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Chapter 4.2

The holographic screen once again showed the figure of the host Tan Shu: “Everyone has waited for a long time, the results of the bets are in, let’s take a look at the final odds, which are -“

The big screen duly displayed the corresponding odds for material numbers 1-10, with 4.8 for number 1 and 10.6 for number 7 . Perhaps because of Shi Hang’s reputation, the odds of 1-5 were almost lower than the odds of 6-10.

Ten experienced stone solvers immediately stepped forward and, after communicating with the two Stone Gamblers, prepared to cut the first cut based on the presentation of the rough stone.

Shi Hang, who was also clearly more optimistic about the No. 1 yellow sandpaper rough stone, went over to the first master solver and guided the solving himself. If the bet went up this time, he would be one step closer to becoming a Level 3 Gambler!

Soon, the first cut went down an inch along the edge of the rough stone –

“It’s green, it’s green!”

The crowd gasped as they saw the left half of the screen reveal a two-finger wide positive green color at the cut of the No. 1 rough stone.

Shi Hang’s proud brows were tinged with joy and carefully observing the green coming out, asked the stone solver to switch to a grinding wheel to polish the stone. As the opening grew larger, the color green gradually revealed itself, forming into the size of an adult’s hand.

Jiao Gui’s eyes were firmly fixed on Shi Hang’s movements. He was very optimistic about this piece of rough stone, as the color that was showing was also correct. It just needed one more cut and a big gain would be confirmed!

But before he could break into a smile, sighs of pity could be heard all around.

“Sigh, the green didn’t continue- “

“A pity, it was such a nice sunny green!”

“This is what is called the green skin, it has collapsed. ”

Sure enough, the next two cuts from the bottom revealed white stone. The green was surprisingly only a surface layer!

The corners of Shi Hang’s lips pursed as he placed the cut stone on the floor. His betting rate would drop again.

“Fking hell, is this another defeat?” Eyes red, Jiao Gui cursed up and down.

His luck was really bad these past two days. In the past two days, he had lost more than 100,000 star coins in a row. Even though he had a little bit of assets, he couldn’t afford such a tumble.

And the teenager standing next to him shuddered after seeing the result, falling to his knees in disbelief as he clutched his head and hair in his hands tightly, hiding his face as he sobbed.

It was over, over, he was completely finished!

Not only had he lost his savings, he had been encouraged by this middle-aged man to go into debt. Now he had no money for school, what was he going to do? He wanted to slap himself a few times to wake he who had been dreaming up!

In a bad mood after losing a bet, Jiao Gui used the cover of the crowd to grab the teenager by the hair and laughing maliciously, said in his ear: “You have two choices: one is to go to the gambling quarry to do five years of hard labor, or let me do a good job a few times with you, which one do you choose?”

“Woo… woo, I, I choose to be done by you–” The teenager’s scalp was tugged until the skin around it felt raw. As he had to go to school, he had no other choice but to choose this humiliating way to pay back the money he owed.

Bai Jing lowered his eyes to hide the raging killing intent in his eyes, this kind of scum…

One by one, the rough stones on the platform were unraveled, culminating into a 9.8 kilogram dry green jadeite from rough stone No. 7.

Although it was a low-grade jadeite, it was not a small one and was eventually auctioned off for 100,000 star coins, announcing the end of the betting battle.

Bai Jing bet 3,000 starcoins on No. 7 at 10.6 odds, making almost 30,000 star coins in one go.

“Number 7!!”

Jiao Gui’s eyes snapped to Bai Jing when he heard the number the jadeite had been unraveled from. He had seen it just now, this teenager had entered the number 7 on his light brain at that time!

Like a man in a long drought suddenly encountering rain, like a gold digger finally finding gold, Jiao Gui’s bloodshot eyes lit up instantly, radiating a morbid frenzy:

This teenager’s luck was unbelievable. He just had to follow his bets and he would definitely be able to win back his money!

That was the way it was with gambling on stones. The more one lost, the more one would want to win.

If it were usual, Jiao Gui, who specialized in tricking people into falling for traps wouldn’t be so impulsive, but at this moment, after being struck by successive failures and the resentment in his heart having reached the ultimate level, causing him to almost descend into madness, he could no longer think clearly.

The third round of betting was about to begin soon.

Bai Jing smiled coldly in his heart as he looked at Jiao Gui who kept changing his angle beside him, lest he missed any of his movements. The fish had taken the bait.

He had already won one bet just now. If he won another one he would easily be noticed and even blocked by the Gu Group, so he planned to deliberately bet on a losing stone this time around. It was just as well, he would be able to also punish the scumbag in one fell swoop. A double whammy.

Bai Jing pretended to be studying the materials, but in reality he was just listening intently to the talk of the bystanders who were saying that numbers 2 and 8 would do well.

Using his sense perception ability, he looked deep inside the No. 2 material, but the moment he penetrated the crust, a strong wave of dizziness hit him, causing him to almost lose his footing and a fine, cold sweat to break out on his forehead.

Putting his left hand on the wall next to him to prevent himself from falling, Bai Jing rubbed his forehead gently with his right hand for a while before he was able to recover a little.

The same thing had happened yesterday, but he thought it had been caused by hunger, but now it seemed to be the use of his sense perception ability reaching its limit.

Bai Jing had once felt this way. It had occurred on a high level mission in which he had scouted for zombies for ten hours non-stop. The supercharged frequencies and the highly cohesive state had overwhelmed his senses, causing a dizziness to struck him.

However, he had later used it with controlled frequency to enhance the accuracy of his senses, causing him to never experience such an overdraft ever since.

It seems that sensing the jadeite in the material required a lot of energy, and at present he could only sense a maximum of ten pieces of materials, and from the eleventh piece onwards, he would be overdrawn.

Fortunately, the activity under the skin in rough stone No. 2 was a lot, because as soon as he looked into it, he could feel the vitality, making him able to guess that there was definitely jadeite inside, and most likely one of high quality.

After thinking about it, Bai Jing clicked on his light brain and bet a 1,000 starcoins each on No. 3 and No. 8 respectively. The bets on the rough stones had to all be correct to be considered a win, so all he had to do was not bet on No. 2 which would mean a loss.

When Jiao Gui caught a glimpse of Bai Jing’s selection on his light brain, he couldn’t help but raise his head to observe the two pieces of materials once again.

No. 8 was the one he was more optimistic about, because the more he looked at it, the more he felt that it would be able to produce jadeite more easily. No. 3 was average, but the black ochre crust it had was more gamey, however it was indeed possible for it to also produce jadeite.

He had been losing for the past two days, but this kid’s luck was unbelievably good, so he might as well follow him and bet more to make back what he had lost before!

Jiao Gui’s heart thumped extremely fast. It was as if he could see a huge amount of starcoins flying towards him after winning the bet! By then, everyone would look at him with envy, and he would also have a clean slate!

“Hoo-hoo- “

Jiao Gui’s breathing suddenly became ragged, his eyes red as he stared at his light brain interface and pressed down hard on the buttons for No. 3 and No. 8–

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