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Chapter 63.1

Xu Luoyang discovered that he might be a bit unlucky, always getting caught up in minor slip-ups, because as he checked Weibo for the last time before going to bed, he was once again shocked. “Heavens, Mr. Qi, we’ve been exposed again!”

Qi Chang’an was nibbling gently on Xu Luoyang’s earlobe with his eyes half closed, but hearing what he said, he paid some attention to what he was saying, “What’s been exposed?”

Distracted by the his low, hoarse voice, Xu Luoyang’s voice softened unconsciously. “It’s… it’s from before, when you used my phone to make the repost on Weibo? It’s been discovered.”


Feeling the tingling sensation coming from his earlobe, Xu Luoyang’s breathing quickened involuntarily. However, he still tried to focus his attention on the screen of the phone.

“I saw from some of the comments that previously, all your posts always come from a Canadian brand phone, but this time it has suddenly changed to a Fruit 9, and that my posts have always been from a Fruit 9. So they all believe that you used my phone to make the post on weibo, even drawing an illustration to show it.”

“An illustration? Is it accurate?”

“It couldn’t be more accurate! It’s roughly a drawing of me sitting on your lap and the two of us looking at my phone together.…. Hm…”

Feeling Qi Chang’an suck heavily on his earlobe, Xu Luoyang’s voice wavered uncontrollably as he almost lost his grip on the phone.

“They’re very observant.” Qi Chang’an’s hand covered Xu Luoyang’s slowly then took the phone and placed it aside. Whispering softly in his ear, he said, “But I don’t want you to think about anyone else right now.”

For the first time, he displayed his possessiveness very blatantly.

Changing positions, with his right arm propped up on the bed, Qi Chang’an lifted his left hand then traced the lines of Xu Luoyang’s jaw gently, his gaze extremely focused as he whispered, “Nao Nao, think about only me, okay?”

At this moment, everything else in Xu Luoyang’s mind dissipated like clouds, his heart and eyes filled with the person in front of him. Reaching out, he tugged Qi Chang’an’s collar, pulled him down, then kissed him passionately without hesitation.

When Qi Chang’an’s pale lips were slightly stained with moisture, Xu Luoyang said provocatively, “Then Chang’an Ge-ge, you’ll have to work hard!”

However not even five minutes later, Xu Luoyang regretted it— no, no, no, please don’t try so hard! Really!

Facts proved that, everyone had to pay the price for their words. Early the next morning, when Xu Luoyang received a call from Zheng Dong, he was so sleepy that he could barely open his eyes but worried that he might wake Qi Chang’an who was sleeping next to him up, he instinctively lowered his voice even in his groggy state. “Zheng Ge.”

“You have an interview scheduled at 2 p.m., and at 4 p.m. you need to participate in the recording of a promotional video for a brand. May I ask where you are right now?”

“I’m trapped… in bed.” Xu Luoyang suddenly realized that Qi Chang’an was already awake and was kissing his back from behind! Shivering from the sensitivity, Xu Luoyang was almost unable to control the pace of his voice. Taking a deep breath quietly, he continued calmly, “I’ll definitely be there before eleven.”

Hanging up hurriedly, Xu Luoyang felt as if all his nerve endings had come alive as his body started to warm up. Burying his face in the pillow, he surrended completely to Qi Chang’an’s will without making a sound, only letting out a faint nasal moan when he couldn’t help it.

After leaving a few more light pink marks on his back, Qi Chang’an pulled him into his embrace. “Why are you being so obedient?”

With watery eyes, Xu Luoyang glared at him, however it wasn’t intimidating in the least. “Would resisting make a difference?” It was the same last night; Pinning him down, Qi Chang’an had kissed him all over, his possessiveness exploding.

Touching the corners of his lips, Qi Chang’an chuckled, “En, it wouldn’t.”

“Tyrant! An autocratic tyrant!” Glancing at the time, Xu Luoyang softened the tone of his voice, “I’ll start packing my things at 10:30, and it’s 8:30 now, so there’s two hours left.”

The smile in his eyes deepening, Qi Chang’an teased him, “Two hours? Does Nao Nao want to take a short nap with me?”

So angry! Xu Luoyang pulled the covers over his head then said in a muffled voice, “I, I refuse to talk to you!”

Realizing that he was angry, Qi Chang’an went under the covers as well, his fingers caressing Xu Luoyang’s lips gently as he said sincerely, “I was wrong, can we hug?”

“No!” After saying this, Xu Luoyang became even angrier, “Wait, didn’t I say I refuse to talk to you?”

Hearing Qi Chang’an’s unconcealed laughter, Xu Luoyang felt as if his intelligence had run away from home. Too tyrannical! He couldn’t help but open his mouth to bite Qi Chang’an’s finger, however he didn’t have the heart to bite down hard—

It was over; he could already foresee a life of complete injustice ahead!

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