Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 87.2 Acting spoiled

Leaving with the herbs, Yan Fei went to the lounge in the medical center. Sima Mingxuan was sitting there drinking tea. When he saw Yan Fei come in, he asked, “How did it go?”

“My big brother brought his own herbs. By the time I got there, he had already entered the pharmacy room.” Yan Fei told him.

Sima Mingxuan frowned slightly then continued to ask, “Do you think the medicine your big brother is making can really suppress the backlash of someone with an S level mental energy?”


Sima Mingxuan said impatiently, “Didn’t you two study pharmacy together? You’ve only been a year apart in university and you don’t even have a judgment on this?”

“My big brother had only learned how to make level three medicines when he graduated from high school. It’s impossible for him to make such high-level medicines.” Yan Fei said.

“So you mean…. Sheng Heng’s mental energy might be destroyed?” Sima Mingxuan’s mind began to race. If Sheng Heng’s mental energy were to be destroyed because of Yan Hao’s medicine, the blame wouldn’t fall on him, right? After all, even though he had been the initial cause, it was Sheng Heng who chose to trust Yan Hao.

Although Sheng Heng was a handicap, he still possessed S level mental energy. Currently, the Federation was developing mimetic mechs vigorously and even though Sheng Heng wasn’t very useful to the Sheng family now, he remained an unpredictable factor. If he could be rendered useless here, then that factor would be eliminated.


Yan Fei suddenly added another ‘but’.

“But what?”

“My big brother is very meticulous. If…. he isn’t confident about something, he wouldn’t act so sure. So, I’m not entirely sure either.” Yan Fei told him.

“…..” Even Sima Mingxuan, who had a high level of self-restraint was infuriated by Yan Fei’s contradictory judgments that he almost exploded into foul language.

No, this person was still useful. He still needed his medicine to alleviate his mental frenzies.

The reason why Sima Mingxuan knew about the phantom beast was because a year ago, he had come here to collect ores with his partner and had accidentally discovered it. At that time, there had been two phantom beasts nesting on a vein of Cloudywind Stone ores. They had used particle cannons to blast the ground in order to mine and one of the phantom beasts had been crushed to dea*h by the rocks, not having the time to escape.

Phantom beasts were extremely fast, hence he hadn’t been able to catch up with the one that had gotten away. However he had drained the blood of the one that had been crushed to dea*h, bringing it back to his family. Then half a year ago, the family’s pharmacist used the blood of the wild phantom beast he brought back to make a phantom elixir, which allowed his mental energy to break through from the A+ level to the S level, making him the youngest S level mental energy mech warrior in the Federation.

Although Sheng Heng also had an S level mental energy, he was a handicap and thus couldn’t pilot mechs, so he wasn’t considered a mech warrior.

However after his mental energy broke through to the S level, Sima Mingxuan soon discovered that something was wrong. As his mental energy grew stronger, it became harder to control and he would experience periodic mental frenzies. Moreover these mental frenzies would become more intense with each episode, making it so that they had progressed from slight headaches at the beginning to splitting headaches now.

The reason he had asked Yan Fei to stay by his side was because half a month ago, when he went to the Pharmacy Department to get some medicine, he suddenly began to experience a mental frenzy and it was Yan Fei who had made the medicine that had relieved his headache. Moreover, its effect was better than the ones made by Senior Pharmacists. What’s more after further inquiry, he discovered that it was a formula Yan Fei had improved himself.

Yan Fei was right; Yan Hao was an extremely meticulous person. If he said it would take two hours, it would undoubtedly take two hours because two hours later, Yan Hao emerged from the pharmacy room with the newly prepared medicine in hand as he headed to Sheng Heng’s ward.

As soon as Sheng Heng took the medicine, the swelling pain in his sea of consciousness began to subside. It was as if a stream of refreshing water had been injected into it, providing a cool and comfortable sensation. The pain caused by the backlash of his mental energy was also absorbed by this stream then was eventually tamed.

A minute later, color began to return to Sheng Heng’s pale face. This time, it wasn’t a healthy flush brought on by some psychological activity, but because of a genuine improvement in his health. After ten more minutes, the threshold of Sheng Heng’s mental energy fell back completely, his sea of consciousness ceased to hurt and it even began to repair itself.

However Yan Hao was still worried and so made Sheng Heng undergo a mental map examination. It wasn’t until he saw the mental map that he was finally at ease.

“Alright, get some more rest. By tomorrow, your mental energy should have recovered to about 70%.” Yan Hao told him happily.

“Thank you.” Sheng Heng thanked him.

“Aren’t we partners? It’s only right that I help you.” Yan Hao said in reply.

“But I don’t want to be your partner anymore?” Sheng Heng said softly as he looked down at Yan Hao’s hand that was fixing the blanket for him.

“Why?” Yan Hao’s hand froze as he looked at Sheng Heng in disbelief.

“I think… our relationship should be closer than just partners.” As Sheng Heng said this, he reached out from under the blanket and held Yan Hao’s hand gently.

Yan Hao’s heart that had been hanging fell down immediately. It turns out this was what senior meant. He had been so scared just now.

“Actually, I’ve already been thinking of senior as my big brother secretly.” Yan Hao confessed.

“….” Who wants to be your big brother? Annoyed, Sheng Heng’s grip on Yan Hao’s hand tightened as he squeezed it firmly.

“Can….. can I call you Heng Ge from now on?” Yan Hao asked, blushing as he glanced at Sheng Heng before quickly looking down in embarrassment.

Sheng Heng’s eyelids and heart jumped simultaneously when he saw this: “Okay. Heng Ge or big brother, either is fine.”

“Let’s stick with Heng Ge. Calling you big brother seems like something a child would do; it sounds strange.” Yan Hao said happily after seeing that Sheng Heng had agreed.

No, sometimes it’s okay to call me that. It’s not strange at all.

Feeling an itch in his heart, Sheng Heng really wanted to hear Yan Hao call him big brother, so he coaxed, “Do you know why children call someone big brother?”

Yan Hao shook his head; he had never really thought about it.

“Because children like to act spoiled.” Sheng Heng explained, then asked, “Xiao Hao, have you acted spoiled before?”

Taken aback, Yan Hao didn’t respond for a moment. Had he acted spoiled before? Did copying the ways Yan Fei acted to ask his parents for things when he was a child count? However it seems none of them had ever been successful. Thinking this way, Yan Hao shook his head again.

Seeing Yan Hao’s reaction, the itch in Sheng Heng’s heart turned into distress. Holding his hand, he said softly, “Then try it now.”

Sheng Heng’s voice was so gentle that it compelled Yan Hao, who couldn’t help but cry out:

“Big brother?”

Yan Hao’s eyes were wide open and beneath his long lashes were a pair of clear, stream-like pupils and perhaps because he was so unfamiliar with acting spoiled, he even appeared a little nervous and embarrassed, his eyelids trembling slightly. This sight reached straight into Sheng Heng’s heart that in this moment, Sheng Heng felt as if his heart was about to stop.

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