Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 105.1 Meeting the family

At the air terminal of Planet S36, a small spaceship was descending slowly and on board the spaceship, Yan Hao was tidying up his things, preparing to disembark behind his Master and senior brother. At this moment, he felt a mixture of nervousness and excitement. Before coming here, he hadn’t informed Sheng Heng, and he wasn’t sure if he would be able to see him once he got off the spaceship.

“Nervous?” Baby Bug could see Yan Hao’s nervousness.

“A little bit.” Yan Hao nodded honestly.

When Old Zhong who was standing in front of them heard that Yan Hao was feeling nervous, he said with concern, “This is the frontline, so there’s indeed a heavier aura of killing here. This is your first time here, so you’ll need a couple of days to adapt. Ba Yun, take good care of your little junior brother.”

“Master, I’ve noticed that you’ve changed.” Baby Bug said.

“What do you mean?” Old Zhong’s brows furrowed.

“When I first came to the military division base, I was also very nervous. But not only did you not comfort me, you even scolded me for being useless. But when it comes to little junior brother, it’s as if you’ve become a different person.” Baby Bug’s face was filled with accusations, the word ‘biased’ almost written on his face.

“Were you also a freshman at that time?” Old Zhong asked him.

“…..” At that time he had already graduated from university a year before.

“Can you teach yourself the third generation system in seven days and come up with an improved formula in half a day?” Old Zhong continued to ask.

“…” If he could, would he have needed to go seven days without bathing, staying up all night doing research?

“Can you learn any knowledge point by just looking at the materials without asking me?” When Old Zhong asked the third question, his gaze fell inadvertently on Yan Hao.

“Master, I was wrong. It was jealousy that clouded my judgment.” Baby Bug repented.

“Hmph!” Turning away, Old Zhong stopped talking.

Seeing that Old Zhong was no longer arguing with him, Baby Bug wiped the cold sweat off his forehead quietly. Yan Hao, on the other hand, was thinking about the glance his Master had given him just now. For some reason, he felt that there had been a hint of….. resentment?

Had he done something to displease Master?

“It’s alright. Later, just stay behind me. I’ll protect you.” Baby Bug said thoughtfully when he saw Yan Hao’s confused expression, thinking he was afraid.

“Thank you senior brother.” Yan Hao wasn’t actually afraid, however he didn’t want to reject the kindness of those around him, kind gestures which made him feel very warm inside.

“Don’t mention it. But while I can help you with this kind of thing, there’s another thing I can’t help you with.” Baby Bug lowered his voice when he said the second half of his sentence, as if afraid that Old Zhong, who was walking in front of them might hear.

Yan Hao blinked, a little perplexed.

“The one coming to pick us up is Major General Sheng Zhuo, your boyfriend’s big brother. Although General Admiral Sheng isn’t at the base right now, he’ll be back in a few days. You’re about to meet your future in-laws, aren’t you nervous?” Baby Bug whispered.

It was only after hearing Baby Bug say this that Yan Hao suddenly realized it, and drawing in a sharp breath, his eyes widened.

“What… What should I do?” Yan Hao asked for help.

“I’m not experienced with this either. Anyways just be sweet.” Baby Bug could only offer this much help.

Sweet, how should he be sweet? If he’d known it would be like this, he wouldn’t have planned a surprise. If he had told Senior Sheng earlier about his arrival, things would have been arranged properly.

At this point, the three of them had reached the spaceship’s hatch and were just waiting for it to open. After a slight tremble, the spaceship landed smoothly, the hatch opened, and Old Zhong led the way out, followed closely by Yan Hao and Baby Bug.

Outside the spaceship, a team of neatly dressed soldiers stood in line, among which a handsome and aloof young man stepped forward, saluting Old Zhong. “On behalf of the entire War God Military Corps, Major General Sheng Zhuo of the Federation’s War God Military Corps welcomes you.”

As soon at the young man’s words fell, the soldiers behind him saluted in unison, each with an upright posture and imposing presence. At first glance one could tell that they were elite.

“Major General Sheng, these are my disciples, Ba Yun and Yan Hao.” Old Zhong introduced the two disciples behind him.

“Hello Major General Sheng, I’m Ba Yun.” Baby Bug nodded politely.

Sheng Zhuo returned this with a military salute.

“Hello big brother, I’m Yan Hao.” Yan Hao said a little nervously.

Sheng Zhuo froze for a moment, then a smile filled his eyes.

“What did you call him?!” Old Zhong frowned. His little disciple was usually very clever, so why had he made such a silly mistake now, calling the person he had just met ‘big brother’?

“No worries, calling me big brother is fine.” Sheng Zhuo smiled kindly at Yan Hao.

Yan Hao became even more nervous under his gaze.

Seeing that Sheng Zhuo didn’t mind, and that his little disciple was looking down regretfully, Old Zhong decided not to dwell on it.

“I’ll take you three to your quarters to rest first, then show you around the base later.” Sheng Zhuo said.

“There’s no need, let’s go directly to the base. The third generation system needs to be adjusted after the update, and I’m assuming you’ve already prepared the first batch of experiment participants?” Old Zhong asked.

“Of course.” Although this was Sheng Zhuo’s first time meeting Old Zhong, he’d heard about his straightforward personality, hence he skipped the pleasantries and following Old Zhong’s request, changed their destination to the base’s training field.

It was a half-hour drive from the port to the training field, so Sheng Zhuo arranged for a separate vehicle for Old Zhong’s group while he led the way in another.

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