Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 7 Is there anyone who wouldn’t love the main character?

Yan Hao felt that as he hadn’t studied mech building in high school, his foundation was weaker than others, so with the principle of ‘the dumb bird flies first’, he dragged He Shao to the mech shop outside the school to buy materials for making energy blocks as soon as the afternoon classes were over, without even bothering to eat dinner.

“These are the basic materials for a level 4 energy block.” After the two of them had made their intentions clear, the shop assistant took them to the designated area nimbly.

“I haven’t said what level of energy block I’m buying yet.” He Shao looked at the shop assistant strangely.

“You’re freshmen from the Federal University, right?” The shopkeeper had a keen eye, especially for freshmen with a youthful look so he could tell at first glance, “For freshmen who come here on the first day of school, they all come to buy materials for level 4 energy blocks, so I know what you want even without you telling me.”

“Please, it’s a set up.” He Shao understood from what the shop assistant was saying that the professors of the Mecha Building Department always did this to their students every year.

Yan Hao smiled, “We do have to buy them anyway.”

“There’s no rush, let’s buy the level 1 energy block first.” He Shao turned to the shopkeeper and asked, “Do you have any level 1 materials?”

The shopkeeper was stunned, obviously not expecting these two university students to buy materials for beginners, but his good professionalism helped him adjust quickly: “There’s some in the store, how many do you need?”

“Let’s start with…… ten, no, five.” When he first learned to make level 1 energy blocks, he had used ten raw materials, but for someone as smart as Yan Hao, five should be enough.

“OK, just a minute.” The clerk left to get the ingredients.

He Shao turned his head to look at Yan Hao, who was still staring at the level 4 materials, and said, “Let’s come back when you’ve learned how to make energy blocks below level 3.”

Yan Hao, who was staring at the price, exclaimed in a small voice, “Two hundred star coins~”.

“A level 4 energy block is worth eight hundred star coins, so the raw material is not too expensive at two hundred.” He Shao said.

“Two hundred star coins, I don’t think I can buy a few pieces of the material with the money I have.” Yan Hao secretly calculated the balance in his account. Materials are consumables, he must buy them often, and even if he could make a level 4 energy block in one go, he would still need a lot of star coins to buy other materials for his future studies. It seemed that he would have to ask his parents for money after all.

Thinking of his parents’ disgusted expressions whenever he asked them for money in his previous life, Yan Hao pursed his lips, not wanting to face it again.

“Hey, why are you worried about money?” He Shao punched Yan Hao, at a loss for words. “Students of the Federal University can buy raw materials here on credit.”

“Credit?!” Yan Hao froze.

“Aren’t you underestimating yourself? We are now students of the Mecha Building Department of the Federal University. Which student who got into our Mecha Building Department can’t learn how to make an energy block? It’s only a matter of time before you’re able to make a level 4 energy block.” He Shao explained. “Didn’t I just tell you? One finished level 4 energy block is worth eight hundred star coins, so if you buy four pieces of the material, as long as you succeed once, you’ll get your money back. You just need to bring one here to cover your debt when the time comes.”

“They accept energy blocks over here?” Yan Hao’s eyes lit up.

“Of course they accept them. All the ones in the shop are all made by machines and they are also sold for eight hundred star coins, but the ones we make have the added bonus of mental power added to it so the price is naturally higher than that.” He Shao said smugly.

“That’s right. If you can make a level 4 energy block, sell it to me. I’ll buy it from you for a thousand star coins a piece.” A voice came from the display next to the two.

Yan Hao looked over and seeing the person who spoke clearly, the corners of his mouth lifted into a smile, “Senior.”

The person who spoke was none other than Sheng Heng.

“Already started learning how to make energy blocks?” Sheng Heng walked over with a level 5 energy block in his hand.

“Yes, I came here to buy materials to practice with.” Yan Hao nodded.

“Learn well, I’m waiting to buy it.” Sheng Heng’s sure tone was even more confident than Yan Hao himself.

“When I learn how to make them, I’ll give senior first priority.” Yan Hao knew that Sheng Heng was helping him, so he added, “There’s no need to pay such a high price, I’ll give you a discount.”

The smile in Sheng Heng’s eyes spread. He had discovered that his little junior was not only easy to coax but also extremely innocent. “You want to give me a discount? This is a long-term deal, so giving me a discount will cost a lot of money in the long run.”

He had heard the conversation between his little junior and his classmate. It seems his little junior was very short of money.

“I’m new to this so even if I’m able to make energy blocks, they wouldn’t be as good as the ones in the shop, therefore I can’t sell them to you for that much.” Yan Hao insisted.

The smile in Sheng Heng’s eyes grew even stronger. He was so easy to coax, simple, and didn’t take advantage.

“Hao Hao, you know each other?” He Shao asked on a whisper.

“He Shao, this is the senior I told you about. He is the one who helped me with directions during the exams. Senior Sheng Heng, this is my roommate, He Shao.” Yan Hao introduced.

“Hello, senior.” He Shao greeted smartly.

Sheng Heng swept a glance at He Shao and nodded with a smile, looking cordial but He Shao clearly felt the aura of detachment.

At this time the shop assistant came out with the wrapped materials, “Student, all the materials you want have been wrapped. Are you sure you don’t want to buy a few pieces of the level 4 materials?”

“Add five pieces of those to it.” Without waiting for Yan Hao to speak, Sheng Heng decided for him first. “Put it on my account.”

“Alright I’ll bring it up right away.” Hearing this, the shop assistant smiled immediately and went to pack up the materials.

“Senior?” Yan Hao looked at Sheng Heng in confusion.

“Didn’t you just say you were going to help me make energy blocks? Consider these as my advance payment.” Sheng Heng said.

Was senior really going to buy them?

Yan Hao thought about it then decided that Sheng Heng was right. If he really bought the energy blocks from him, then the advance payment was fine, so he didn’t refuse: “Thank you.”

“Are five pieces enough? I don’t mind paying for more in advance.” Sheng Heng said.

“It’s enough.” Although Yan Hao had never made an energy block, he had confidence in himself. When he used to make medicine before, as long as they were mentioned in books, he had never failed three times in a row. If he could make medicine, then he believed that he could make an energy block too. After all, compared to medicine, he was now doing something he truly enjoyed.

At this time, Sheng Heng’s light brain suddenly rang; someone had sent him a message. He took a look at it and said somewhat apologetically to Yan Hao: “Sorry, I have to go first.”

“It’s okay.”

Sheng Heng nodded at Yan Hao again before he left the shop with the level 5 energy block in his hand.

At this time, the shop assistant also brought over the wrapped Level 4 materials and said kindly, “All five materials are here. When you learn how to make them, you’re welcome to come back at anytime. We accept all kinds of Level 4 and above energy blocks in our shop at absolutely fair prices.”

Before leaving, He Shao also bought five pieces of the level 4 raw materials and placed it all together in his space before the two went back to school together.

“You and that Senior Sheng Heng, did he really just give you directions?” He Shao asked Yan Hao as they left the shop.

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

“Then he’s a bit too enthusiastic about you.”

“Didn’t Senior just say it? Their mech department is short of energy blocks so they want to buy them from me.”

“The mech department is indeed short of energy blocks, but the level 4 energy blocks made by novices are very unstable in the beginning. Sometimes they are just a little bit stronger than the level 3 energy blocks and are sold on consignment. Unstable level 4 energy blocks are sold for 500 to 600 star coins at most but he offered you 1000 star coins at first asking. ” He Shao told him.

Yan Hao froze: “There’s that much difference?”

“It’s more than that. Did you see the energy block he was holding just now? It’s a level 5 energy block. He’s already using a level 5 energy block yet he’s asking you to make a level 4 energy block for him. Why would he pay twice the price for something he wouldn’t use?” He Shao asked.

Yan Hao’s brow wrinkled, “Then why did he do that?”

“You really don’t know him well?” He Shao confirmed.

Yan Hao shook his head, “We’re sort of friends but we’ve only just met.”

“Then there’s only one explanation.”


“He fell in love with you at first sight!” He Shao looked like he’d found out about a secret affair.

Yan Hao shook his head without thinking. “What are you talking about? How could… someone like me.”

He Shao was mostly joking when he said that it was love at first sight so when he heard Yan Hao say that he was talking nonsense, he also laughed and didn’t take it seriously, but when he heard the second half of Yan Hao’s sentence, the stunned expression on his face was obvious.

“What do you mean, how can anyone like you? Hao Ge, with your pale face, how can you say such things?” Yan Hao was a beautiful man with a bookish aura and although it wasn’t the masculine and handsome look that men aimed for, he was warm and modest, just the kind of man one would want to be close to.

He had spoken to Yan Hao at the beginning because he had been attracted by his warm and modest aura.

Yan Hao smiled, not taking it seriously: “Let’s hurry back.”

The reason you say this is because Yan Fei is not with me. If you knew Yan Fei and I at the same time, you wouldn’t say that.

As long as Yan Fei is around, I’m just cannon fodder to be disliked. In this book, is there anyone who wouldn’t love the main character?

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