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Chapter 45.1 Pami Radar

According to Yan Hao’s original idea, the console of a modified mech didn’t need to be replaced, an induction radar only needed to be added to it so that the mech could simulate the movements of the pilot. This induction radar was available in the market and Yan Hao had planned to purchase it directly from the market, but after reading the information sent by Baby Bug, he learned about a more specialized induction radar. This radar, which required a Level 5 Mech Building Master to make, was one of a kind.

Yan Hao was still a first year student and hadn’t yet officially become a Mech Building Master, let alone be able to build such a radar. Come to think of it, the only Mech Building Master Yan Hao knew, was his professor, Professor Qin.

Professor Qin should be at school, right?

Yan Hao thought about it then sent a message to Professor Qin, which was the first time he had ever sent a message to him.

After sending the message, probably busy, Professor Qin didn’t reply to Yan Hao immediately, but Yan Hao didn’t rush to call him. Instead, he revised the modification idea he had designed to make sure that the modification of Black Soul wouldn’t be a problem after Senior Sheng returned to school.

Professor Qin only got back to Yan Hao at 8pm, and he did so by calling him directly.

“You want a Pami Radar?” This special radar had been created by a Mech Building Master named Pami, hence the radar was named after him.

“Yes, professor.” Yan Hao replied.

“What do you need it for?” Professor Qin asked.

“I’ve been working on a mimetic system recently and the Pami Radar senses better.” Yan Hao answered.

“You even know this. It seems you’ve been doing a lot of work lately.” Professor Qin was very pleased. This student named Yan Hao was the most promising student of this year. He was very talented, hardworking and neither conceited nor rash.

“You’re in the school lab?” Professor Qin felt that Yan Hao’s background looked somewhat familiar, like the school’s lab.


“In a couple of days then. I’ll come back and get it for you in a couple of days.” Professor Qin said.

“Is teacher not at school now?”

“I was, but I had to go home for a couple of days so I won’t be back until two days later.” Professor Qin, seeing Yan Hao’s disappointment couldn’t help but say, “Are you in a rush?”

“A little bit.” Yan Hao nodded honestly. He wanted to get the Pami Radar and then debug it.

“Alright then. In a while I’ll give you a number to call. His name is Zhou Xiong and he’s my assistant. I’ll talk to him and then you can pick the radar up from the tenth floor tomorrow.” Professor Qin told him.

“Thank you, Professor.” Yan Hao said with a happy expression on his face.

The next day, at 10:30 a.m., Yan Hao was waiting at the doors of the elevator on time.

The ninth and tenth floors of the laboratory building were closed to the public and only teachers and their disciples were allowed to enter.

With a ‘ding’ sound, the doors of the elevator opened and a young man in a white coat and glasses came out– it was Zhou Xiong.

At this moment, there was only one person standing at the entrance of the elevator, a young and fresh looking guy who at a glance looked like a new student, hence Zhou Xiong asked without having to think about it, “You are Yan Hao, right?”

“I am. Are you Senior Zhou Xiong?” Yan Hao rushed up to greet him.

“I am, come on in.” Zhou Xiong waved at Yan Hao.

Yan Hao hurriedly got into the elevator. Zhou Xiong waited for the doors to close and then used his computer terminal to scan the sensors inside the elevator after which the button for the tenth floor turned on automatically.

Seeing the curious expression on Yan Hao’s face, Zhou Xiong asked, “First time here?”

“It’s my first time going to the tenth floor, but I’ve been to the ninth floor twice before.” Yan Hao said.

“To borrow the Super light brain?” asked Zhou Xiong.


“You’re pretty good. You’re only in your first semester and you’ve already used the Super light brain twice.” Zhou Xiong complimented.

“Not at all, I just used it for some big data operations.” Yan Hao said modestly.

Zhou Xiong didn’t take it seriously. The University had opened up access to the Super light brain to allow students work on large data and by large data, they meant a lot of work, not ones that had a lot of difficulty, what’s more Yan Hao was only a freshman, so Zhou Xiong didn’t think he’d use the Super light brain to work on anything too difficult or of high value.

“The tenth floor is a bit different from the ninth floor.” Zhou Xiong laughed, “The fact that teacher asked me to take you to the tenth floor means he thinks highly of you.”

Seeing Yan Hao’s puzzled expression, Zhou Xiong continued, “As the Super light brain is on the ninth floor, all students can enter the ninth floor if they make an appointment in advance, but the tenth floor is different in that it isn’t accessible to ordinary students without the permission of the insiders. The fact that teacher allowed you in indicates he has the intention of accepting you into the lab.”

Yan Hao eyes were wide with amazement. He didn’t expect that just going to the tenth floor would have that much meaning.

“Junior brother, do well and try to stay on the tenth floor after graduation, because this is one of the top three Mech Research Institutes in the Federation.” At this point the elevator had reached the tenth floor. Smiling, Zhou Xiong patted Yan Hao on the shoulder and showed him the way by taking the lead.

“Then Senior must be awesome to have been able to get in here.” Yan Hao said.

“I’m just average, I was barely a level 5 Building Master when I graduated.” Zhou Xiong said modestly, but his expression was unconsciously tinged with a little smugness. It had to be known, that the Mech Building Department would only cover the full Mech Building course in their junior year at the Federal University, and most people barely reached the level 4 threshold by the time they graduated in their senior year. He was only one level ahead of everyone else and the further he got, the more difficult it became. It was difficult for a Mech Building Master to move up a level.

“A level 5 Building Master? Then Senior are you the one who made the Pami Radar I’m coming to pick up today?” Yan Hao asked.

“Cough, I’m still learning about this Pami Radar, I can’t make it on my own yet.”

As they walked inside, they occasionally met one or two other researchers in white coats but they were all in a hurry, going back and forth from lab to lab. Looking around, Yan Hao could only see the nameplates of the various labs but nothing else.

“Here we are, this is teacher’s lab.” Zhou Xiong pushed open a lab with Professor Qin’s name on it and gestured for Yan Hao to enter.

The lab was huge, three times the size of the one Yan Hao had rented downstairs and was divided into many different rooms.

“This is the overhaul room, where the general assembly mech or sword repair mech is located, and the smaller rooms are for storage, parts assembly, wiring design, core software, weapons…… etc. I’ll give you a more in-depth tour when you join our lab later. The Pami software you want was made by teacher earlier. I’ll go to the room and get the parts out, wait here for a while.”

“Okay.” Standing still, Yan Hao didn’t move.

One wasn’t allowed to move or look around in other people’s labs and Yan Hao knew the rules, so he just eyed the half assembled mech in the middle of the room. From the density of the wiring inside, Yan Hao could guess that it was a level 7 mech.

Was this a level 7 mech? This was the first time Yan Hao was seeing one up so close up and his pupils shining, his eyes almost got attached to the mech.

When Zhou Xiong came out with the parts, this was what he saw. He smiled kindly, understanding Yan Hao’s feelings very well. Not to mention a new student, even he himself, someone who was already a level 5 Mech Building Master, would be envious of the sight of a level 7 mech, wondering when he would be able to build one himself.

“Junior brother.” Zhou Xiong shouted.

Yan Hao hurriedly returned to his senses, blushing in embarrassment: “Senior.”

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