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Chapter 84.2

Editor: Jodi

Soon, it was the day of the Flanders Film Festival awards ceremony.

Xu Luoyang was dressed head to toe in a custom-made suit by Stu, with a long black coat embroidered with an iris flower in black thread on the back, visible only under the lights. His tie clip and cufflinks also featured iris flower designs, crafted exquisitely.

Mu Lan helped him with his hairstyle one last time then nodded in satisfaction. “You looks very handsome, you’ll be able to take perfect pictures from every angle! And remember, don’t touch your hair with your hands until the awards ceremony is over, got it?”

“I’ll remember, I’ll remember. I won’t touch it, I won’t touch it.” Xu Luoyang replied then for the twenty-first time, looki at the door. Just then, someone opened it from the outside then he saw Qi Chang’an walk in.

Hearing the commotion and looking toward the door, Lu Di also spotted Qi Chang’an, and he couldn’t help but say, “D*mn, openly torturing single dogs!”

He looked at Qi Chang’an’s outfit, particularly the tie he was wearing, then turned his head to look at Xu Luoyang’s. He noticed that they were identical—both of them were wearing long black handmade suits, white shirts and dark ties. The only difference was that Xu Luoyang’s outfit had iris flower decorations, while Qi Chang’an’s clothing had goldfinch motifs on the hidden embroidery, cufflinks, and tie clip.

It was said that matching outfits weren’t scary, and that it was whoever that looked worse who would be in an awkward situation, but when two people both looked good and stood together, it was a double knockout!

Qi Chang’an didn’t pay attention to the onlookers’ expressions. He stood directly next to Xu Luoyang and asked, “Are you ready?”

“En, I’m ready!” Xu Luoyang tried to smile as casually as possible at him, but halfway through the smile, he deflated and clutched his chest. “I can’t anymore. I’ve been nervous since yesterday!”

There were no outsiders in the dressing room, so Qi Chang’an simply took his hand and whispered in his ear, “It’s okay, I’ll always be here.”

Xu Luoyang whispered back, “Okay, then if I become nervous, I’ll just look at you.”

This method proved quite effective, because as they stepped onto the red carpet and the countless flashes blinded them, Xu Luoyang looked subconsciously at Qi Chang’an beside him, and his heartbeat finally calmed a bit. Taking a deep breath, he put on a standard smile for the cameras.

The Flanders Film Festival was at 6:00 PM in Flanders, but it was only 8:00 AM in C Country, and despite it being a weekday, the number of viewers on the live streaming platform skyrocketed into the tens of millions when Qi Chang’an and Xu Luoyang appeared on screen together, causing the live stream to lag.

“—Ah ah ah ah ah, matching outfits, matching outfits! I’m going crazy! Ah ah ah!”

“—Stu’s latest autumn-winter haute couture! Floral theme! There were rumors that Xu Luoyang would wear this to the Silver Awards, but I didn’t expect him to choose irises! It looks amazing! Can’t stop taking screenshots!”

“—Am I the only one who thinks that them walking the red carpet together in matching outfits looks like they’re getting married?! Alright, sorry to Director Zhang standing there. I’ve already ignored you!”

“—One movie, two male leads both nominated for Best Actor, a love-hate rivalry, I can’t wait!”

In just a short segment of the red carpet, they walked, stopped, and posed for nearly ten minutes. Xu Luoyang’s face was almost frozen from smiling at the cameras.

The winter wind was cold, so while taking the pictures, Qi Chang’an took a half step and positioned himself to shield Xu Luoyang from the chilly breeze.

Director Zhang noticed this and subsequently slowed his pace, staying out of the cameras’s range, allowing Qi Chang’an and Xu Luoyang to take numerous pictures together.

Qi Chang’an was a familiar face in Western media, so they often heard people calling out in different languages, “Chang’an, look here.” And the pronunciation of ‘Chang’an’ was very accurate.

When Xu Luoyang heard this clearly, he couldn’t help but smile even more brightly. Looking in the direction of the cameras, Qi Chang’an asked him quietly, “You’re so happy?”

“En.” Xu Luoyang replied softly and quickly, still facing the cameras. “I’m happy because so many people like you and appreciate you. My Qi Qi is so amazing.”

Feeling a soft warmth in his heart, as an opportunity to pose arose, Qi Chang’an placed his hand on Xu Luoyang’s shoulder, and facing the cameras, there was also a hint of a smile on his lightly colored lips.

At the same time, on domestic live streaming platforms, whenever the cameras focused on Xu Luoyang and Qi Chang’an, the barrage of comments would increase dramatically.

“—A river of nosebleeds, d*mn it! Where’s the cabinet? Where is it? I can’t find it!!”

“—They’re standing so close! But Chang’an and Luoyang are both so handsome! Sob, they match so well! I feel like I’ve fallen deep into the Gu Cheng CP pit!”

“—My Mr. Qi used to never smile on the red carpet! No matter how high-class the awards ceremony was, he always walked it so coolly without expression! People with a CP are really different!”

“—Please get married! Crowdfund money for the wedding certificate! I’ll pitch in nine cents!”

After walking the red carpet and entering the venue, there was a noticeable temperature difference, causing Xu Luoyang to sneeze and shed a few tears unconsciously because of the change, making him look a little pitiful.

Resisting the urge to wipe the moisture at the corners of his eyes away, Qi Chang’an whispered, “It’s windy at the entrance, let’s go inside.”

This time, only the three of them from the ‘Divergent Road’ cast attended. After sitting down, Xu Luoyang took a couple of cold medicine tablets while it hadn’t started yet, then gradually began to feel a bit more comfortable.

As time passed, the seats in the venue slowly filled up. Xu Luoyang was originally resting his chin in his hand and starting to doze off when he felt Qi Chang’an calling him. He opened his eyes drowsily, “Chang’an?”

“En, I’m here.” Qi Chang’an tidied up his slightly disheveled hair on the sides gently and reminded him, “It’s about to start.”

Hearing those four words, Xu Luoyang instantly snapped awake and sat up straight. Before long, the lights in the venue dimmed, and the curtains on the stage were slowly drawn open.

Watching the award podium, a beam of light illuminated the large sculpture of the Silver Award trophy precisely then Xu Luoyang heard the increasingly rapid beating of his heart as he chanted silently in his mind, “I hope Chang’an wins the award, then I’ll just touch his trophy!”


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

I’m so nervous QAQ

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