Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 106.1 Old Zhong’s strong desire to win

“Senior, what are you doing here?” Yan Hao’s drowsy eyes lit up instantly at the sight of Sheng Heng and he ran over happily, stopping right in front of him.

Seeing the joy that was practically written on Yan Hao’s face, Sheng Heng felt as if he’d been fed a large mouthful of honey— so warm and sweet that unable to help himself, he reached out and pulled the person in front of him into his arms.

Between the two of them, even though it was Yan Hao who had confessed first, he was the one who had fallen in love first; the day after Yan Hao had confessed, they had parted ways, which gave Sheng Heng a lingering sense of unreality, as if the confession at the mech training ground had been a dream, a figment of his own imagination, that it was because he had wanted Yan Hao to be enlightened so much that he had imagined it. Why? Because after they separated, Yan Hao didn’t treat him any differently than he had before, and he had only initiated one call, and even that, was to ask for advice on how to get along with his senior brothers.

If it had been before, Sheng Heng wouldn’t have thought anything of it. After all, Yan Hao, someone so absorbed in research that he could forget to eat, wouldn’t remember him, this senior. However things were different now. He wasn’t his senior, he was his boyfriend; what’s more it was Yan Hao who had confessed to and pursued him. But their interactions were so cold, without any of the sweetness of newlyweds, or rather, of newly in love couples.

Could this be that this was the legendary ‘not cherishing what you had once you got it’?

Alright, he would admit it— he was insecure. But it wasn’t until this moment, when he saw the happiness in Yan Hao’s eyes, that the insecurity in his heart begin to fade.

He had known all along that his little junior didn’t understand emotions, so for him to be this enlightened was already a miracle. So the rest, was up to him.

Thinking this way, his arms that were wrapped around Yan Hao tightened a little.

Yan Hao wasn’t good at personal contact. He hadn’t had much exposure to affection, friendship, or love in his previous life, so in this regard, anyone could probably do better than him. Hence he wasn’t very good at being too intimate with people, but he liked the feeling of being held by Sheng Heng. It made him feel loved and cared for.

So almost instinctively, he raised his arms and mimicking Sheng Heng, circled them around Sheng Heng’s waist, making their already intimate position even more intimate.

Sheng Heng had just taken a bath before coming over, so there was a faint smell of shower gel on his body and liking this scent, Yan Hao couldn’t help but inhale deeply. “Senior, you smell so good.”

Sheng Heng stiffened. Yan Hao’s hands around his waist, coupled with these words, could it be….

“What brand of shower gel is it? It feels like it has a calming effect.” Yan Hao continued.

Alright, sure enough I was thinking too much.

“It was developed specially by our War God Military Corps’ Pharmacist. It contains a special herb from Planet S36 that has a calming and soothing effect. It’s used to help stabilize the emotions of soldiers quickly after a battle.” Sheng Heng explained. “All the rooms here are equipped with this shower gel, so you also have one in your bathroom.”

“I like this scent.” Yan Hao couldn’t help but take in another deep breath.

He had been traveling in space for the past few days and hadn’t slept well, then after getting off the spaceship, he was taken directly by Old Zhong to upgrade the system, working for seven to eight hours. So at this time, smelling the calming scent on Sheng Heng made his tense spirit relax, making it so that he couldn’t help but like it.

His gaze deepening, Sheng Heng felt a tightness in his lower abdomen. If it wasn’t that he knew Yan Hao’s character, and so understood that he wasn’t suggesting anything inappropriate, he would’ve definitely pressed him down.

That said, he was now someone with a status, so….. pressing him down should be alright, right?

However after taking in a deep breath, he released him. He had no other choice. If he didn’t let go now, he would be ‘exposed’.

“It’s getting late, so get some rest first. I’ll head back now.” Sheng Heng felt he had to go back and take another shower.

“That’s right, didn’t you say earlier that there’s something you would like my help with? What is it?” Remembering their conversation during the day, Yan Hao couldn’t help but ask.

“There’s no rush on this. We can discuss it after you’re done with your work.” Sheng Heng told him. He wasn’t here to ask for Yan Hao’s help. He had just wanted to see him. As for his big brother’s issue, although it was serious, it wasn’t urgent.

“Okay.” Yan Hao was indeed a bit sleepy, so after Sheng Heng left, he took a bath, then lying down, fell into a deep sleep.

Over the next few days, Old Zhong, along with Yan Hao and Baby Bug, were busy with system upgrades and thanks to Yan Hao’s impressive computational ability, the third generation system testing went much smoother than expected, with what was supposed to take half a month being finished in a week. Once Old Zhong confirmed there were no more technical issues, he told Sheng Zhuo to start preparing for phased system upgrades.

Since the new system required a learning curve, a mass upgrade couldn’t be initiated right away. They needed to allow a portion of the people to become proficient first, then proceed with the next round of upgrades. Otherwise if the mech warriors were still familiarizing themselves with the system when the zergs attacked, their combat effectiveness would be reduced greatly.

This phased upgrade was another long process that by conservative estimates, would take at least ten days, and during these ten days, other than monitoring the new system daily, Old Zhong spent most of his time answering questions from the mech builders who came to him for advice.

And Yan Hao and Baby Bug, following behind, learned a lot about mech issues that could only be encountered on the battlefield. Both of them benefited greatly. Especially Yan Hao, who had just learned mech maintenance with Old Pang and was eager to study the various unique maintenance methods when he saw so many damaged mechs. He even took the initiative to seek advice from the experienced mech builders at the base and the mech builders, out of respect for Old Zhong, shared their knowledge very willingly, leading to a joyous learning exchange.

Yan Hao was very happy with this process, but Old Zhong was not. This vacation is clearly supposed to be mine, so why is Yan Hao still studying what Old Pang taught him? However despite being unhappy, he couldn’t do anything about it, because all the knowledge points that he wanted to teach Yan Hao, Yan Hao had already learned them. Moreover all of them were self-taught.

So angry!

While having a discussion with a mech builder about how to quickly repair a weapon system, the terminal of Yan Hao’s light brain suddenly flashed, and seeing this, he excused himself to ask Old Zhong for leave, “Master, can I take half a day off?”

“What’s wrong?”

“I need to repair a mech.” Yan Hao didn’t hide it.

Repair a mech? He’s blatantly going to do Old Pang’s homework in my class?

“Is it that there’s a problem with Sheng Heng’s mech?” Baby Bug suddenly interjected.

“En, Senior Sheng went patrolling with the base’s patrol team a few days ago and has just returned, and it seems there’s something wrong with Black Soul. I have to go and check it.” Yan Hao confirmed.

“Sheng Heng?” Old Zhong thought for a moment then remembered— wasn’t he the owner of the mimetic mech his little disciple had modified? “He’s here too?”

“Yes.” Yan Hao nodded.

“Then what are you taking a leave for? Just tell him to bring his mech here directly.” After all, this was the base’s repair room.

“Okay.” Hearing this, Yan Hao lowered his head to send a message to Sheng Heng.

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