Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 96.2 Converter

Old Pang had lived for a long time and so could be said to have seen many things. What’s more he’d also had his fair share of romantic experiences when he was younger, so seeing Yan Hao’s current state, he immediately understood the situation.

“You’ve been running to my place every day, so eager to design this converter, all for him?” Old Pang asked.

“En.” Yan Hao nodded again.

“When did you two get together?” Old Pang asked.

Get together?

Yan Hao was taken aback first, then his small face flushed as he stammered, “I…I haven’t confessed yet.”

“You want to confess?” Old Pang was shocked. He had met Sheng Heng before, and if they were to talk about liking, it was Sheng Heng who liked his disciple first, so how come things had suddenly turned around in just a few days of not seeing him? Could it be that he had read the situation wrong and it was his disciple who had coveted Sheng Heng first?

“Yes.” Even though his Master had already figured it out, Yan Hao was still oddly a little embarrassed.

Old Pang was dazed for a moment, then he recalled all the things his disciple had done for Sheng Heng recently. Like when he heard that Sheng Heng was injured, he rushed to the Resource Planet in a spaceship to rescue him and when he got the promise from Old Wen, the first thing he did was to make medicine for him. Then this liking was already very clear. So it was actually his disciple who was pursuing Sheng Heng? Wasn’t this backwards?…..

Wait, they were both male, so how was it backwards? Just because his disciple seemed more delicate didn’t mean he should have the illusion of marrying off a daughter. On the contrary, it was his disciple who was confessing first, so it was his own pig that was going to steal someone else’s cabbage.

Thinking about it this way, Old Pang suddenly felt a lot better. He waved his hand grandly, “Your second senior brother just asked me to make two level eight particle cannons. I’ll give them to you first.”

“Thank you Master.” Yan Hao was pleasantly surprised. He had watched his Master make those two level eight particle cannons, so he knew just how powerful they were. They were much stronger than ordinary level eight particle cannons.

“What are you being polite for? If you end up pursuing him, he’d be my disciple’s wife. Just consider it as a welcome gift from me.” With this shift in Old Pang’s thought process, he became much more free.

“But what about Second Senior Brother?” Yan Hao asked.

“There are two damaged ones in the warehouse. I’ll fix them up for him to use in the meantime.” Old Pang told him.

“Won’t….. won’t this not be good?”

“What’s not good about it? It’s not as if he has a wife.” Old Pang said in disgust.

Time passed by like a swift river and soon it was the week of the finals. As they had already learned the making and maintenance of parts in the first semester of their first year, this finals for the Mech Building Department included an additional assessment of mech maintenance and modification.

In this assessment, students from the Mech Building Department could choose to either repair three damaged parts provided by the invigilators or to examine and then repair a whole mech. The mechs available for them to examine were provided by the students of the Mech Piloting Department from the same year. The Mech Piloting Department and the Mech Building Department would have to decide on their partners at the start of the next semester, and this exam was their final test before making that choice.

At this point, many had almost already decided who they wanted to partner up with, so nearly all the students in the class chose to examine then repair a mech. Yan Hao, on the other hand, used the exam as an excuse to borrow Black Soul from Sheng Heng then started to modify its weapons.

The best performing student, Yan Hao, was the last one to finish the exam. It was only after the teacher finished grading the exam that Sheng Heng walked towards the hall.

“Heng Ge.” Yan Hao, who hadn’t seen Sheng Heng for nearly half a month, was overjoyed at the sight of him. His eyes shining brightly, he couldn’t wait to let Sheng Heng try out Black Soul’s new weapons. “Do you want to try out the new weapons I’ve fitted for you?”

Seeing Yan Hao again after half a month, Sheng Heng was very nervous, however seeing the natural way in which Yan Hao was behaving, he was more than relieved.

“New weapons, you made them?” He had been watching from the side when Yan Hao was taking the exam, and so had naturally noticed the weapons change early on.

“Master won’t allow me make weapons yet. He said I haven’t mastered it yet.” Yan Hao blushed a little as he said this.

“The weapons you’ve chosen for me are definitely better than the original ones.” Sheng Heng quickly comforted him.

“That’s for sure, the weapons were made by Master.” Yan Hao boasted.

“Old Pang?” Sheng Heng was startled, then his eyes darting towards the two newly fitted particle cannons on Black Soul’s shoulders, he was secretly shocked.

These weren’t just better than the original, they were probably among the top level six weapons in the entire Federation. Wasn’t it a bit too much to have a Mech Master like Old Pang make level six weapons?

“Let’s go to the training field to test out the new weapons.” Yan Hao suggested, suppressing his excitement.

Master had told him that no mech warrior could resist the power of weapons. As long as he let Senior Sheng experience the power of a level eight weapon, no matter what he said afterward, he would definitely agree. And that time would be the perfect time to confess his feelings.

“Okay.” Sheng Heng nodded in agreement.

The mech training field wasn’t far away, located next to the examination hall, so after the two of them left the examination hall and walked through a small grove, they arrived at the training field.

The students from the Mech Piloting Department had finished their exams earlier on, so there weren’t many people in the training field. As soon as they entered, Yan Hao put the spatial button in his hand into Sheng Heng’s hand impatiently.

“Senior, try it out.” Yan Hao urged.

Sheng Heng’s gaze dropped slightly to Yan Hao’s hand that was holding his.

Did the fact that Xiao Hao was still willing to hold his hand mean he didn’t mind at all anymore? Or was it that he wasn’t avoiding him, but was really just busy?

“You’ve been busy with this all this time?” Sheng Heng couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes.” Yan Hao nodded.

Sheng Heng’s eyes lit up instantly, the shadow that had been suppressed in his heart for half a month disappearing immediately, “It turns out, I thought…..”


“Nothing, I’ll try it for you to see.” Xiao Hao didn’t catch on, but that was also true. He was so slow, it’d be strange if he did. He had been scaring himself for half a month.

Turning around, he tossed the spatial button up and the towering figure of Black Soul appeared immediately in the middle of the field then advancing three steps, he bent his knees slightly then leapt agilely into the cockpit.

So handsome!

Although it wasn’t the first time he found Sheng Heng’s way of jumping into the mech handsome, this time it was particularly so.

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