‘within reason’ that he wouldn’t be able to treat it. However if left untreated, Xiao Hao might not only lose his mental energy but also his life.

What should he do? What exactly should he do?

Just as Sheng Heng was wavering, there was a knock on the door, causing all of them to turn, only to see a soldier accompanied by a casually dressed, beautiful young man standing at the entrance to the meeting room.

“Colonel, Your Excellency, this gentleman has also come forward to offer to configure the medicine for Master Yan Hao.” The soldier explained. Just now, when they had gone to pick Yan Fei up at the entrance, Colonel Cang Yan had instructed them that if any other pharmacists volunteered, they should verify their identity then bring them in directly. Which was why the soldier brought this newcomer into the room.

As soon as the soldier finished speaking, everyone’s eyes lit up, except for Yan Fei.

“What level pharmacist are you?” Sheng Heng asked anxiously.

The beautiful young man cast a glance at Sheng Heng, a strange light flashing at the bottom of his eyes. “I tested two years ago, I’m a level eight pharmacist.”

And saying this, he showed them a badge with his pharmacist emblem and Winston stepping forward, scanned the badge with his light brain and immediately, it displayed his ID information.

Ye Chen, male, 36 years old, level eight pharmacist…

“Great, you will do!” With a level eight pharmacist present, who still needed to use a level five pharmacist?

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