Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 110.2 Break through

“How is it?” Sheng Heng looked up at Yan Hao who was at the other end of the device.

Next to Yan Hao, Su He was staring at the screen in disbelief, as if his whole person had been struck dumb.

“Come and see.” Looking up, Yan Hao smiled as he waved towards Sheng Heng.

Seeing his expression, Sheng Heng already had a clue, but he still stood up and walked over to take a look at the screen and there, on the screen, was a complete mental energy map, with a line of extremely eye-catching bold gold text at the bottom right corner of it.

Mental energy level: S level.

And below that, was a long string of analysis data about the mental energy map. However Sheng Heng didn’t bother reading it. All he knew was that his big brother’s advancement had been successful.

However because Sheng Zhuo was unconscious, even though they were all excited, they couldn’t make loud noises. In the end, Su He, who felt he had done the least work throughout the night stayed behind to take care of Sheng Zhuo, allowing Yan Hao and Sheng Heng to go back to rest first.

Sheng Heng personally escorted Yan Hao to the entrance of his dormitory.

“Senior, you’ve also overdrawn a lot of your mental energy tonight, so go back and rest early.” Yan Hao urged Sheng Heng to go back and rest earlier.

“Give me a hug before I go.” Sheng Heng said then reaching out, wrapped his arms around him.

Yan Hao glanced with some embarrassment at the door of the room next to them then seeing that the door was closed tightly, relaxed then nestled in Sheng Heng’s arms.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for big brother.” Yan Hao had done so much for him, so much that he didn’t know what else he could do besides saying thank you. His little junior, who he thought was small, weak, pure and needed protecting, was rather the one who had always been protecting him in his own way.

How fortunate I am to have met you.

During the time Old Zhong had been modifying Black Soul, the upgrade of the third generation system in the base had been slowly coming to an end. After which Old Zhong stayed in the base for another three days, solving certain difficult problems on mechs before preparing to leave.

“Old Zhong, I’ll send a team of soldiers to escort you out.” In the center of the port, a careful battleship was parked next to the mecha that Old Zhong and his team had arrived in.

“There’s no need, our spaceship has a federal escort team.” As the head of the Federal Research Institute, Old Zhong naturally had accompanying protection on his travels. And the Federal Escort Team was specifically made to protect his comfort.

“The zergs in the outer domain have been very restless recently, so it’s better to be cautious. Your safety is related to the future of the Federation.” Sheng Zhuo said cautiously.

Seeing that Sheng Zhuo continued to insist, Old Zhong didn’t refuse and nodding, bid him farewell then turned and boarded the spaceship.

Seeing this, after saying goodbye to Sheng Heng, Yan Hao went up to Sheng Zhuo and reminded him, “Big brother, your sea of consciousness is still unstable, so try your best to not use your mental energy for half a month.”

“Resting for two years is not possible, but half a month is okay. Don’t worry.” Sheng Zhuo promised him with a smile.

Just then, Baby Bug called Yan Hao from a distance and not daring to delay any longer, he waved his hand and boarded the spaceship. Shortly after, their spaceship took off, flying towards outerspace and following behind closely, was a small battleship that had been sent by Sheng Zhuo for protection.

“Mom video called me last night and asked me to tell you not to bring Xiao Hao to see her without her permission.” Sheng Zhuo said all of a sudden.

Sheng Heng froze, his face filled with confusion. “Why?”

It was clear that when he had spoken to his mother about Xiao Hao before, she had been very encouraging. So why did she suddenly not want to see him now?

“She said she wants to prepare a meeting gift first.” Sheng Zhuo replied.

Sheng Heng was still confused.

“The moment Old Zhong knew about your relationship, he upgraded Black Soul’s system for you directly and when Old Pang found out about your relationship, he gave you a pair of particle cannons that he made himself directly. These two things are treasures that you can’t buy even with money. So mom said she has to find a meeting gift worthy of the occasion, otherwise you won’t have the confidence to propose later.” As Sheng Zhuo told him this, he was unable to suppress his laughter.

Sheng Heng couldn’t help but laugh as well.

“Let’s go, let’s go back to the base.” The two of them then got into a hover car and headed towards the base. However just as they were halfway there, Sheng Zhuo’s communicator suddenly sounded a frantic alarm.

“Reporting to Major General, Old Zhong’s spaceship has been ambushed by zergs and among the attacking zergs, there is a level nine zerg with a mental shock wave reaching A level intensity. Mech warriors below the A+ level can’t approach them.”

Sheng Heng shot up with a ‘huo’.

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