Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 18.1

The medicine fair was set up outside the Pharmacy Lab which had a long corridor with rows of stone tables lined up. Every time the medicine fair opened, students would claim a stone table and place their medicines on it while writing their approximate effects in pen next to it. If anyone was interested, they could also ask the maker of the medicine about it in detail.

As it was the first medicine fair of the new academic year, many students’ thoughts coincided with He Shao’s, thinking that there wouldn’t be any medicines that would be too effective, hence there weren’t many people at the fair but there were still people wandering and stopping by each stone table.

The four of them looked along the stone tables one by one and soon were halfway through.

“This class of students are no good. How come they are all improving low-level medicines? The one we just looked at added the function of treating colds to a level 3 mental soothing agent. D*mn, is cold some kind of terminal disease of the century? Do they need to do so much?” Cheng Wenkang couldn’t help but complain.

He Shao laughed, amused: “But the third one we saw as soon as we came in, that powerful mental medicine that increases the function of hair growth is very practical, because once mental ability is stimulated a lot, it is indeed easy to lose hair.”

“Scram out of here. With our current technology, is it difficult to stimulate hair growth with a shot?” Cheng Wenkang asked.

“It’s better to prevent it in advance than to give the shot after you go bald. Isn’t that right, Hao Hao?” He Shao asked Yan Hao.

“Huh? What?” Yan Hao was a little distracted.

“We were just talking about how the medicines here aren’t very useful, but are quite interesting.” He Shao explained.

“Is that so?” Yan Hao laughed dryly.

Sheng Heng had felt from the beginning that Yan Hao wasn’t in a good mood and didn’t seem to like coming here very much. Although he didn’t know why, he already regretted bringing him here.

“Since there’s nothing good here, let’s go for dinner.” Sheng Heng suggested.

“Since we are already here, let’s finish shopping before we leave.” He Shao didn’t like the place, but since he was here, he figured it wouldn’t hurt to take a look.

“Let’s finish shopping, maybe there’ll be some good medicines in the back?” Although Yan Hao didn’t want to see Yan Fei, he couldn’t hide from him all the time since they were in the same school. Besides, since he had switched to Mecha Building, he wouldn’t have many chances to see him in the future, so he could just treat him as an ordinary person he knew.

“Little junior, I can tell from your expression that you don’t enjoy shopping much.” Cheng Wenkang said, “This medicine fair is so big and there are people in front of every stall. If there were truly new and valuable medicines, people would have already begun talking about them; why is it so quiet?”

“That’s right.” Sheng Heng had noticed this as soon as they’d walked in, but it had only been a month since the new students had arrived, so it was unlikely that there would be any amazing innovations. He had insisted on coming in to take a look, just to see if there were any pharmacists with particularly good qualifications.

But Yan Hao obviously didn’t like it here, and there was no rush to find a good pharmacist today.

“Let’s finish perusing.” Yan Hao shook his head, “He Shao is right. We’re already here and we’re already halfway through.”

Hearing him say this, Sheng Heng nodded, “Then let’s hurry up, I’m famished.”

“Heng Ge, why are you so easily hungry today, haven’t you eaten breakfast?” Cheng Wenkang’s face was puzzled. Sheng Heng had obviously eaten breakfast and he had even gone to buy it himself.

Sheng Heng gave him a glare of disgust and walked forward.

“Junior, did you make this medicine using a Moonflower herb instead of Purple Orchid?”

“Yes. A Moonflower herb and purple orchid are both plants that grow on the Ice Planet and both have a calming effect on mental ability. It’s just that a Moonflower herb is too difficult to extract, so the purple orchid is mostly used for this purpose. However, a Moonflower herb is better adapted to the environment, and is found almost everywhere on the Ice Planet.” A voice that sounded familiar reached Yan Hao’s ears.

Slightly startled, Yan Hao looked over.

“But this is only a level 4 sedative, so it’s not really worth much.”

“I used it in a level 4 sedative because I can only produce it at this level with my ability, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be used in a level 4 sedative or higher.”

“Even if it can be used in a level 5 sedative, what about a level 6 sedative? Even in a level 6 sedative, purple orchid is not effective, let alone a Moonflower herb.” The man retorted.

“This…. it’s something that hasn’t been tried yet but we can’t just dismiss it. What if a Moonflower herb is effective?” Yan Fei argued back, unconvinced, “And according to my experiments, a Moonflower herb is much more potent than purple orchid in a sedative.”

“Then why don’t you show me?”

Yes, Yan Fei was right. The effect of purple orchid wasn’t good for a level 6 or higher sedative, but a Moonflower herb could perfectly exert its medicinal properties. The only thing was, hadn’t Yan Fei tested it out? He remembered that in his previous life, Yan Fei had already proven this with the help of his teacher.

“Let’s go take a look.” Sheng Heng who was also listening to this conversation could tell that what this pharmacist was saying wasn’t unreasonable.

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  1. I’m thinking that if the MC was competing with his brother in his past life, then wouldn’t the reverse also be true? Now that the brother isn’t competing with the MC, maybe the brother won’t make as many accomplishments as in the last life.

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