Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 65.2 Sheng Heng’s Distress

Yan Hao didn’t expect the person outside the door to be Sima Ming Xuan, so suddenly seeing him, he was unexpectedly unable to react for a while. It was only when Sima Ming Xuan spoke that he came back to his senses a little, however he still took a step back subconsciously.

Compared to yesterday when he retreated back two steps in a row, today’s Yan Hao was already an improvement.

“You….. why are you here?” Yan Hao tried to calm himself down.

Sheng Heng frowned, his wary gaze changing to that of worry as it fell on Yan Hao.

Why did Xiao Hao’s voice sound a little scared?

As soon as this thought came to him, Sheng Heng took a step forward.

“We had an appointment yesterday.” Sima Ming Xuan also saw Sheng Heng approaching at this time and smiled as he nodded towards Sheng Heng, “Junior, you’re awake?”

“Senior Sima, thank you for giving a helping hand yesterday.” Sheng Heng thanked Sima Ming Xuan.

Although he didn’t use the sedative provided by Sima Ming Xuan, Sima Ming Xuan’s gesture of help was sufficient, and it was also true that he had brought him out of that swarm, so he had to say thank you.

“You’re welcome, junior, not to mention you ended up not using the sedative I gave you.” Saying that, Sima Ming Xuan’s gaze fell once again on Yan Hao.

Yesterday, he had specified the use of his level 6 sedative to Yan Hao, and apart from the reasons he had stated yesterday, he did have the intention of making Sheng Heng owe him a favor. However, he learned from Teacher Xiao later that Sheng Heng didn’t use the sedative he had given him, but used the sedative made by his partner. He had been curious about Sheng Heng’s partner at that time, because it wasn’t common to find a mech builder with more talent in pharmacy than his talent in mechs.

“I never imagined that not only is junior good at making level 6 energy blocks, his talent in pharmacy is also so outstanding.” Sima Ming Xuan smiled as he looked at Yan Hao.

“What did you mean when you said you had an appointment just now?” Perhaps because Sheng Heng was standing beside him, Yan Hao’s frightened emotions subsided gradually. At the same time, he kept reassuring himself in his heart that this life was completely different, and that since he was no longer under Yan Fei’s influence, he naturally had no more involvement with Sima Ming Xuan.

“I’m Qin Hu’s captain. I contacted you online yesterday and I’m here to pick up the energy blocks.” Sima Ming Xuan explained.

Yan Hao suddenly remembered. Yesterday, when he returned to the dormitory from the medical room, he had received a message from Qin Hu’s teammate halfway, saying that he would be coming over in the evening to pick up the energy blocks that had been accumulated over the past few days. He had been so mentally drained at that time that he really hadn’t had the strength to deal with other people anymore, so he had responded to the message by telling them to come the next morning.

“I’ll bring it to you right now.” Saying this, Yan Hao turned around and went back into the room to get the energy blocks he had made.

“Junior Sheng Heng, why don’t you rest in the medical room for another day or two? Even if the level 6 mutant zerg’s mental attack has been cured, there will still be some after-effects. For these two days, you still need to pay attention to rest.” Sima Ming Xuan reminded.

“Thank you Senior Sima for reminding me, but I can rest just as well here.” Sheng Heng said in reply.

Sima Ming Xuan glanced thoughtfully around the room, “That’s also true, after all, Junior Yan Hao is a pharmacist himself.”

Sheng Heng frowned slightly, “Xiao Hao is a mech builder.”

“A mech builder who can easily make a level 6 sedative?”

A cold light flashed under Sheng Heng’s eyes as he smiled, “Xiao Hao can do whatever he wants.”

“You’re right.” Sima Ming Xuan’s expression remained light from beginning to end, as if he hadn’t heard the threat in Sheng Heng’s words.

“Energy blocks, two days’ worth, twelve blocks in total.” Just then, Yan Hao came over holding a box with energy blocks piled up inside, “They are all master level, do you want to test them?”

“No.” The box Yan Hao was struggling to hold with two hands, Sima Ming Xuan took it with one hand and easily held in his palm, “I’ll come back tomorrow to get the rest.”

“If you are not in no hurry to use it, you can come and get it in two days, I will do it all at once and give it to you.” Yan Hao didn’t want to see Sima Ming Xuan every day.

“You exhausted your mental energy yesterday, so you need to rest well over the next two days.” Sima Ming Xuan mused, “There’s no rush about the energy blocks as I’m a student at the Federal University anyway and in another half a month, I’ll be returning to school, so you can give them to me then as well.”

“There’s no need, I’ll give them all to you before I go back.” Yan Hao said immediately.

“Alright then, contact me when you’re done.” Before leaving, Sima Ming Xuan swept a glance at Sheng Heng’s hands.

Sheng Heng didn’t wait for Sima Ming Xuan to walk away and with a lift of his right arm, closed the door.

Sima Ming Xuan turned back to look at the already closed door of the room and muttered, “Sheng Heng, a genius born with S-rank mental energy.”

After closing the door, Sheng Heng was about to take Yan Hao back to continue eating when he looked down and saw Yan Hao breathing out in small breaths.

“Xiao Hao, do you know Sima Ming Xuan?” He asked.

“I only met him twice yesterday.” Yan Hao said .

“Just yesterday?” Seeing Yan Hao nod his head, Sheng Heng asked, puzzled, “Then why do you seem to be a little scared of him?”

“He….. has a fierce aura about him.” Yan Hao couldn’t tell what he had experienced in his last life, so he could only speak of the fierce aura that hadn’t yet faded from Sima Ming Xuan’s body.

That was true. His little junior wasn’t like him who grew up in the military, and normal people would indeed be a bit afraid when they felt a fierce aura for the first time.

“Let’s eat.” Not asking any more questions, Sheng Heng took Yan Hao’s hand and walked back to the table.

“Your heart palpitations, they’re better?” Taking advantage of his hand being pulled, Yan Hao took Sheng Heng’s pulse again.

“Ah, I was originally fine.” Sheng Heng said hurriedly.

“Then why did you get palpitations?” Yan Hao continued asking.

“It’s just…. at that time I was thinking about the battle scene where I killed the mutant zerg yesterday, so I might have been affected.” Sheng Heng changed to a more reasonable excuse.

“I heard about it. Teacher Xiao said you took on two thousand level four zergs by yourself in order to save Senior Cheng and the others and also killed a level six mutant zerg alone. That was particularly dangerous.” Yan Hao said.

“Speaking of that, the person I should be most grateful to is be you.” Sheng Heng said, incomparably serious, “If it wasn’t for you modifying Black Soul, with that kind of scene yesterday, I definitely wouldn’t have lasted until help arrived. There’s also the level 6 sedative, which you also made for me on the fly.”

“You don’t need to thank me, it was originally my battle as well.” Yan Hao said.


“Didn’t Teacher Xiao say that when you go to the battlefield, we are a team and in this assessment, we aren’t fighting individually, but as a team. So your battle is also my battle. And I’m a mech builder, protecting you is originally my responsibility.” Yan Hao said.

Protecting me?

After being stunned for a long time, Sheng Heng suddenly let out a low sigh:

“If you’re like this …… what do you expect me to do.” to pursue you?

“Huh?” Yan Hao looked up, a bit of food still in his mouth.

Sheng Heng couldn’t resist poking it with a finger: “I asked if your breakfast was delicious?”

“It’s delicious.” Yan Hao smiled faintly then continued to bury his head in his food.

Sheng Heng thought hard for a long time, but couldn’t come up with any good ideas, so he could only take the breakfast and stuff his mouth with food to drive away his depression.

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  1. Just be nice, value him for who he is, and be a stable strength to back him up when he needs it. That’s already enough to woo him.

  2. Ugh how i wish we could get a flashback to show how the last life ended. I’m pretty sure Sima Mingxuan regretted giving up a pearl for a fish’s eye; Yan Fei wouldn’t have been able to keep up his achievements without mc’s help.

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