Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 85.2 Be good

Sima Mingxuan’s expression changed several times as he watched the two communicate. He knew that no matter what he said now, Sheng Heng wouldn’t change his mind. Yan Fei wanted to say something as well, however every time Yan Hao’s gaze swept over him, he would look away quickly, so he never found an opening to speak.

“Senior Sima, if we keep delaying, I might not be able to treat his injury either.” Yan Fei turned and said to Sima Mingxuan, however his voice was loud enough for everyone present to hear.

Sheng Heng naturally heard this but didn’t even give him a glance. After Yan Hao hung up and connected with Doctor Kang, Sheng Heng closed his eyes again to rest. Cheng Wenkang moved a chair and guarded Sheng Heng’s bedside like a door god, looking disdainfully at the two: “Can the two of you please leave? Don’t disturb Heng Ge’s rest.”

Having good self-restraint, Sima Mingxuan didn’t get angry. He even said some polite words before leaving with Yan Fei. However, they didn’t go far, choosing to sit in the ward next door.

“How skilled is your big brother in pharmacy?” Sima Mingxuan asked Yan Fei.

“In high school, our grades were similar. I was better at innovating and improving medicines while my big brother had a better grasp of the medicinal properties and proportions.” Yan Fei said honestly, as Yan Hao’s achievements in medicine could be verified easily. What’s more, Yan Hao had recently been added to the list of special talents in the field of pharmacy.

“Do you think his prescription will work?”

“I haven’t seen the entire prescription, so… I can’t be sure.” Yan Fei replied.

“I hope the medicine works. If something really happens to Sheng Heng, it will be quite troublesome.” Sima Mingxuan said.

“Senior, don’t worry. Even if my big brother’s medicine doesn’t work, I’ll do my best to treat him.” Yan Fei reassured him.

“Sheng Heng almost destroyed your mental energy once, yet you’re still willing to help him like this?”

“As pharmacists, if we encounter a patient we can treat, how can we not help them? Besides, Sheng Heng acted that way towards me because of a misunderstanding.” Yan Fei smiled then added softly, “And by doing so, I can also help you.”

Sima Mingxuan was stunned for a moment before a gentle smile broke out on his face. “Xiao Fei, thank you.”

Making a level 5 medicine wasn’t difficult, especially since Yan Hao had used a Super Light Brain to calculate the prescription. Every medicinal herb and placement time in the formula had been preset, making the production process a breeze. Kang Ren, a level 6 pharmacist, hadn’t encountered such an easy to make medicine since he started university, and with the author of the prescription formula guiding him remotely, the medicine was prepared successfully in just half an hour.

Perhaps because the production process was too simple, Kang Ren’s mistrust grew even stronger. Could such a simple medicine really alleviate the damage done to someone with S level mental energy?

“Can you please test the potency?” Yan Hao, who had supervised the entire process, was still worried about the finished product.

Kang Ren, who was also worried, didn’t feel that he was being distrusted. He tested the medicinal properties immediately using an instrument then sent the results to Yan Hao.

“Please wait a moment.” Yan Hao said then lowered his head, the sound of a keyboard being tapped on coming continuously from the video call. After about five minutes, the expression on Yan Hao’s face relaxed visibly. “Doctor Kang, please take the medicine to Senior Sheng and have him take it.”

Kang Ren instinctively wanted to ask ‘Are you sure?’ but stopped himself. He had asked this question at least eight or nine times already that even he felt it was redundant, so he nodded and took the medicine back to the ward. At the same time, Sima Mingxuan and Yan Fei who had been waiting in the ward next door, also followed in.

As Kang Ren handed the medicine over, Yan Hao had already hung up his video call with him and was now connected with Cheng Wenkang, checking Sheng Heng’s condition.

“Senior, after taking the medicine, the mental energy in your sea of consciousness will experience a brief agitation which would last about 2 seconds. This is due to the medicine’s effect. After that, the threshold of your mental energy will return to normal, so during that time don’t resist.” Yan Hao instructed.

Even a second of mental energy attacking one’s sea of consciousness could utterly destroy it, so almost everyone would resist instinctively. Yan Hao’s words might seem casual, but they required absolute trust from Sheng Heng. Sheng Heng had to believe Yan Hao and Yan Hao believed that Sheng Heng would trust him.

“Alright.” Sheng Heng replied then without waiting for Yan Hao to say anything else, raised his hand and gulped the medicine down.

“Uhmm!!” The effect of the medicine was very obvious. As soon as Sheng Heng swallowed the medicine, the already agitated mental energy in his mind became even more restless, as the threshold of his mental energy seemed to leap to a higher level, the immense impact causing him to nearly pass out. However he believed in Yan Hao’s words firmly and so didn’t try to resist even as the pain made his vision go dark.

In just two seconds, sweat broke out on his forehead and back.

After the two seconds, it was like the receding tide after a big wave. The agitated golden mental energy in his mind began to calm down noticeably. Although it wasn’t entirely smoothed out, the needle like pain subsided by more than half, and the pressure on his sea of consciousness was reduced significantly. It no longer felt like it would burst at any moment.

“Senior, please test your mental energy map again.” Yan Hao said, confident in his medicine. He could tell from Sheng Heng’s complexion that it had taken effect.

“Okay.” Sheng Heng nodded.

Kang Ren was also curious about the result and so brought the mental energy testing device over quickly. As he tested the mental energy again, he saw that the mental energy, which had been frighteningly high and fluctuating an hour ago had now been calmed significantly and although there was still a difference compared to the normal mental energy, it was much better.


“Doctor Kang, if Senior Sheng’s mental energy fluctuates again in the next two days, please use the same prescription formula as before but reduce the amount of each herb by half.” Yan Hao said before looking at Sheng Heng. “Senior, I’m going to the port now and will be there in two days. For the next two days, get plenty of rest, don’t use your mental energy and don’t get angry.”

“En.” Sheng Heng nodded obediently.

“Be good.” Yan Hao told him, still worried.

Sheng Heng paused, seemingly not used to Yan Hao’s tone that was used to coax a child but still nodded, “Okay.”

Yan Hao finally hung up, satisfied. As soon as the call ended, Cheng Wenkang couldn’t hold back his laughter any longer, bursting out with a ‘puff’.

Sheng Heng glared at him immediately in disgust.

“Senior, don’t get angry, be good.” Cheng Wenkang mimicked Yan Hao’s tone from earlier.

“…..” Sheng Heng.

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  1. Good that Sheng Heng was conscious to be able to refuse Yan Fei’s offer of treatment. Yan Hao 100% knows what he’s doing and Sheng Heng will be better than ever once he’s done with the treatment.

  2. i really love that both the ml and mc have good relationships with peoples aside from each other. especially since it means theres someone to tease sheng heng

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