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Chapter 60.1

Facts proved that the carrying capacity of bikes was very strong. Qi Chang’an rode fast with Xu Luoyang and soon arrived at their destination.

The Palace of Ursoia had a very exotic appearance. Looking at the time, Jiang Liu told them, “It’s now 12:40.”

“Then let’s hurry in. According to the habit of the program team, they will definitely not let us take the ordinary route.” Saying this, Xu Luoyang pushed open the doors of the palace and the lights inside blazed on instantly. Looking at the wooden sign with the four characters ‘You Say, I Guess’ placed a few steps away from them, Xu Luoyang asked in surprise, “Am I a prophet or a jinx?”

At this moment, Director Wen’s voice sounded in the room, “It’s time to test your tacit understanding. Among the three of you, A will show the prompt board to B, B will describe the word or phrase on the prompt board to C in words and C will guess what the word or phrase is based on the description. If you get 8 out of 10 right, you pass.”

Xu Luoyang asked, “What if we don’t pass?”

“Then you’ll do it again.”

“…..” After thinking for a moment, Xu Luoyang asked the last question, “What are the people in the other team doing now?”

“They’ve gone to another place through other clues.”

The three of them quickly had a discussion then decided that Jiang Liu would hold the prompt board, Xu Luoyang would describe and Qi Chang’an would guess. After they took their positions, Jiang Liu showed the first prompt board which had two big characters on it– ‘Jealous’.

Xu Luoyang said quickly, “Last time we went to watch the band performance together, what did I do when you went up on stage to sing? Two words, two words!”

Watch a band performance? And Qi Chang’an even sang on stage? Jiang Liu’s eyes widened in surprise, “Heavens, Xu Ge you’re revealing explosive news!”

Qi Chang’an gave the correct answer quickly, “You got jealous. The answer is jealous.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Looking at the three words on the second prompt board, Xu Luoyang gestured, “What did I cook for you yesterday morning? Three words, including a cooking method and a type of bird.”

“Fried egg.” Jiang Liu changed the prompt board mechanically. The amount of information contained in this sentence was too much!

“Yes, yes, yes, another one. I was hit by someone’s something and then I fell in love with you.”

“Cupid’s arrow.”

“What am I most afraid of? One word, it’s an animal! And I have to take it out every morning.”

“Dog.” Qi Chang’an seemed to know the answer without even having to think, “Walking the dog.”

“When we crossed over into the new year together, what did I want to do but couldn’t, so I had to stay at home?”

“Set off firecrackers.”

It took them only about ten seconds to answer each question and they answered all ten questions in three minutes. Breathing a sigh of relief, Xu Luoyang high-fived Qi Chang’an and Jiang Liu. “We’re so amazing, we got all of them right!”

Jiang Liu put the prompt board down, still in shock as he whispered, “Xu Ge, Gu Cheng cp fans might go crazy after this episode airs!”

In a good mood, Xu Luoyang whispered as well, “It’s okay, it’s not as if it’s a secret that Chang’an and I are close anyway.”

He had done this for a reason. After watching the program, it was obvious that the program team wasn’t afraid of making things big and he knew very well that if they wanted to get high ratings, they had to come up with explosive content. At the same time, the closer and more brazen he and Qi Chang’an appeared, the more the audience would think they were acting and playing up to their CP fantasies.

Jiang Liu also understood that in the post-production of reality shows, editing was everything. Even normal interactions could be turned into dog blood drama through various means. Moreover in this segment, the information Xu Luoyang had revealed only confirmed once again that he and Qi Chang’an were very close.

After clearing the first level, the three continued on their way and as expected, after the second level quickly appeared, it required them to blow out a row of lit candles in one breath. There were three rows of candles, each with twelve candles in a row and blowing out ten candles in each row counted as passing.

Raising his hand, Jiang Liu said, “I’m good at this!” Then he walked over and blew out all twelve candles in one breath.

After being stunned, Xu Luoyang ran over to give him a high-five. “I can see the dawn of victory! We’ve passed two levels in less than ten minutes. The program team must be so furious right now! Hahaha!”

Jiang Liu was overjoyed as well. “Let’s keep it up and drive them crazy!”

The next challenge required archery, with eight out of ten arrows hitting the target being the passing criteria.

Jiang Liu said directly, “I’ve never filmed a costume drama before, let alone touched a bow and arrow!”

Xu Luoyang also had a bitter expression on his face, “Although I’ve filmed costume dramas before, I only know how to pose with a bow and arrow.” So in the end, both of them turned to look at Qi Chang’an.

Not saying anything, Qi Chang’an simply picked the wooden bow on the table up then placed an arrow on the string and with a ‘bang’, the arrow pierced the center of the bullseye deeply, with the tail feathers still trembling lightly.

“So….. so powerful!” Xu Luoyang was stunned, but before he could react, Qi Chang’an had already shot his second arrow which landed one inch away from the center of the bullseye. Then, each arrow he shot after that was arranged neatly around the center of the bullseye, forming a circular arc in a short amount of time.

“I can actually feel the killing intent!” Jiang Liu shouted in surprise.

Xu Luoyang didn’t reply, his gaze fixed on Qi Chang’an who was standing a few steps away. He was wearing a deep blue trench coat, with his legs slightly apart, his arm raised as he held the bow with his slender fingers on the dark bowstring, his face expressionless, his entire being like a sheathed sharp blade with a sharpness radiating from him.

I’m finished, my Qi Qi is really handsome. My little heart is about to die again!

The last arrow was nailed deeply to the bullseye, forming and completing a circle with the other eight arrows, enclosing the first arrow in the center.

Putting the bow back in its place, Qi Chang’an turned to ask Xu Luoyang, “How was it?”

Xu Luoyang replied without hesitation, “Incredibly handsome!”

Hearing his answer, a hint of a smile finally appeared at the corners of Qi Chang’an’s lips.

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