Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 29.1 You’re teasing me, right?

Mecha training room.

Sheng Heng came out of the mecha cockpit with a head full of sweat and walked to the bench to the side to rest.

At this time, Cheng Wenkang also climbed out of the mecha cockpit slowly. Although he was also sweating, his face looked better than Sheng Heng’s, and the first thing he did when he got out of the cockpit was to rush to the fridge in the corner of the training room to get a bottle of ice water to drink. Only after pouring half the bottle of water down his throat quickly did he have the strength to speak.

“I almost died of thirst.” Cheng Wenkang took another bottle of water from the fridge and threw it towards Sheng Heng who was sitting on the bench, “Boss, here.”

Sheng Heng raised his head at the sound of his voice and lifted his hand to catch the water he had thrown over; however, as soon as he caught the water, his fingers trembled violently and suddenly lost strength, causing him to fail to hold it. The water slipping from his fingers, it fell to the ground.

“Boss …… “Cheng Wenkang was stunned, then as if he thought of something, his gaze fixed on Sheng Heng’s fingers, “Your hand, is it hurting again?”

“It’s fine, it will be fine after a while.” Sheng Heng said carelessly.

Cheng Wenkang opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he said nothing, just walked over and picked up the dropped bottle of water, and was about to help Sheng Heng unscrew the cap when the bottle was held by a trembling hand.

“I’ll do it myself, I’m not so bad that I can’t even unscrew the cap of the bottle.” Sheng Heng took the water from Cheng Wenkang’s hand, then twisted the cap with his fingers twice as hard as he could before he was able to unscrew it.

“Boss, you’ve been overtraining lately.” Cheng Wenkang advised.

“How many hours a day do you train and how many hours a day do I train?” Sheng Heng laughed at himself, “You’re not considered diligent in the class, you practice for five hours a day and I’ve only practiced for three hours, yet I’ve been overtraining lately?”

“Boss, your hand…” Cheng Wenkang’s words were automatically silenced by Sheng Heng’s seemingly quiet gaze. It was only after a long time that he said, “I’ll go to the pharmacy shop to buy medicine.

After saying that, Cheng Wenkang got up and left the mecha training room, heading for the medicine shop. After walking for a short while, he suddenly remembered a person with an inspiration.

In the dormitory of the Mecha Building Department, Yan Hao was studying the wiring diagram of a Level 5 Mecha, and seemed to have encountered some difficulty and was thinking hard.

“Stop pulling it.” Walking over, He Shao hit Yan Hao’s hand that was pulling his hair out gently.

“Huh?” Yan Hao lifted his head in confusion.

“You pull out your hair whenever you think. If you keep pulling your hair out like this, you might turn bald at a young age.” He Shao frightened him.

Yan Hao put down his hand in embarrassment, seemingly realizing at this time that he had just pulled his hair out again, a habit he’d had since he was a child. Often his hair would turn into a mess after thinking about a problem. In his previous life, everyone in the lab had done pretty much the same thing, which was why he didn’t mind.

“It’s fine.” Yan Hao said in reply.

“It’s fine? You shouldn’t be carefree just because you have a hair growth medicine now, you’ll have to shave your head before using it. Do you want to go to class with a bald head for a month?”

“I mean, I won’t go bald.” He’d still had thick hair in his last life even when he died.

“How do you know about this future?”

Yan Hao laughed without saying a word.

“Right, I’m going out to buy a snack, what do you want to eat?” He Shao asked.

“Whatever you buy, I’ll eat.” Yan Hao wasn’t picky about what he ate, as long as he had something to eat, he was fine.

“You’re really easy to feed.” He Shao couldn’t help but rub the top of Yan Hao’s head. He kept rubbing it until Yan Hao ducked before he let go, “Then keep reading.”

After saying this, He Shao went out to buy a snack, while Yan Hao continued to read his textbook. After he had flipped through the pages for a while, the light brain on his wrist suddenly rang.

“Senior Cheng.” Yan Hao accepted the video call then greeted with a smile as he looked at Cheng Wen Kang.

“Little junior, are you free now?”

“I am. Senior, is there something you want me to do for you?” Yan Hao nodded his head in a good manner.

“It’s not me, it’s Boss.”

“Senior Sheng Heng? Then why didn’t he call me himself?” Yan Hao asked curiously.

“Ahem, Boss, he’s embarrassed.

Yan Hao was even more surprised. What was it that Senior Sheng Heng was embarrassed about that he had to ask Senior Cheng to convey it?

“What is it? If I can help, I will definitely help.” Yan Hao said.

“That would be great, you can definitely help with this favor.” Cheng Wenkang continued immediately, “It’s like this, those of us who learn to pilot mechs all suffer from a certain degree of strain on our fingers. You know this, right?”

“I do. Because there are many operating instructions for mechs, and mech pilots are very demanding in terms of hand speed, their fingers have to be maintained on a regular basis, otherwise they would suffer strain damage easily.” Yan Hao suddenly reacted when he said this, “Is Senior Sheng Heng’s hand hurting?”

“Yes. Because the final exams are coming up soon, Boss has been practicing too intensely during this period of time, so…”

“Where are you?”

“The mecha training room.” Cheng Wenkang said back.

Yan Hao glanced at the time and said immediately, “The medicine shop shouldn’t be closed at this hour. I’ll go buy medicine, you guys wait for me.”

After saying that, Yan Hao hung up and draped himself out of the dormitory.

When Cheng Wenkang on the other end saw Yan Hao agree, he couldn’t help but give himself a nod of approval for his wit, then turned around to go back to the mecha training room.

Sheng Heng had already slowed down a bit by this time, but seeing that Cheng Wenkang had returned in less than five minutes, he couldn’t help but be surprised, ”Why did you come back so quickly, where’s the medicine?

“Oh, that …… just as I went out I ran into our little junior and, well, I told him.”

“Who asked you to be nosy?” Sheng Heng frowned.

“But as soon as our little junior heard that your hand was injured, he ran to the pharmacy shop and said he would fill your medicine packet himself. If you don’t like it, I’ll call him right now and tell him not to buy it.” Cheng Wenkang said deliberately.

Sheng Heng froze, then glaring at Cheng Wenkang, didn’t speak again.

“Mensao 1outwardly cold, but deep and passionate inside.” Cheng Wenkang spat out in a low voice then walked to the side to eat.

About twenty minutes later, there was a knock on the door of the mecha training room. Sheng Heng’s eyes lighting up, he stood up and was about to go to the door.

“Boss, d*mn, you’re an injured person, act a little weak.” Cheng Wenkang reminded.

Sheng Heng hesitated then really sat down weakly.

Cheng Wenkang went over to open the door, and standing outside the door was indeed Yan Hao, who was carrying a large bag of medicine.

“Little junior, I’ve bothered you to come all the way, come in.” Cheng Wenkang welcomed him in warmly.

“Not at all.” The moment Yan Hao walked in, he saw Sheng Heng sitting in the corner. He hurried over quickly, “Senior Sheng Heng, how’s your hand? Let me see.”

“It’s no big deal, it’s this fat guy who is exaggerating.” Sheng Heng said soothingly.

“Let me take a look.” Seeing that Sheng Heng wasn’t moving, Yan Hao simply squatted down and directly tugged Sheng Heng’s palm that was hanging at his side. Holding it in his hand, he examined it carefully.

Although Sheng Heng had rested for almost half an hour, if you looked closely, you would still find that his fingers were trembling slightly, and there was even some redness and swelling at the joints.

“Senior, grip my hand a little harder to see if you can exert any force.” Yan Hao looked up and said to Sheng Heng.

Sheng Heng had stiffened a little when Yan Hao held his palm, and at this time, after hearing Yan Hao’s request, the look in his eyes gradually deepened, and then pursing his lips, he clenched his hands as Yan Hao had requested. In order to feel the strength of Sheng Heng’s palm, Yan Hao didn’t pull his hand out of his palm, so when Sheng Heng held it like this, it directly wrapped his hand in his.

It turns out this was how it felt like holding his little junior’s hand in his.

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