Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 66.1 Yan Hao blushed

After breakfast, Yan Hao and Sheng Heng went to the maintenance room together. Yesterday, Yan Hao had been too busy taking care of the two people’s injuries to pay attention to repairing the mechs.

There were a lot of people in the maintenance room today. In addition to the mech building students who were already in the maintenance room, there were also students who had come back to repair their mechs. Most of these people had heard the news when the incident happened yesterday, so as soon as they saw the people involved arrive on the scene, they all surrounded them.

“Sheng Heng, how are you, are your injuries healed?”

“I heard you single-handedly killed a level six mutant zerg; how did you kill it?”

“I heard the class leader say that Black Soul is now a mimetic mech. Is it more immersive to pilot a mimetic mech?”

When the person said the words ‘mimetic mech’, Yan Hao clearly felt that the gaze of the people around him became a little more passionate.

“Senior, you guys talk first, I’ll go check on Black Soul and Savage Bull.” Yan Hao wasn’t used to this feeling of being surrounded, and so made an excuse to leave.

It would have been fine if he hadn’t spoken, because although the people around them were talking, their gazes were almost entirely on Sheng Heng. However when he said this, most of them looked at Yan Hao for a moment. Fortunately, their gazes only stayed on him for a brief moment before returning to Sheng Heng.

“Sheng Heng, although that little junior has a superb talent, he’s still a freshman now and hasn’t had the time to learn about mech repair. Black Soul is a level six mech and now uses a mimetic piloting system. It can’t be damaged and has to be taken care of very carefully. How about I help you repair it?”

“Go, go, go, Xia Liu, your team was nearly wiped out in this assessment. Have you repaired the mechs in your team? Sheng Heng, let me help you repair Black Soul.”

“Scram, your team just got back. Have you repaired your mechs yet? Sheng Heng, let me help you. I repaired the mechs for my team yesterday and so have nothing to do today. I can help you repair Black Soul.”

These mech building masters, who before coming were arrogant and unwilling to even give Sheng Heng a spot as a filler, were now begging to repair his mech for free. They crowded him excitedly, pushing Yan Hao, who was about to leave, back. Yan Hao stumbled back a few steps and was about to fall when an arm wrapped around his waist from behind, pulled him back and leaned his back against a warm, sturdy chest.

“I’m sorry, I already have a mech building master.” Sheng Heng’s voice came from over Yan Hao’s head. He didn’t even look at these people who had once despised him. Instead, he rejected them calmly and decisively.

“But Yan Hao is just a freshman, he hasn’t learned about mech repair yet.”

“Yes, yes.” The crowd agreed.

“The assessment is still three days away. What if there’s a problem with Black Soul?” someone asked.

“Before our mech piloting department paired up with the mech building department, our teacher told us one thing. On the battlefield, we have to believe in our mech building masters just as much as we believe in ourselves, because if we can’t even trust our mech building masters, then we can’t trust the mechs we fight in. Yan Hao is my designated partner, that is, my mech building master. My mech can only be repaired by him and I trust that he has the ability to repair Black Soul.” Sheng Heng said solemnly, “So excuse me and make way, we have to go repair our mechs.”

With Yan Hao protected in his arms, Sheng Heng pushed through the crowd then walked towards the corner where Black Soul was parked.

Sheng Heng had said everything he needed to, and no one else could say anything else. They could only regret that they had been too focused on their assessment scores and had rejected Sheng Heng when he had come to them looking to join their team temporarily. If they hadn’t, they would have had the opportunity to see the mimetic piloting system in action. After all, there were rumors that the Federation already had this technology, but it had never been seen on the market before.

It wasn’t until they had walked far away and no longer felt the gaze of the crowd that Yan Hao finally let out a sigh of relief.

Seeing Yan Hao’s exaggerated expression of having survived a disaster, Sheng Heng couldn’t resist teasing him, “If they knew that you were the designer of the mimetic system, I don’t know what would happen.”

“Don’t tell them, please.” Yan Hao was so scared that he jumped out of Sheng Heng’s arms.

“…” Looking at the empty bend in his arm, a touch of regret flashed in Sheng Heng’s eyes.

“Don’t let them surround me, I don’t know how to deal with it.” Just standing next to Sheng Heng in that kind of situation made him uncomfortable.

“Okay, I won’t say anything.” Sheng Heng knew Yan Hao wasn’t good at handling such things, which was why he had never revealed Yan Hao’s identity from the beginning.

“Thank you.” Yan Hao was relieved.

“But when you stand at a very high place, you won’t be able to hide even if you want to.” And that day wasn’t far away.

“But before I stand at that height, I don’t want people to know.” Yan Hao whispered.

Sheng Heng’s brows furrowed, feeling that Yan Hao’s words were strange. He asked unconsciously, “Why?”

“Because it’s only when I’m standing tall, that I won’t be replaced easily.” Yan Hao answered.


“It’s nothing. I’m going to start examining Black Soul now, I’ll go check the cockpit first. Senior, can you help me push the upgrade ladder over here?” By the time they had finished talking, the two had already arrived at the foot of Black Soul. Yan Hao entered the password to open the cockpit on his light brain and Black Soul’s cockpit opened automatically.

Walking over, Sheng Heng pushed the simple ladder in the corner over.

“Thank you.” Stepping onto the ladder, Yan Hao entered the cockpit.

After Yan Hao had been in the cockpit for a little while, Cheng Wenkang, who had rested overnight, also came to the maintenance room. Seeing Sheng Heng from afar, he ran over.

“How’s Black Soul?” Cheng Wenkang asked, glancing in the direction of the cockpit.

“He just started checking.” Sheng Heng said in reply.

“This is the first time I’ve seen Black Soul look so rough.” When Black Soul had been brought back to the base, someone had already helped with the external wash. After its body covered in zerg slime was cleaned, countless pit-filled cuts also became visible. Black Soul was a level six mech with considerable resistance to the attack power of level four zergs, so if one had even a little bit of combat knowledge, one would know that Black Soul must have been surrounded by a large number of zergs in order to leave such dense, obvious wounds.

“Rough? I think this is Black Soul’s original appearance.” Sheng Heng smiled. “And Black Soul is also very happy.”

“Black Soul is happy?” Cheng Wenkang tilted his head, attempting to see signs of happiness on Black Soul’s mechanical face.

“Mechs were born for war, so being able to go to the battlefield, it must be very happy.” Sheng Heng said in response.

“You’re talking about yourself, right?” Cheng Wenkang was speechless.

“My father and my elder brother have both said that mechs aren’t just cold weapons, they also have souls. Every mech that has been on the battlefield has a unique atmosphere, and it is only then that a mech can be said to have a soul. Like the war god. Even after so many years have passed, even though no one can pilot it anymore, it just standing there can make people feel oppressed.” Lifting his hand, Sheng Heng touched a deep scar on Black Soul’s ankle. “Black Soul has one now too.”

Because of the good relationship between the Cheng and Sheng families, Cheng Wenkang was fortunate enough to have seen the war god once. He had still been young at the time, but he always remembered the shocked feeling he’d had when he saw it for the first time. It was also at that time that he suddenly decided to become a mech warrior, even though his talent wasn’t outstanding.

“Then Savage Bull has one too.” Cheng Wenkang turned his head to look at Savage Bull that was standing to the left of Black Soul.

Savage Bull had also been washed by this point. Its gleaming metal exterior showed no damage and under the reflection of the lights in the maintenance room, it looked like a brand new mech. If it were any other time, Cheng Wenkang would have been happy that his mech was being taken care of so well, but after hearing what Sheng Heng said and seeing Black Soul standing next to him, Cheng Wenkang suddenly felt uncomfortable.

“I also fought for three days, why doesn’t Savage Bull have any scars?” Cheng Wenkang felt that this phenomenon was unscientific.

Chuckling, Sheng Heng continued to look towards the cockpit.

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