Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 38.1 Sheng Heng’s arrangement

After Sheng Heng left, Yan Hao devoted himself to his research on the mimetic sensing system and the morning went by. He had basically mastered the programming of the mimetic sensing system. With the existing mimetic sensing technology, most of the body movements could already be simulated, but to achieve a 100% simulation of human movements, a more powerful algorithm was required to support it.

Just like the human brain, a thought could make the neurons in the human body react and then move the body quickly. And the more powerful the algorithm, the faster the mobilization.

Yan Hao had seen all the wiring diagrams and he found that the more advanced the mech, the closer the internal wiring diagram was arranged to the human body. The wiring within the mech was like the meridians of the human body and the more complex the wiring, the more sensitive and difficult the mech would be to manipulate.

Therefore, the manipulation of the mech through mimetic sensing was the ultimate direction of research for all mech builders.

Yan Hao’s fingers tapped on the virtual keyboard and countless numbers scrolled up and down on the virtual screen, dazzling the eyes. But these numerical values, which would be almost unreadable to the eyes of a normal person had meaning in every line to Yan Hao’s eyes. His big eyes moved up and down as the values pulsed in his bright eyes until the first result was checked.

“This algorithm doesn’t work. The arithmetic can only be expanded by a hundred times. If I want to achieve a perfect replication of human movements, the amount of computing power must be at least a million times greater.” Frowning, Yan Hao saved the finished algorithm casually and uploaded it to a website called Apollo on Starnet.

Yan Hao had been interested in mathematics since he was a child and his mathematical knowledge far surpassed that of his peers. However, mathematics was a subject where the more one knew, the more problems one encountered, and Yan Hao had no one around to answer these questions for him, so he eventually turned to the internet.

At the age of ten, he started to leave comments on the forums of major universities, asking all kinds of questions, and occasionally a student or teacher who knew something would see it and help him out. After two or three years of this, Yan Hao’s questions became more and more sophisticated, and he could no longer get any answers. At this time, an online friend, who often answered his questions gave him an address, saying that there were many mathematical geniuses from all walks of life there, and that he should go there to ask questions in the future.

It was just a pity that later on, he became so preoccupied with the idea of surpassing Yan Fei in pharmacy that he spent less time on mathematics, spending his days in the laboratory measuring the medicinal properties of various herbs and then using some mathematical formulas that were very simple to him to solve problems with medical recipes. After such a long time, he didn’t visit this website for a long time.

After his rebirth, he even forgot about it. It was only after he bought the robot earlier, when he was unfamiliar with the mimetic sensing system and there was an algorithm he didn’t understand very well and he couldn’t find the information for a while that he remembered this website.

There were indeed many people on this website, because when he posted a small part of the algorithm, someone immediately left a comment and finding out that the algorithm was used in mimetic sensing, explained the principle of the algorithm to him underneath. Of course, it wasn’t very detailed, but with Yan Hao’s intelligence, it was easy to understand.

This website had many modules containing data on mech, pharmaceuticals, intelligent systems, starships, energy exploration and many other industries. Yan Hao browsed around and got so much out of it that he ended up setting up his own information in the mech section.

He had learned so much from these boards that he thought he should give something back, so after improving the algorithm for the mimetic sensing system, he immediately passed it on. Although this improvement of his was still very rough, it might serve as inspiration to others.

Having established that the trial calculation he had just made was going in the wrong direction, Yan Hao decided to continue in a different direction and was about to start when he suddenly heard a sharp knock at the door.

He stared at the door strangely. There should be no one in the school now, so who had come to see him at this time?

“Bang, bang, bang!” The door was knocked sharply and loudly, signaling the urgency of the person outside the door.

Freezing, Yan Hao used his light brain to connect to the surveillance outside only to find that it was a complete stranger youth knocking on his door.

“Excuse me, who are you?”

Hearing this, the young man who was knocking vigorously on the door looked up excitedly at the sound of the voice and located the camera precisely: “Is that Yan Hao?”

“It’s me, who are you?” The other party actually knew him?

“I’m here to deliver your takeaway. The meal you ordered from Fishtail Restaurant has arrived.” The youth exclaimed.

“I didn’t order it.” Yan Hao didn’t remember ordering a takeaway.

“Federal University, Mech Building Department freshman, Yan Hao. That’s you, right?” The youth asked, checking the slip.

“It’s me, but I haven’t ordered takeaway.”

“How can that be? Just three hours ago you placed a two-month order in our restaurant in one go, instructing us to come and deliver your food every day. It’s three meals a day with an additional generous delivery tip.” Because of this generous delivery tip, the youth had a very deep impression of this customer and so would never remember the wrong address.

Yan Hao froze for a moment then remembered that Senior Sheng Heng had ordered it for him.

“Please wait for me.” Getting up hurriedly, Yan Hao run to open the door.

“You’ve opened the door at last.” When the youth saw Yan Hao, he quipped, “Young student, what were you doing in there? I’ve been knocking for half an hour, why did you only hear me now?”

“You’ve been knocking for half an hour?” Yan Hao was stunned.

“Of course. I arrived at half past twelve and it’s now past one.” The youth showed Yan Hao the time, “If it wasn’t explicitly stated with the order that I had to knock until you opened the door or be contacted by communicator, I would have left long ago. Student, since you didn’t hear me knocking on the door, why didn’t you answer the communicator?”

“I …… I didn’t hear.” Yan Hao lowered his head apologetically, “Sorry about that.”

“Forget it. I’ll be back to bring you dinner at 6:30pm. Don’t let me knock for another half hour at that time.” The youth seemed to be in a hurry as he handed the takeaway to Yan Hao and scurried off.

Yan Hao often forgot to eat when he was doing research, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t hungry and at this moment as the aroma of the meal he was holding in his hand exploded, he was hungry all of a sudden.

Back in the laboratory, Yan Hao sat down and prepared to eat.

The takeaway was exquisitely packaged in a thermostatically insulated lunchbox– in which the meal wouldn’t cool down for 24 hours, let alone spoil– which was expensive, probably much more expensive than the meal inside. Yan Hao took the thermos out of the environmental protection bag and a note fell out of the bag as a result of his actions.

Picking it up, Yan Hao read it, only to see a line of remarks written on it: The owner of the meal tends to forget himself when doing research. If you can’t reach him on his communicator, please knock on the door a few more times and make sure to knock until he comes out before leaving. Thank you!

Was this Senior Sheng’s note to the restaurant? That was why the delivery boy had said that just now. Senior Sheng was afraid that he would forget to eat and that was why he had given these instructions.

A warm current flowed through his heart and it was like a green bud burrowing out from under the ice and snow, finally feeling the sunlight. His eyes lighting up, Yan Hao picked his chopsticks up, hugged the lunchbox and ate with big, satisfying mouthfuls.

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  1. Yan Hao really is the cutest little low-EQ main character. He tries so hard and now he’s finally getting the love he deserves.

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