Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 101.1 Pulling strings

Inside the lab, Baby Bug let out a big yawn. He hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep in a whole week, so even a single yawn at this time could bring tears to his eyes from sheer exhaustion.

How much water was in my head when I chose to study Mech Building at that time?

At times like these, Baby Bug would let out a cry that came from the depths of his soul.

Sighing deeply, he rubbed his dry, aching eyes and decided to step outside for a drink of water when at that moment, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a notification message on the terminal of his light brain that was on his left wrist.

Someone’s looking for me?

Clicking the notification, he saw that it was from Yan Hao, sent three or four hours ago. Whenever he was conducting experiments, he would put his light brain on signal block, making it so that only people from the Research Institute could get in touch with him.

“Has he run into some trouble?” Although he was exhausted, he thought of Yan Hao, who had just arrived at the institute and was only familiar with him and so opened the message despite his fatigue, wondering if he had run into any problems.

And then…..

“Ah!!! Ah ah ah ah ah~~~” A scream pierced through the roof, frightening the other four people in the lab.

The four disheveled, crimson eyed men turned to look at Baby Bug, exchanging baffled glances.

“Has our sixth junior brother lost it?”

“Please, it’s only been seven days.”

A young man from the workstation next to Baby Bug’s walked over with a worried expression, “Senior brother, are you too tired?”

Baby Bug glanced at him, then suddenly throwing his arms around his shoulders, his screams turned into wild laughter, sounding almost like a mad man.

“He’s crazy.”

“Little Seven, take Little Six back to the dormitory.” Their third senior brother said, frowning at the young man.

The young man nodded and was about to take him away when Baby Bug broke free, “What are you doing? Let go of me, I’m not crazy.”

“Senior brother, what happened just now? Why did you suddenly start shouting?” The young man was called Ruan Bowen, the youngest disciple of the Research Institute before Yan Hao became Old Zhong’s disciple, Yan Hao’s seventh senior brother.

“I, hehehe~~~” Baby Bug couldn’t help but burst out laughing again.

Everyone exchanged glances, the same thought flashing in their eyes: Baby Bug has lost it, we have to take him to the hospital.

Their third senior brother nodded at Ruan Bowen, who, understanding the hint, grabbed the giggling Baby Bug, ready to drag him out the door.

“Hey, what are you doing? I told you, I’m not crazy.” Baby Bug tried to break free, but this time Ruan Bowen exerted more force, so he wasn’t able to do so.

“I’m really not crazy, let go of me.” Baby Bug clawed at the door frame with both hands, and seeing that he was really about to be sent to the hospital as a mental patient, looked anxiously at his third senior brother who was inside looking at him with distress, crying out, “Third senior brother, I’ve solved the formula.”

These words hit everyone like a thunderclap, and they all looked at Baby Bug in shocked surprise.

“No, I didn’t solve it…”

Their excitement fading, the reason for Baby Bug’s madness became clear.

“It was our little junior brother who solved it, the formula is on the terminal of my light brain.”

With these words, Baby Bug felt Ruan Bowen’s grip on him slacken. Relieved, he was about to explain further when he saw three more figures suddenly appear in front of him.

His third, fourth and fifth senior brothers lined up, their eager eyes fixed warmly on the light brain on his hand. “Where’s the formula?”

Five minutes later.

The five of them stared in awe at the formula that had been projected onto the big screen.


The next day, Yan Hao woke up as usual, washed up and was planning to go out for breakfast when he was startled into taking a step back by the five figures standing just outside his door when he opened it.

“Senior~senior brothers?” All five senior brothers were here, so Yan Hao didn’t know who to call first. “Why are you here?”

“Little junior brother.” His third senior brother looked at him with a burning gaze and stepping forward, under his somewhat stunned expression, hugged him hard. “We made it, ahahaha…”

The other four also revealed smiles that came from the bottom of their hearts as they started thanking him.

“Little junior brother, thanks to your formula, we’ve completed the modifications to the third generation system ahead of schedule.”

“Little junior brother, you’re our savior.”

“Little junior brother, thank you.”

“Didn’t I tell you guys? Our little junior is a math genius.” Baby Bug said with a proud expression.

“What are you showing off for? You’re not the one who solved it.”

“And you’re not the genius.”

“But I was the one who met him first.”

“So what if you were the one who met him first? Our little junior brother isn’t your little junior brother alone.”

Held tightly by his third senior brother and listening to the bickering between his senior brothers, Yan Hao understood vaguely, and the last bit of anxiety in his heart disappeared completely, replaced by a warm feeling.

Heng Ge was right. Those who like me will definitely be able to feel my true intentions. It seems, all my senior brothers like me.

Baby Bug and the others came over only after they had completed the update to the third generation system. They were all still extremely sleepy, but had wanted to thank Yan Hao in person, and so had waited outside his door. Now that they were done saying their thanks, they returned to their dormitories to sleep, exhausted. They slept for a whole day, and Yan Hao didn’t see them again until noon the next day.

When he was called over.

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  1. Aw! Thank you for the chapter! It’s so nice to see his efforts be recognized and his work be praised, and so sad how he was treated the previous life.

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