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Chapter 54.2

Qi Chang’an pressed his forehead against Xu Luoyang’s and feeling his body heat, closed his eyes as he said in a hoarse voice, “I’m sorry.”

I still wasn’t able to do it.

“There’s no need to apologize.” Xu Luoyang shook his head, his smile gentle and bright, “I love you, so I will love you for all that you are, good or bad, it’s all within the scope. As for those little secrets, you can continue to hide them. Isn’t it said that lovers should also maintain a sense of mystery between them, otherwise they will easily lose their attraction? You’ve done exactly that!”

Qi Chang’an looked at Xu Luoyang with extremely focused eyes. The person he loved was very handsome; his facial lines weren’t the sabre-cutting kind of cold, his eyes were huge, his eyelashes were long, his skin was white and he liked to smile, so his whole person looked warm and soft, like a leaping flame.

Leaning down slowly, Qi Chang’an dropped a kiss on Xu Luoyang’s brow reverently.

How fortunate I am to have met you.

By evening, it started raining and Xu Luoyang pulled Qi Chang’an back, laughing as they ran. By the time they reached the courtyard, both of their clothes were soaked. Wiping the rain from his face, Xu Luoyang tugged Qi Chang’an’s wrist, “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, go take a shower and change your clothes!”

Pushing Qi Chang’an into the bathroom, Xu Luoyang himself took off his jacket then wearing only a knitted shirt, took a towel to casually wipe his hair. At that moment, his cell phone rang and he tapped the answer button and said a couple of words before noticing Zheng Dong’s tone was perversely nonchalant.

“Zheng Ge, what’s going on?” After a quick spin in his mind, Xu Luoyang made sure he wasn’t in trouble then asked apprehensively, “Could it be that you want to take back my three days’ leave? I will really refuse! You definitely shouldn’t try!”

Zheng Dong was in a good mood and so said the answer straight away, “I just got a call that Stu, for their part has confirmed that they will sign you on as their global spokesperson.”

Stu was a first-tier luxury brand in the world and this time Xu Luoyang had attended the show as the only male celebrity officially invited by the brand in C Country, however both he and Zheng Dong were conservative in this regard and didn’t have hopes of getting an endorsement, so they had been very relaxed from start to finish.

So Xu Luoyang, who was unprepared, was so shocked by the news that the towel in his hand fell to the floor. His mouth open, he was finally able to make a sound, “They actually chose me?”

“I’m dying to ask that question too! You’ve endorsed Tuan Ning’s ready-to-wear and perfume and Cherish’s watch and sunglasses before, but Stu’s global endorsement is not at all of the same weight in gold, and there was surprisingly not even a little bit of news from them before!”

“Yes, yes, yes, I have exactly the same questions you have!”

“……” Zheng Dong straightened his thought process then asked him, “Wasn’t there a celebration party after the show ended yesterday? What did you and Wilson talk about?”

Wilson was Stu’s creative director, wore glasses and had a beard. Xu Luoyang tried to recall, “After the process of taking a group picture, he handed me a cocktail, first complimented me on my pure accent then started chatting at length. From folk mythology to design concepts, from the presidential campaign to the food in the surrounding countryside as well as my terrible electives in university and his own experience studying at the Costume Institute in Rome.”

“What else?”

“Nothing more,” Xu Luoyang was sure, “After this he was called away by others and I never found another chance to talk to him until the party was over.”

There was the sound of paper flipping over on Zheng Dong’s end, “I checked a few keywords for the last few Stu brand launches. One was about death and rebirth, one was about resurrection, and one was about the positive and negative side of self. My guess is that he picked you probably because of your previously revealed experience that happened when you were seventeen through to nineteen years old.”

After thinking about it, Zheng Dong continued his analysis, “In the last two years, with physical records in the doldrums, your album sales have basically been steady at number one and your movie’s box office appeal is definitely not a problem as it can help any movie rank in the top three in the country. Previously, because of your endorsement, Cherish’s watches almost went out of stock, so he has probably taken all these aspects into consideration.”

Xu Luoyang’s fan base was mainly young women in their twenties to thirties with a very strong cohesive and purchasing power.

Looking at the raindrops beating down on the glass window, Xu Luoyang thought for a moment before asking, “How soon will this news be released?”

“It’s two in the morning in the country, so the news will be released at seven in the morning sharp, five hours more to go.” Zheng Dong had completely calmed down, “You’ll have to stay in London for a few more days, I’ll rush over tomorrow. Whether you can unlock the other first-tier luxury brands along with it after this depends on this hammer.”

Hanging up the phone, Xu Luoyang picked up the towel that had fallen to the floor, tossed the phone aside casually, then jumped twice happily in place. After jumping, he wanted to knock on the bathroom door but then managed to resist the urge.

Taking a few deep breaths, he forced himself to distract himself and without realizing it, his eyes were drawn to the books on the shelf.

Pulling one of them out, Xu Luoyang realized that it was Qi Chang’an’s high school textbook which was densely packed with notes and which at first glance one could tell was very serious. There were also a few sheets of paper in the middle of the pages, which should be classwork, with one wrong question out of five.

Xu Luoyang was reading with great interest, as if just through the handwriting he could see the young Qi Chang’an in his finely tailored school uniform– dark uniform jacket, cashmere waistcoat and tie— sitting in the classroom listening attentively and perhaps turning his pen with nimble fingers.

Wait. A hint of doubt rose in Xu Luoyang’s heart. Did demons also need to go to high school and university? Was it to gain human knowledge and to better integrate themselves into human society? Then surely they had to also have to adjust their appearance according to the age of humans to do so… what a struggle!

Xu Luoyang drew another textbook out and found that the handwriting on it was much more fluid and graceful than before. He sighed inwardly again– in order to disguise his ever-growing and improving qualities from humans, Chang’an had really put in a lot of effort!

At that moment, familiar footsteps approached. Xu Luoyang put down the book, run over in a few steps then jumped directly onto Qi Chang’an, throwing aside all the doubts in his mind from before as he announced the news excitedly, “Chang’an, Chang’an, Stu’s creative director, Wilson, has finalized me as the global spokesperson!”

Xu Luoyang stressed, “It’s not a watch endorsement or a ready-to-wear endorsement, it’s a whole global endorsement!”

“Congratulations Nao Nao,” Qi Chang’an also smiled, “My Nao Nao is the best!”

”That’s for sure!” Xu Luoyang raised his chin but quickly became frustrated, “Tomorrow Zheng Ge will be here in time. It’s hard to believe that we have to start working again.”

Qi Chang’an reassured him, “Your career is on the rise now, so you have to put more effort into your work. It’s not as if I’m going to disappear, you’ll be able to see me again when you’re done with work.”

Staring at him, Xu Luoyang pursed his lips without speaking.

“Then I’ll send you there tomorrow?”

Xu Luoyang continued to stare.

“I’ll come over to visit the set and bring you something delicious.”

Xu Luoyang still didn’t say anything.

Qi Chang’an said helplessly, “I’ll stay with you, okay?”

“Okay, okay!” Xu Luoyang tightened his hand around his arm, not wanting to let go at all, “You said yourself that you will stay with me!”

“En, I said it myself.”

It occurred to Qi Chang’an that after passing the ‘No Carrot Act’, could he also pass the ‘Limit the Number of Acting Spoiled’?

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

I need to work on my cooking skills, something like….. tomato and egg pancakes?

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