Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 97.2 Confession

“Big brother.” This was the first time Yan Hao was confessing to someone in his two lifetimes, so he was a bit nervous, his heart pounding.

‘Big brother’ was a name Sheng Heng had coaxed Yan Hao to call him. At that time, he had told him that children called older boys big brother when they were acting spoiled, and that requests made while acting spoiled were most easily accepted. Since then, whenever Yan Hao needed his help, he would call him that.

So hearing Yan Hao calling him big brother, he knew Yan Hao had a favor to ask of him, so composing himself immediately, he looked at him, vowing to himself that no matter what he said next, he would definitely help.

Suddenly, Yan Hao stepped forward, stretched his right hand and took his hand.

Stiffening, Sheng Heng’s gaze flitted between surprise and shock as he looked at him. At the same time, he kept telling himself over and over again, don’t think too much, don’t think too much.

“This converter, is a confession gift I prepared specially for you.”


Sheng Heng felt a loud explosion go off in his head, as if his brain had been covered then struck heavily by a big bell, with the last words from Yan Hao’s sentence echoing loudly with the rumbling in his mind.

Confession gift I prepared specially for you, confession gift, gift~~~

“I….. I’ve never liked someone before, but I think, senior, you should like me too, right?” After saying this, Yan Hao looked at Sheng Heng with anticipation, waiting for his response.

The response to Yan Hao was Sheng Heng’s suddenly clenched palm, which he did with so much strength that it made Yan Hao wince in pain. However he still didn’t pull his hand away.

Before coming to confess, Old Pang had warned him that he had to hold his hand when confessing because one, it showed his sincerity and two, in case he was shy and didn’t agree, he should still hold on and persuade him, and three, if he agreed, then they definitely had to hold hands more.

So enduring the pain, Yan Hao had no intention of letting go. However Sheng Heng noticed his pained expression, which made him snap back to reality and just as he was subconsciously about to loosen his grip, Yan Hao, sensing that he wanted to pull back, panicked immediately and latching on with his other hand, used both hands to pull Sheng Heng’s hand back with strength.

“Big brother, you…. want to let go?”

Let go? Not in this lifetime.

With a pull of his arm, Sheng Heng tugged Yan Hao over to him easily and taking advantage of the momentum, turned around and pinned him to the wall.

Yan Hao was all too familiar with this position. Wasn’t this the same position that the couple in the washroom of the café had been in? Senior Sheng Heng must have agreed.

“You’ve said yes.” Yan Hao shouted happily.

How could I possibly not say yes?

Bending down, Sheng Heng gave an answer with his actions. A kiss he had yearned for for countless days and nights, but never dared to act on, was finally fulfilled in this moment.


When Sheng Heng’s lips pressed down, Yan Hao didn’t feel much, however when Sheng Heng wasn’t satisfied with the mere touch of their lips and forcefully pried his lips open to suck on his tongue, Yan Hao was so shocked he wanted to cry out. However Sheng Heng blocked all his sounds, causing them to eventually turn into an ambiguous muffled moans.

It was unclear how much time had passed, but just when Yan Hao felt his tongue go numb and become devoid of feeling, Sheng Heng finally let go of him. At this point, Yan Hao was already dumbfounded, staring blankly with wide eyes at Sheng Heng, seeming to have not come back to his senses.

Sheng Heng however, with a satiated expression, laughed lightly as he raised his hand to wipe the silvery thread at the corner of Yan Hao’s lips gently.

“Sss~~” Yan Hao cried out in pain.

“It hurts? I’m sorry.” Although he had been gentle, he had been too excited just now and so had accidentally bitten Yan Hao’s lip while kissing him.

“It’s… it’s okay. It’s just… I’m not ready yet.” Yan Hao said softly, lowering his head.

The expression on Sheng Heng’s face froze, and the joy in his eyes was replaced with fear. Not ready yet, what did that mean? Was Xiao Hao regretting his words?

“What do you mean?” Sheng Heng didn’t dare say the word ‘regret’.

“I’m not ready for that yet.” Yan Hao repeated.

“For what?”

“Just, sex.” After saying this, Yan Hao, who was still a virgin even after two lifetimes blushed immediately.

“!!” How had the conversation suddenly turn to this? Sheng Heng was shocked. Although he had been longing for Yan Hao for a long time, he definitely didn’t have any intentions of violating him. A kiss like the one that had happened just now was already the height of his fantasies.

“According to research, both humans and animals are alike. When their sexual desires build up to a certain level, they exhibit minor violent tendencies, usually in the form of biting and gnawing. And just now, your male hormones shot up.” Yan Hao whispered.

“Pfft…hahaha…” Unable to hold back any longer, Sheng Heng scooped Yan Hao, who was still analyzing the situation seriously into his arms and laughed heartily, as if amused by Yan Hao’s words, however it also felt like an expression of joy after being confessed to by the person he had been in love with secretly. Hugging him tightly, Sheng Heng laughed uncontrollably for a long time.

“It turns out, my little junior has even thought about this kind of thing already?”

Sheng Heng swore, when he had been kissing Yan Hao just now, he definitely hadn’t thought about anything of that sort, but now, he was.

“If you accept my confession, then we’re a couple, and couples who marry become partners, so of course, partners need to think about this.” As a strict mathematical genius, Yan Hao typically thought about things in a much more long term perspective than others usually did.

“Partners? Is Xiao Hao proposing to me?” The smile on Sheng Heng’s face grew even brighter.

“If we’re still together after graduation, I will propose.” This was something Yan Hao had also thought about seriously.

The smile on Sheng Heng’s face fading slightly, his expression turned solemn. His fingers squeezing Yan Hao’s soft palm subconsciously, he promised solemnly, “I’ll wait.”

Hearing this, Yan Hao was overjoyed. “Then was my confession successful?”

As a meticulous man of science, Yan Hao needed a definitive response.

“I’ve responded so passionately, Xiao Hao didn’t feel it? Then let me do it again.” Saying this, Sheng Heng lowered his head and kissed him again.

With a whimper, Yan Hao was pinned to the wall again.

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