My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 40.2

The initial competition started soon and the robots’ appearances were diverse and varied, which truly broadened the horizons of the two children, Li Xusheng and Xia Yijun.

Li Hanyu was also interested in the robots.

Li Qingzhou was also watching attentively.

At this time, Qiao Huanming pointed to the stage and said: “President Li, that’s my friend’s team.”

Yu Zhe, Lu Mei Shan and Dong Lin’s team was indeed capable, as evidenced by their quick pass in the initial competition.

Since the initial competition used a mass selection system, the process was quick.

—Not to mention, the initial competition would last a total of three days and this was just the first day.

It wasn’t long before Li Qingzhou spotted Keith, who was also competing on the morning of the first day.

After the morning’s competition, the audience could go to lunch on their own and then the afternoon’s competition would start around 2 o’clock.

Li Qingzhou wanted to meet Qiao Huanming’s friend.

So, under Qiao Huanming’s guidance, Li Qingzhou and the others met with Yu Zhe and his team officially in a restaurant.

And because they had been informed in advance, both sides were prepared.

Dong Lin whispered to Lu Mei Shan, “It really is President Li. Yu didn’t see wrong at the entrance of the gymnasium that time….”

Lu Mei Shan couldn’t help but be excited.

However it didn’t show in the slightest on her face as she still looked calm.

Neither Yu Zhe nor Dong Lin knew that she had a little secret.

—She was a loyal fan of the new comic [Into the Trap] by Ms. Mars Hill, especially liking the cold, ruthless and exceptionally smart main villain Mo Lin.

Li Qingzhou was like the prototype of Mo Lin in reality, the similarity between the two too high.

In every aspect, it was as if Mo Lin had stepped out of the comic and become Li Qingzhou.

Therefore, many fans of Mo Lin who liked him had set up a group where they secretly discussed how much Li Qingzhou and Mo Lin matched.

The more they discussed, the more they got into it.

And Lu Mei Shan was part of the group.

Another important reason she liked Lu Qingzhou was that, as the founder of Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd, Li Qingzhou also had some research on Artificial Intelligence.

Even though his research on AI was in the field of cars.

But this didn’t prevent Lu Mei Shan from stanning him.

Lu Mei Shan was calm, looking like a very cool and beautiful girl sitting in the chair. A little cold and one who didn’t say much.

But because of her stunning appearance, she attracted lots of attention.

Li Qingzhou looked over with a bit of curiosity.

[Hmm…. I rarely see girls who like to study artificially intelligent robots, and she also looks so good. She’s both beautiful and stylish.]

There was a sense of admiration from the little guy in the bubble.

Liu Bohuai suddenly became vigilant.

He looked at Lu Mei Shan without a trace, frowning slightly.

[I don’t know what her personality is like, should I make contact?]

This girl who looked good in every way shouldn’t be missed. After getting to know her, he might be able to introduce her as a partner to Third Master.

—The little man in the bubble couldn’t help but praise his own wit.

He nodded in satisfaction first then raised his right hand and put it on his chest, raising his thumb.

To Liu Bohuai’s eyes and ears, what it seemed, was that Li Qingzhou was very interested in Lu Mei Shan.

He couldn’t help but secretly turn his beads.

This time, the string of the buddhist beads on his hand had a new rope that was very strong, so it held on firmly.

Later, during the chat, Li Qingzhou intentionally revealed his intention to sponsor.

However Yu Zhe was currently not in need of money, so he declined politely but didn’t reject it completely.

He said that if there was an opportunity, he would also like to cooperate with Li Qingzhou.

Li Qingzhou wasn’t offended.

He told him, “I hope that in the future, if there’s a chance for cooperation, Mr. Yu will remember my company first.”

“Definitely.” Yu Zhe replied.

Just then, Lu Mei Shan opened her mouth, “President Li, can we exchange contact information?”

Yu Zhe and Dong Lin turned their heads in surprise at the words.

Qiao Huanming had a playful look in his eyes while Li Hanyu covered her mouth secretly, both looking back and forth.

On the surface, the expression on Liu Bohuai’s face didn’t change, however in reality his heart wasn’t calm as he gripped the beads tightly, reciting silently.

Only the two little children in the room were eating attentively, not distracted in the slightest.

Lu Mei Shan continued calmly: “If we cooperate in the future, it will be convenient for us to contact each other, so President Li can have team leader Yu’s phone number.”

After she said this, she looked at Yu Zhe.

Yu Zhe reacted immediately, standing up to ask Li Qingzhou for his contact information.

Li Qingzhou nodded: “Okay.”

After lunch, Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai went to watch the afternoon robot competition with the three juniors.

And Qiao Huanming followed Yu Zhe and the others, leaving with them.

Their preliminary match was over, so there was no need for them to stay any longer. They needed to go back to the studio to discuss the official match.

So the two parties said goodbye to each other.

[If possible, I should have gotten Miss Lu’s phone number…..]

The little guy in the bubble frowned, looking a bit regretful then he shrugged, shook his head then sighed.

Liu Bohuai: “…..”

He almost couldn’t breath.

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