Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 98.1 Old Zhong’s Research Institute

The next day was the start of the summer vacation and naturally, Sheng Heng didn’t want to be separated from Yan Hao so soon after they had gotten together. However even if he stayed, Yan Hao wouldn’t have time to spend with him, because during the summer break, he was supposed to study with Old Zhong.

Originally, Yan Hao was supposed to alternate in studying between Old Pang and Old Zhong each week, however after knowing that his foundation in mech was weak, the two discussed then decided that it would be better for him to build his basics with Old Pang first, then study with Old Zhong during the summer vacation.

Before leaving school though, the four of them had a meal together. First, it was to tell the other two that they were already together and second, to distribute the phantom elixirs created by Old Wen.

He Shao already knew that Yan Hao liked Sheng Heng and had also known of his plan to confess, so he wasn’t exactly shocked by the news. Cheng Wenkang, on the other hand, was so shocked he couldn’t close his mouth for a long time.

“These are the phantom elixirs Old Wen created.” Yan Hao took two bottles out, handing one to Cheng Wenkang and one to Sheng Heng. He had already given He Shao his own the day before.

“Thank you.” Sheng Heng said as he took the bottle, his fingers brushing against Yan Hao’s as he did so, giving a light squeeze.

Thinking of their kiss this morning, Yan Hao’s face reddened uncontrollably.

Their table was already pretty small, so this scene didn’t escape He Shao’s eyes. He looked away, still not quite able to accept it up until now. How could someone as innocent as Yan Hao, who blushed from just a touch be the one to confess first? He was so innocent, yet he had confessed first. Wouldn’t he just be devoured completely by Sheng Heng in the future?

“When people get married, they hand out wedding candies, but boss and little junior are giving out elixirs made by a Grandmaster Pharmacist. Too generous.” Cheng Wenkang’s face glowed with excitement as he held his phantom elixir.

“We’re not married yet.” The meticulous mech genius corrected.

“It’s just a matter of time.” Cheng Wenkang said casually.

Yan Hao didn’t refute this. After all, he had seriously considered marriage. Sheng Heng didn’t refute it either, even giving Cheng Wenkang a thumbs up in his heart.

Only He Shao rolled his eyes fiercely, thinking to himself, ‘Where was this a case of the pig gnawing on the cabbage? This was clearly the cabbage running into the pigpen by itself.’

The next morning, the four of them went their separate ways.

Yan Hao was the first to leave, taking the hover train to Old Zhong’s Research Institute early in the morning. The other three boarded spaceships and headed home later the same day.

Old Zhong was the head of the Federation’s Mech Research Institute, which was located on the opposite end of the Capital Star Planet from the Federation University, so despite being on the same planet, it still took half a day to get there by hover train.

Before leaving, Yan Hao had contacted Baby Bug, hence by the time he reached the entrance of the research lab, Baby Bug, dressed in a white lab coat, was already waiting for him.

“Little junior brother.” Baby Bug greeted. Yan Hao was Old Zhong’s youngest disciple, and thus also Baby Bug’s junior.

“Senior brother.” Yan Hao called out obediently.

“You’re finally here. Master has been talking about you for two days.” Saying this, Baby Bug linked arms with him and walked towards the Research Institute.

The Federal Mech Research Institute was a massive structure, even larger than the entire Mech Academy just from looking at the outside. Just getting inside involved going through about seven to eight checkpoints and inspections.

Instead of taking Yan Hao directly to Old Zhong, Baby Bug first took him to the security center to get his ID registered.

“Alright, your ID is now in the system, so you can enter and exit this place freely from now on.” As Baby Bug said this, he looked at the time. “You came here so early, you probably haven’t eaten yet, right? Let’s get you something to eat.”

“Aren’t we going to see Master first?” Yan Hao hesitated.

”Master is debugging a third generation system and has encountered some problems and so is angry at the moment, so it’s best to wait a bit before we go see him. Otherwise if we go now, we would definitely be walking into the line of fire.” Baby Bug whispered. Actually, he had been on the receiving end of a scolding himself just a while ago. If it wasn’t that he had to come out to pick Yan Hao up, he would probably still be getting scolded at this moment.

“Oh.” Yan Hao nodded, not really understanding.

“Little junior, as your senior brother, let me teach you something about when Master is angry. When Master is tearing into someone, just keep quiet, pretend you can’t hear him and just wait for him to finish.” Baby Bug imparted.

”Does Master get angry a lot?” How come it sounded like Baby Bug had a wealth of experience.

“Master is a bit impatient and has a fiery temper, but he’s a good person, don’t worry. Besides, which Master doesn’t scold his disciple every now and then? If he doesn’t, then it’s not true love.” Baby Bug comforted.

“Oh.” Yan Hao nodded, not quite understanding.

”Come on, the cafeteria’s this way. While the others are still being scolded, I’ll take you to try our squirrel-shaped fish 1It’s a famous Huaiyang dish that is a deep fried delicacy popular across C Country and abroad for its dramatic appearance, eye catching orange hue and for being conveniently bone-free. Despite its name, it contains no actual squirrel meat.. The master chef at our cafeteria makes delicious ones.” Baby Bug said excitedly, about to drag Yan Hao towards the cafeteria when the terminal on his wrist pinged.

Baby Bug clicked on it casually and a voice message popped up: “Have you gone to pick him up from outer space?”

It was Old Zhong’s voice, what’s more he sounded very angry.

Yan Hao looked at Baby Bug silently: “Should we still go to the cafeteria?”

“How about, we go and get a scolding first?” Baby Bug suggested, thinking it would be a good idea for his little junior to get a taste of Master’s ‘affectionate care’ in advance to help him acclimate.

So abandoning his near entrance into the cafeteria, Baby Bug led Yan Hao towards the experiment area at the other end. They quickly reached the lab where Old Zhong was, and as they approached, they could already hear the sound of someone scolding from the inside.

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