Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 23 Was this considered as stealing his destiny?

How much it was worth?

Yan Hao smiled lightly. “No matter how much it’s worth, to me, it’s just a data model.”

“Just a data model? Do you know how much it is worth?” He Shao was angry at Yan Hao’s glib answer, concluding that this unlucky kid didn’t know the value of that thing just now.

“How much?” Yan Hao asked curiously.

“How much? It’s more money than I can count.” He Shao said, “Think about it. If you find a big pharmaceutical company to cooperate with this data model, or submit it to the pharmacy association, so that every pharmacist who uses your data model for the sedatives give you even one ten thousandth of the income every year, you won’t have to worry about spending money in this life or the next life for your children and grandchildren.”

Yan Hao blinked, dumbfounded, “Is this feasible? The data model that I deduced from the algorithm published by Professor Sun of the Pharmacy Department shouldn’t be manipulated this way.”

“Why not? I also know this algorithm because Professor Sun chose to publish it online, so this algorithm is not copyrighted, hence the model you deduced from this algorithm is your personal property. Why can’t you sell your personal property for money?” He Shao said.

“But it’s still half of Professor Sun’s work.” Yan Hao said.

“That half of Professor Sun’s work has already gotten the reputation it deserved when the algorithm was published. So, if you sell it now, you will get the money you deserve. There’s no conflict between the two.” He Shao explained.

Yan Hao froze for a moment, then asked, “What if I also disclose it to the whole network?”

“Are you stupid? You’re so poor, yet you want to teach people how to make a name for themselves?” He Shao was angry. This unlucky kid, who was so poor that he couldn’t even afford to buy a bed sheet when he first entered the school, was now trying to do charity work.

“In other words, as long as I publish it online, I should be able to have a reputation, right?” Yan Hao asked persistently.

“Sure? Anyway, people will praise your contribution to science to your face and call you a fool behind your back.” He Shao said seriously, “But, buddy, I’m just the one saying it. In fact, even if you sell this data model, as long as the price is reasonable, the fame that should come will still be there. The reason why Professor Sun made this algorithm public by putting it online is because it only provides an idea, but it doesn’t really produce advanced sedatives, which is why he just made it public. You can try it with another formal data model and see, he definitely won’t sell it. If you don’t believe me, you can check his other research results.”

Yan Hao didn’t say anything, busy recalling his previous life when he gave the data model he had solved to Professor Sun. That same night, Professor Sun had spoken to him and asked him if he would like to make the data model public by putting it online for the benefit of the world like he did. At that time, he had thought that the data model was originally made by Professor Sun’s algorithm, and since he said he wanted to make it public, he had no objection.

Soon afterwards, Yan Fei discovered Moonflower herb and the data model plus this discovery completely suppressed the creation of the advanced sedatives. After that, Yan Fei’s fame was so great that he appeared on TV with Professor Sun. As for himself, nothing seemed to have changed, he still stayed in the lab doing experiments, and occasionally students would pass by and talk about him secretly.

“Yan Hao, Yan Hao?” He Shao patted Yan Hao’s shoulder.

“Hmm?” Yan Hao came back to himself.

“What are you looking at? Regret it, right? If you regret, call Sheng Heng. Isn’t he embarrassed taking such a valuable thing for nothing?” He Shao urged.

“No, it’s a gift, how can I receive money for it.” Yan Hao shook his head, “Besides, to me, it’s just a data model. What’s more, now that I’ve switched to the Mech Building Department, I’m not really willing to mess around with medicine.”

“That’s also true. If your data model comes out, the teachers at the Pharmacy Department will be furious if they know that you were originally going to apply for their major, and might even try to come steal you from our department.” He Shao nodded, “It’s just that you’ve made things convenient for Sheng Heng.”

“Senior Sheng Heng has helped me a lot.” Yan Hao refuted.

“I’ve also helped you a lot too, how come you haven’t given me anything?” He Shao said angrily.

Yan Hao froze then suddenly became serious: “It’s because I heard that Senior Sheng Heng needed a level 6 sedative, that’s I sent him the data model. I don’t know what you want. How about you tell me what you want and I’ll do it for you.”

“You…” He Shao was both touched and ashamed by Yan Hao’s promise, “I’m just kidding, can’t you tell?”

“I can, but I’m not kidding.” Yan Hao said seriously.

After his rebirth, the only person who helped him, besides Sheng Heng, was He Shao. This was the friend he had made after two lifetimes, so he was willing to protect him at all costs.

“Do you know that you will be bullied easily like this?” He Shao completely lost his temper, “Come on, let’s go, let’s go back to the dormitory. If Sheng Heng dares to take your data model for nothing, I will definitely deal with him.”

“Then, if you want anything in the future, remember to talk to me.” Yan Hao still insisted.

“I know, I know, I’ll make sure to blackmail you when the time comes.”

The two teenagers talked and laughed as they walked towards the dormitory, the shadow of their backs stretching out under the streetlight, then overlapping.

Two days later, there was no still change outside. The front line was still short of sedatives, the military appealed to the public through the media for donations of high grade sedatives, the pharmacies were sold out of high grade sedatives and all the pharmacists were working overtime to make some.

In the university, students everywhere discussed this issue, with citizens outside talking about it and for a while the Federation was on edge, as if the front line was about to collapse.

“Something’s wrong.” He Shao said to Yan Hao in the cafeteria.

“What’s wrong?” Yan Hao knew about the discussion in the past few days, but he wasn’t nervous, because he believed that in a couple of days, Sheng Heng would verify the correctness of the data model, and then produce large quantities of advanced sedatives. As soon as the advanced sedatives were available in large quantities, the talk and the panic would dissipate in no time.

“According to reason, even if the front line is tense, it wouldn’t be exposed so soon.” He Shao said.

“But the front line is really tense, and there is a shortage of sedatives.” Yan Hao was confused.

“It’s usually only when the front line is tense that the people on our side are able to hear about it and when the front is about to collapse, the people on our side will only panic. Anyway, sigh …. you…. you nerd, you don’t understand. Anyway, something’s not right .” He Shao didn’t bother to explain to Yan Hao. No wonder people said god was fair. He gave Yan Hao a smart brain, but not a high EQ.

“Oh.” Yan Hao wasn’t angry, but kept his head down and continued to eat.

Three days later, amidst all the talk in the Federation, the military suddenly announced that a pharmacist had come up with a new formula with a success rate of 80 percent. At the same time, a month earlier, a herb called moonflower had been discovered that could replace a rare herb in the original advanced sedative, making the six sedatives much less difficult and less costly to make.

On the same day, the first batch of 30,000 vials of level 6 sedatives were delivered to the front lines, resolving the crisis on the front lines.

When the news came out, the whole Federation was in an uproar, and everyone was asking about the inventor of this new formula.

“I heard that the new formula was calculated by solving the data model through the algorithm published by Professor Sun.”

“Someone solved Prof. Sun’s algorithm?”

“Yes, I heard that person is from our school.


“I also heard it from someone, otherwise who else can solve it faster than Professor Sun? It must be his students.”

“Are you stupid? If Professor Sun could solve it himself, would he publish it all over online and allow people calculate it?”

“You’re right.”

“So who is it? It’s a great achievement.”

He Shao and Yan Hao were carrying their plates, walking around the cafeteria and listening to the buzzing of voices around them, He Shao was even more dejected than Yan Hao: “Hear that, they’re all talking about you.”

Yan Hao lowered his neck even further: “Keep your voice down.”

“What are you afraid of? It’s a good thing.” He Shao was speechless.

Yan Hao ignored, found a place to sit and eat.

“All right, I won’t talk about it, don’t get angry.” He Shao said.

“I’m not angry, I just find it strange.” Yan Hao looked puzzled.

“What’s strange?”

“Why is everyone talking about the data model and the new formula and not talking about Moonflower herb? Didn’t Moonflower reduce the cost of advanced sedatives significantly?” This was very different from the previous life, where everyone was talking about Yan Fei’s discovery of the Moonflower herb.

He Shao felt that Yan Hao’s focus was not right, but after thinking seriously for a moment, he said, “Because of the time.”


“Moonflower herb was discovered more than a month ago and although its appearance replaced the rare and high grade herbs and lowered the cost of high grade sedatives, the difficulty of making sedatives didn’t decrease.” He Shao analyzed, “In the past, sedatives above level 6 could only be made by senior pharmacists, but it was difficult for senior pharmacists to obtain rare herbs. So the discovery of Moonflower herb, while useful, had little impact.”

“Your data model is different. It directly increased the success rate of sedatives to 80 percent and reduced the difficulty of making them, and at a time of war tension on the front, that’s why it’s such a big sensation.” He Shao concluded.

“I see, it’s a matter of time.” Yan Hao thought out loud.

“Yes. If you had completed the data model first and used it on a large scale, and then when the war on the front line was tense and rare herbs were in short supply, the discovery of the Moonflower herb at this time would have had a greater impact.” He Shao told him.

Only a month late and the incident was completely reversed, so was this considered as stealing Yan Fei’s destiny? Was he still a vicious male counterpart?

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