Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 15 Like him

The smile on Professor Qin’s face couldn’t help but turn a little more kind when he saw this student with a white and clean face thanking him with a sincere expression. Then he began to probe the internal energy structure of the energy block with his mental ability, at which point the smile on his face became even more benevolent.

“What is your name?” Professor Qin asked.

“Yan Hao.” Yan Hao replied respectfully.

“You must be very good at maths.” Professor Qin said with a smile.

“Not bad.”

“How many points did you get in the maths exam?”

“Over a hundred and fifty points.”

“Hmm, that’s a very realistic number.” Professor Qin said deliberately.

Sure enough, he had found out! He Shao was in a cold sweat as he listened, he didn’t know before that Yan Hao had made such an accurate number as 76%, he had always thought that when Yan Hao said 76% he meant around 76%, otherwise he would have warned him.

But still Yan Hao didn’t find anything unusual, he frowned in confusion and said, “Professor, my high school exam results, they are all recorded in my file.”

This isn’t what the professor means!!!

If no one was around, He Shao would have grabbed Yan Hao’s head and broken it open to see if it was all water inside, except for the mecha knowledge.

“I’m not saying that there’s something wrong with your score, I’m saying that with your strength you should get one hundred and fifty points.” Professor Qin smiled, not getting angry.

So that was what he meant, Yan Hao suddenly understood and said modestly, “No, I was lucky too, many people in my class got a hundred and fifty.”

The college entrance examination papers usually took into account the learning level of most students, so the questions were not too difficult, and most of the students who could get into the Mecha Department of the Federal University were capable of getting full marks.

“Very modest.” Professor Qin said meaningfully.

For the first time in his life, Yan Hao’s eyes lit up as he was praised for his modesty; indeed, it was easy to get compliments from the teachers as long as he was second place.

From the expression on Yan Hao’s face, He Shao knew what he was thinking. He turned his head away and went about his own work.

This kid, was hopeless.

“You’ve done a good job with this energy block, you calculated the energy points very steadily, it seems you have good control over your mental ability.” The making of an energy block depended on two main things, one was the ability to calculate and the other was mental control. Both of these things went hand in hand with study and talent, and anyone who mastered both and could use them skillfully was a genius. Professor Qin felt the fluctuation of mental ability equivalent to a level 7 energy block from this energy block that was accurately 76.00% efficient in his hand.

This student’s control of his mental ability, far exceeded that of his peers.

“Thank you for the compliment, professor, I just practiced a little more.” This was true, not to mention his last life, even this time, he had practiced more than every student in the lab in order to make money.

“Good, you’ve passed.” Professor Qin said.

This was a pass? You obviously said excellent to the two students who had energy blocks with over 70% effectiveness before, He Shao couldn’t help but curse silently.

“Then bring a level 5 energy block to your next lab class.” Professor Qin followed.

Level 5? Wasn’t Level 5 what they would be studying in half a semester’s time? He Shao couldn’t help but twist his head to look over again, only to see Professor Qin still smiling benevolently and saying kindly, “The formula for Level 5 and Level 4 is actually the same setting, just with two more variables. I’m not even going to teach this formula in class, but you should be able to understand it.”

How could Yan Hao not be able to understand it? He had already discovered the calculation principle of the energy block formula when the professor was talking about the level 4 formula, and he had originally thought that it wasn’t difficult, it was just that he thought he didn’t need to act too conspicuously as the professor hadn’t taught it yet. But now when he heard the professor say this, how would he know to hide his clumsiness? He responded immediately.

“I can understand it, I’ll read it a few more times, I’m sure I can understand it.” Yan Hao felt that his answer was very conservative. He would definitely be able to understand it after reading it a few more times, what a simple answer.

“It’s good that you will be able to understand it, just good.” Professor Qin narrowed his eyes, his kind smile finally having a little more sincerity at this point, for no other reason than because he was sure that this kid wasn’t pretending to be a pig eating a tiger, but that he was really stupid.

“Then next time remember to bring a level 5 energy block, I want 76% efficiency.” Professor Qin continued with his request.

“Okay.” Yan Hao agreed.

‘Clang!’ The raw material in He Shao’s hand fell off the table, and the two people next to him looked over together.

“You’re Old He’s nephew, right? Your uncle told me that you have good qualifications, but I think you still have to work hard. Learn more from Yan Hao and try to be on his level soon.” Professor Qin looked at He Shao affectionately.

He Shao’s uncle was the deputy head of the Mecha Department.

“Yes, Professor.” I can learn from him, but to be on his level, wait for the next life.

“That’s good, then for the next class, the effectiveness must not be lower than that of Yan Hao’s energy block.” Professor Qin set the task.

“Yes.” He Shao wanted to cry without tears. He knew that Professor Qin was already being merciful. After all, it was no less than 76% and not exactly 76%.

Yan Hao, you’ve killed me!

It was hard to get to the end of the lab class then He Shao finally couldn’t help himself.

“Hao Hao, are you stupid? Is your brain full of water where you put your EQ? Couldn’t you have faked it a bit more realistically? 76.00%, there are so many unstable points in an energy block so with a slight miscalculation, it’s impossible for there to be no decimal points, yet you gave me exactly two zeros at the end. What are you doing? Hiding your clumsiness or just showing off in a low profile?” He Shao asked Yan Hao as he poked at the energy block.

To be honest, what he wanted to poke was Yan Hao’s brain more than anything else.

“It seems you’re right. Then I’ll make two decimal points next time.” Yan Hao hadn’t really meant to do that. He had only thought of making an energy block with about 70% efficiency and had set a value for himself and then his brain had automatically started to calculate.

“Next time, do you think you have a next time? Professor Qin has seen it all.” Good lord, it still hadn’t resonated in his mind yet.

“Seen it?” Yan Hao was stunned.

“He just reminded you, and you didn’t even react?”


Ah! The formula for a level five energy block just has two more variables, but it’s at least twice as difficult, his old man spent a lesson on the level four formula, could it be that the level five formula would not be taught?” He Shao roared.

“But ……”

“But what but? Believe it or not, within two months he will definitely explain the level 5 formula in detail. And, it’s his last sentence that’s the key. He also wants to get a value of 76.00%, not one more decimal point.” Seeing that Yan Hao had completely frozen, He Shao knew he had shouted too much and softened his tone, “Big brother, why didn’t hide your clumsiness, isn’t it good to let us develop freely?”

“I think the second place is less annoying, it’s more appealing.” Yan Hao said slowly.

Just like Yan Fei, his teachers, classmates and parents would like him. Occasionally, if he did well on a test, he would get compliments, and if he didn’t do well, it wouldn’t matter because he was already in second place. Unlike first place, if he didn’t do well, his teachers would be disappointed and his classmates would taunt him. Even if he read more during the day, his classmates would say in a negative manner that he was number one yet working so hard as if he gave a da*n.

“You’re already very appealing.” Sheng Heng’s voice suddenly sounded beside the two.

“Senior.” Yan Hao looked at Sheng Heng who had suddenly appeared in a daze.

He Shao also swallowed the words that were on his lips because of Sheng Heng’s appearance.

“You’re so young, yet you have so many ideas.” Sheng Heng walked up to Yan Hao and hit him hard on the head with a chestnut.

Yan Hao covered his head and looked at Sheng Heng with an aggrieved expression.

“Do you know what kind of person lives the most unhappy life in this world, yet deserves it?” Sheng Heng asked.

Yan Hao shook his head.

“Those who go to please others.”

Yan Hao’s pupils trembled, and his face slowly turned white.

“What one should do is to like oneself first, and one liking himself is better than millions of others doing so.” Sheng Heng adviced, then said, “Then there will definitely be people who like you.”

Yan Hao covered his head, speechless for half a second.

“That’s right. Hao Hao, I liked you from the first moment I saw you.” He Shao stated immediately.

Sheng Heng’s eyes glanced dangerously at He Shao. This kid actually dared to steal my lines.


Slowly, Yan Hao finally understood that, in fact, first or second place didn’t matter at all. All his troubles came from caring too much about what others liked. He thought he had jumped out of the shadow of his previous life, but it turned out that it wasn’t all about the male counterpart’s attributes, but his own personality.

“I like mechs, I like learning mechs myself.” Yan Hao muttered, then suddenly laughed.

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