Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 82.2 The search for ores

Three days later, students from both the Mech Piloting Department and the Mech Building Department boarded a spaceship again, heading for Resource Planet B135. This time, the students from the mech piloting department as well as the students from the mech building department had learnt their lesson, because they rented maintenance and training rooms as soon as they boarded the ship.

Since the mechs had been inspected before departure, the mech builders didn’t have to maintain them during the journey. Instead, they made energy blocks making it so that by the time the spaceship was about to arrive, each of them had made quite a few.

Even though Sheng Heng was just sponging off their team, Xia Liu, the mech builder responsible for Sun Zhu’s team, gave both he and Cheng Wenkang two level 6 energy blocks each.

“There’s no need, thank you. We have enough energy blocks.” Sheng Heng refused them.

“Is…. is it that junior Yan Hao made them?” Xia Liu asked.

“Yes.” Sheng Heng’s gaze softened unconsciously at the mention of Yan Hao.

“Oh.” Hearing that Yan Hao had made them, Xia Liu stopped talking immediately. The energy blocks he made had an efficiency of around 72%, which was considered excellent, much better than those sold outside. However compared to Yan Hao, who could produce master-level energy blocks, there was a significant gap. According to the energy conversion ratio, one of Yan Hao’s energy blocks was worth five of his. In other words, the two level 6 energy blocks he had just offered Sheng Heng weren’t even worth half of what Yan Hao had made, so there was no point in giving them away.

Feeling somewhat frustrated, Xia Liu walked away silently.

“Those are free; we shouldn’t refuse them.” Cheng Wenkang with somewhat distress after seeing Sheng Heng turn the energy blocks down.

Sheng Heng glanced at him, “How about, you join their team?”

“There’s, there’s no need.” Heng Ge seemed intent on monopolizing their little junior. However who wouldn’t want to? Their little junior was Old Pang and Old Zhong’s disciple and had even started assembling Level 4 mechs in his first year already. He was a surefire future big shot. Only a fool would leave his team for two Level 6 energy blocks.

A trace of longing suddenly appeared on Sheng Heng’s face.

“….” Cheng Wenkang.

About an hour later, the spaceship landed on Planet B135. Since this assessment required them to work together with mech builders, they all rested at the base for one night before setting off.

Sheng Heng and Sun Zhu’s team rented two mining vehicles and following the map to the approximate location where the ore Xia Liu needed was, proceeded to explore the area. Xia Liu, in charge of the investigation, used detection equipment to scan the barren ground in all directions, occasionally asking for help digging a few meters into the ground. However, the purity of the ores they found wasn’t high.

The team searched for two days, but didn’t find a single piece of suitable ore, however they did meet many ferocious beasts. Although the beasts were fierce, they were few in number, and with seven mech warriors in the team, they dealt with them effortlessly. After two more days of searching, when Sheng Heng saw that Xia Liu still hadn’t found his desired ore, he couldn’t help but begin to feel anxious.

He was still thinking of going to look for the ores Yan Hao wanted once Xia Liu had found his.

“This area of the map is clearly marked as a vein for lapis lazuli ores, so how come we haven’t found even a single piece of highly pure ore even though we’ve been searching for a long time?” Sun Zhu couldn’t help but say.

“Most metals are extracted from these ores, so finding highly pure ores depends on luck. If we really can’t find any highly pure ores, the ones we dug up before can be used as a last resort, but our assessment scores might not be high.” Xia Liu told him.

“Then let’s keep on searching.” Sun Zhu said.

“Heng Ge, if Xia Liu can’t find the highly pure lapis lazuli ore he’s looking for, we might not have time to help our little junior find his ore.” Cheng Wenkang knew that although Sheng Heng had joined someone else’s team, he had his heart set on bringing back an ore for their little junior as well.

Sheng Heng was well aware of this and so with furrowed eyebrows, he looked around. Over the past few days, Xia Liu had been searching and doing detection tests over the mountain range almost aimlessly, and it was a vast range. There was no telling when his search would end.

Thinking this, Sheng Heng suddenly closed his eyes and released his mental energy outwardly.

Yan Hao had said that good ores absorbed mental energy, so he decided to investigate with his mental energy. Perhaps there were no ores suitable for Xia Liu in this area, but there might be some for Yan Hao.

As soon as Sheng Heng released his mental energy, Cheng Wenkang’s expression changed and he immediately went on the alert. Stopping his chatter, he stood beside Sheng Heng, protecting him.

About three minutes later, Sheng Heng opened his eyes and looked in a certain direction.

“Sun Zhu.” He shouted.

Hearing his name, Sun Zhu turned around, “What’s up?”

“Go over there.” Sheng Heng told him, going in that direction himself first.

Everyone followed Sheng Heng to a small hill hurriedly.

“Here, dig down five meters.” Sheng Heng stomped the ground with his foot.

“Why?” Sun Zhu asked.

“I have a feeling that there might be a highly pure ore here.” Seeing their doubting expressions, Sheng Heng explained, “Yan Hao said that good ores absorb mental energy. I just released my mental energy and a small portion of it was absorbed here.”

Sun Zhu didn’t react much when he heard this, but Xia Liu was shocked, “You can feel your mental energy being absorbed by the ore?”

“Hmm.” Sheng Heng nodded.

“Dig, dig quickly! There’s definitely an ore here.” Xia Liu immediately tossed his detection equipment aside. “Quick, bring the mining vehicle over.”

“What’s going on?” Sun Zhu still didn’t understand.

“Highly pure ores have a certain absorption effect when they come into contact with mental energy, but this absorption effect is very weak, so most people can’t feel it at all. Only those with exceptionally strong mental energy and keen perception can sense it.” Xia Liu looked at Sheng Heng. “Sheng Heng, your mental energy and perception must be very strong.”

“It’s okay.” Sheng Heng said modestly.

He was just born naturally with the S-level.

The mining vehicle arrived quickly and then began to dig more than five meters into the ground and when Xia Liu used his detector again, the alarm on the equipment immediately went off.

“Fifteen meters underground, there’s a highly pure lapis lazuli ore.” Xia Liu said excitedly.

Seeing that his probing had really been useful, a glint flashed in Sheng Heng’s eyes as he said to Sun Zhu, “You guys start digging; I’ll go ahead and search some more.”

“Alright.” Sun Zhu knew that Sheng Heng wanted to find an ore for Yan Hao, so he didn’t try to stop him. After all, they had already confirmed this ore’s location; all they had to do was dig.

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