Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 1.2 Rebirth

“Thank you.” Not bothering to say any more, Yan Hao let go of the teenager and ran as fast as he could.

The teenager smiled and walked forward in the direction he was going.

“Brother Heng, hurry up, the examination room is all set up.” A slightly chubby teenager turned back around and seeing Sheng Heng still walking slowly, he couldn’t help but rush him.

“What’s the hurry? The exam is tomorrow.” Sheng Heng said unhurriedly.

“Isn’t there a dinner party in the evening? Let’s get it done early and call it a night.” The teenager was stunned, then realized something was wrong, “Why are you suddenly in a good mood? Your dead fish face from the nap is gone.”

Whenever Sheng Heng was woken up and didn’t get enough sleep, he would be in a bad mood.

“A student from the mech building department just approached me to ask about the exam room.” Sheng Heng replied.

“The Mecha Building Department? It’s already half an hour since the exam started, can he pass the exam?” The slightly chubby teenager worried.

“It should be fine.” Sheng Heng thought about the light that came out of the teenager’s eyes when he grabbed him to ask for directions – it was heartfelt fondness. A student with that kind of expression would definitely be able to pass the professional test.

“You’re quite confident in him, did you ask for a name? If he’s really good, we can add him as a friend first and when he learns how to make energy blocks, see if he can sell it to us at a discount.”

Yan Hao followed Sheng Heng’s instructions and found the exact examination room, but the examination for the Mecha Building Department had already started half an hour ago.

“Teacher, can let me go in and take the test, I will finish it within the time limit.” Yan Hao struggled to fight for himself.

“If you wanted to take the mech building exam so badly, why are you late?” No teacher would like a student who was late for an exam.

“I……” Yan Hao was at a loss for words. He couldn’t say that he had taken the Pharmacy exam first, “Teacher, I know it’s my fault for being late, but I really like Mecha Building, please give me a chance. “

Seeing Yan Hao’s sincere attitude, the invigilator planned to give him a chance. “What’s your name, I’ll check your score first.”

“Yan Hao, my score in the college entrance examination is 669.” Yan Hao said out loud.

“669 points?” Seeing the score popping out on the computer, the invigilator raised his eyebrows in surprise. The federal examination paper this year was very difficult, with a total score of 700 and there were not more than a hundred people in the entire federation who could score above 650. This Yan Hao, who scored 669 points, was already very rare, “You are the top student of Z Star High? Then why don’t you hurry up and get in.”

Such a talent, how could he miss the exam because he was late?

The invigilator hurriedly grabbed a professional application form from the desk and handed it to Yan Hao.

“Thank you, teacher.” Yan Hao thanked him respectfully, took the application form, darted into the classroom, found an unoccupied workstation and stood over there.

There was a light brain next to the workstation so Yan Hao entered his name and student number, and the light brain gave him the question for the test: [Use the existing parts to put together a model of a mecha]

Yan Hao was stunned. If it was any other test, he might have had to think about it, but putting together a mecha model was something he used to do most often in his previous life to relieve stress and was even better at it than the medicine making he had done for over ten years.

After picking up a small and inconspicuous part, Yan Hao naturally knew which part of the mecha model it belonged to. After that, his hands having a mind of their own, he kept looking at the matching parts among the parts given by the school, and then put them together one by one, putting together an arm, a leg, then a mecha pod, an energy pod, a cockpit, a weapon, a head……

When the last part was finished, Yan Hao glanced up at the time. Only five minutes before the end of the test.

That was close.

With a sigh of relief, Yan Hao put the blank application form into the machine, quickly filled in his basic information and a brief description of the model he had assembled, then clicked print and placed the printed application form and the model in one place.

“Time’s up.” At this point, the invigilator announced that it was time and the students in the examination room, who had been assembling their mechs, left the room one by one, either with joy, chagrin or apprehension.

Yan Hao followed suit and left the examination room.

“Hey, buddy, how did you do?” A baby-faced teenager came up to Yan Hao and said, “I saw that you were late, did you get the mecha model together?”

Yan Hao was stunned and took a step back without a trace, giving a soft muffled ‘En’.

“You assembled it? I had a hard time finishing it at the last minute, but you managed to finish it even though you were half an hour late. Impressive, I admire you.” The baby-faced teenager bumped Yan Hao’s shoulder gently and extended his hand, “I’m He Shao, let’s be friends?”

Yan Hao looked at He Shao’s sincere and simple eyes and felt a bit strange. It seemed that no one around him had spoken to him so warmly and friendly for a long time, what he saw most was disgust and dislike.

“Yan Hao.” Yan Hao was slow to extend his hand. The feeling was a little strange, but he liked it.

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  1. And here is where we start seeing just how much of a soft cinnamon roll Yan Hao is. He Shao is also just a really good dude in the places where it matters most.

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