Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 61.2 Level 6 Mutant Zerg

Mental attack!

Almost instantly, Sheng Heng was able to make a judgement. Headache, blindness and slight zerg chirping. This was a new ability that the zergs had only evolved last year, a kind of zerg chirping that could affect human mental energies. But how could the zergs here have such an ability?

Sheng Heng subconsciously covered his ears, trying to block out the zerg chirpings, but the zerg chirpings seemed to be ringing directly in his eardrums, not diminishing at all.

“Do any of you have any level 6 mental sedatives with you?” Sheng Heng asked loudly.

“I…. didn’t bring any?” Cheng Wenkang responded with difficulty.

“We…. don’t have some either.” Sun Zhu responded.

They were only to face a level 4 zerg race for this assessment, and this kind of zerg chirpings that could affect mental energy was an ability only possessed by level 6 zergs or zergs of higher races, so they hadn’t even considered the problem of mental agitation. All they brought were energy blocks and some ordinary medicine. No one had even thought of bringing a level 6 mental sedative.

With a ‘buzz’, Sheng Heng suddenly felt his mental energy vibrate uncontrollably.

Not good, my mental energy is also being affected.

Because Sheng Heng’s mental energy was S-ranked, he was more resistant to mental attacks than normal people, which explained why he was still acting normally while everyone else was affected. However this kind of mental attack by the zergs had a very invincible existence, that was, it could affect one regardless of one’s mental energy level, with the only difference being the length of time. It was for this reason that last year’s battle in Galaxy System A resulted in heavy losses for the military, with thousands of officers who didn’t take their mental sedatives in time suffering varying degrees of damage to their sea of consciousness.

“We have to get out of here quickly.” Sheng Heng’s face paled, “Can you guys still move?”


The channel was filled with screams of misery. No one could answer Sheng Heng’s question anymore.

“Warning, warning, a large number of zergs are approaching.” Suddenly, Black Soul’s intelligent system began to sound the alarm.

Sheng Heng’s eyes snapped to the screen, only to see that about five kilometers away, a large red dot representing zergs was speeding forward, and at the speed with which they were coming, they would be here in ten minutes.

They couldn’t leave!

If Sheng Heng were to leave alone, it wouldn’t be a problem, but if he left, the remaining six people could only wait to die.

[Sheng Heng, you must remember that as a soldier, you must never turn your back on your comrades in battle]. These were the words his father would often say to him from the time he was just three years old.

Almost without hesitation, Sheng Heng turned around and ran in the direction of the zergs. As he moved forward, he didn’t forget to send out a distress call: [Coordinates 23457896 Level 6 mutant zerg mental attack detected, six students are affected by mental energy, requesting help].

Five kilometers was a very short distance, both for the zergs and the mech, and five minutes later the two sides met on the way.

Sheng Heng took a cursory glance and was instantly quite relieved when he discovered that they were basically level four zergs. As long as he was still here, these zergs wouldn’t be able to go behind and attack Cheng Wenkang and the others.

With a resounding ‘clang’, Obscure Darkness Lance slid out of Black Soul’s arms and Black Soul held one end of it in each hand, dovetailing it in the air and then leaping into the center of the swarm with a bend of his knees. At the same time, Sheng Heng pressed his left hand on the console and entered a quick command, which was followed by a burst of purple lightning from Black Soul’s pitch-black body, which crackled in the air. A few of the zergs at the front of the pack were struck by the lightning from the Obscure Darkness Lance and fell to the ground in a convulsive heap.

Sheng Heng took advantage of the situation and stabbed the zergs in the abdomen, causing the twitching zergs to immediately stop moving, their whole bodies collapsing.

Zergs were a low intelligence, high defense, highly reproductive race, and their only weakness was the soft flesh of their abdomen which wasn’t covered with zerg armor. It was for this reason that the more advanced mechs were equipped with melee weapons. It was because only when they were close to the zergs could they attack their weaknesses quickly and accurately.

Previously, Sheng Heng hadn’t even taken out his Obscure Darkness Lance because he had to work with Sun Zhu’s team, but at this moment, he needed to rely on Obscure Darkness Lance to stall for time.

Perhaps it was because they had killed too many zergs in a row before, which had incited the wrath of the mother zergs in the nest here, which was why they had sent over 2,000 of them this time. And that was just what he could see so far. There were still zergs approaching from further away.

Sheng Heng’s mind kept thinking of ways, however his hands kept moving without stopping, and the lightning from the Obscure Darkness Lance never stopped. So every now and then, he would leap into the air and fire a high-powered particle cannon at a place where there were fewer zergs, blow up a gap and then enter.

In this way, the zergs that were just about to crawl in front of him would turn around again and re-approach Sheng Heng. And during all this, Sheng Heng’s points kept growing at an alarming rate.

These actions repeated over and over and just when Sheng Heng thought he would be able to hold out until help arrived, his brain suddenly vibrated again and his vision blurred for a moment.

That zerg had to stop chirping!

His mental energy was S-ranked and he was very resistant to zerg chirpings, but it was difficult to regain composure after a rampage.

Perhaps it was because the sound of the zerg was having a greater and greater impact on Sheng Heng’s mental energy, because he could actually sense the direction of the zerg’s chirpings vaguely. Almost instantly, he made a decision and headed for that direction with his lance.

As the distance between the two sides decreased, more and more zergs appeared in Sheng Heng’s line of sight. Finally, among the thousands of zergs that looked almost identical, Sheng Heng was able to locate the level 6 mutant zerg that was emitting the zerg chirpings.

Sheng Heng maneuvered Black Soul and swooped down from the air and just as he was about to approach the mutant zerg, countless ordinary zergs suddenly flapped their wings and flew up, forming a wall of zergs in front of Black Soul, blocking Sheng Heng’s line of sight and path.

“Boom boom!”

The particle cannon blasted incessantly, and together with Obscure Darkness Lance, the wall of zergs was quickly knocked down, but as one wall fell, another was erected, and the green and black zergs that covered the sky surrounded Sheng Heng in the blink of an eye. From the outside, Black Soul’s towering figure was almost invisible.

“Sheng Heng, Sheng Heng, what’s the situation on your side? We’re coming right over, we’ll be there in ten minutes.” The anxious voice of class teacher Xiao Tianhan rang out over the communicator.

“Hurry!” Sheng Heng’s mental energy was already unstable at this point, so he could only spit out the word hurry. However even if he didn’t make a sound, Xiao Tianhan could guess the intensity of the battle from Sheng Heng’s terrifyingly increasing number of points.

“Hold on, there is a team returning from an interstellar battlefield right near you, they will be there soon.” Xiao Tianhan shouted and hung up the communicator.

The words after that, Sheng Heng was no longer listening. He only had one thought at this moment, and that was to kill through the zerg wall and kill that level 6 mutant zerg, because it was only if he killed that zerg before his mental energy was agitated that he could avoid damage to his sea of consciousness.

Sheng Heng was so anxious that he activated almost all the weapons on Black Soul and many of the zergs that he had knocked to the ground, Sheng Heng didn’t even bother to add a last shot. He just charged forward through them one by one.

Closer, closer, 50m, 40m, 30m to go….

At the same time, a team of three mechs appeared a hundred meters ahead of Sheng Heng. The three mechs were all equipped with different styles of melee weapons and were obviously all level six or higher.

“Teacher Xiao, we’ve found him.”

“Ming Xuan, how is Sheng Heng?” Xiao Tianhan asked.

“He is surrounded by zergs, the situation is very critical, but he should still be alive. I’ll get him out now.” From the outside, one could only see a dense mass of zergs, but judging from the zerg corpses that kept falling on the ground, the person inside was probably still fighting.

With those words, the young man named Ming Xuan held the laser sword in his hand and flew towards the zerg swarm.

“You guys go and save our junior, I’ll go and kill the level 6 mutant zerg.” Ming Xuan instructed.

However just as the three of them were about to approach the swarm, a purple bolt of lightning pierced through the wrapped swarm fiercely, followed by a dark lance, then a mech arm, and finally a mech covered in white slime, piercing out as fast as lightning, aiming straight at the level 6 mutant zerg ten meters away.

The level 6 mutant zerg seemed to have a higher IQ than level 4 zergs and turned around to run, but Sheng Heng didn’t let it get away. Obscure Darkness Lance picked it up violently and sent it flying then the particle gun in his left arm was raised and aimed, hitting the soft flesh of the zerg’s abdomen with precision.

The screaming of the zerg stopped abruptly and then it fell out of the air.

Sheng Heng’s tense emotions were relieved as Black Soul’s movements slowed, and then his body tilted slightly.

“Are all sophomore students so fierce now? Killing thousands of troops and killing a mutant zerg alone?”


“If you guys keep praising him, the handsome junior will be drowned by the swarm of zergs.” Ming Xuan said in a bad tone.

Laughing, they swooped down and rushed in, clearing an open space around Sheng Heng in just a few minutes. Xiao Tianhan came over with his men and his heart dropped when he saw that Black Soul was still standing with not much damage on it.

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