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Chapter 85.2

Editor: Jodi

Standing in the center of the stage, Xu Luoyang experienced what it meant to have one’s heart pounding like a drum. He couldn’t help but look at Qi Chang’an standing next to him, then his heartbeat gradually slowed down, his smile becoming even brighter.

Gripping the trophy in his hand, without needing to discuss it, Qi Chang’an took a small step back, and Xu Luoyang took a small step forward, getting closer to the microphone stand.

He looked around the venue, shared a smile with Qi Chang’an, and then began speaking in fluent English, “I never expected to win this award.”

In the camera frame, Qi Chang’an stood behind, his gaze focused on Xu Luoyang.

“My father was a film director, and my mother was a screenwriter. When I was a child, my father once asked me what my dream was. I said I loved movies, and that I hoped to make films and become a great actor someday. I even made a bet with my parents that if I won the Silver Awards, I would be the lead actor in their movies. I was six years old back then.

Now I’m twenty-six, and I’ve won the Silver Award, but my parents left this world ten years ago. I want to thank them for giving me life and love, for enabling me to fearlessly tread the challenging path ahead.”

With a slightly sour nose, he repeated Qi Chang’an’s name three times in his heart before he was able to calm down then continued.

“Thank you to director for your hard work, thank you to the crew for your dedication, thank you to my ever-caring agent, thank you to my fans who have always supported me, and thank you to myself for never giving up.” After saying this, he switched to Mandarin then repeated it.

After a brief pause, the smile in his eyes deepened. “Finally, I want to thank my partner, Qi Chang’an. He has taught me a lot and made me understand that dedicating oneself to a role is not just a matter of course but also something intoxicating and enjoyable.”

He didn’t turn to look at Qi Chang’an because he knew Qi Chang’an was always watching him.

Thunderous applause filled the room, accompanied by countless cheers from the audience. Xu Luoyang raised the trophy in his hand one last time, took a step back, and allowed Qi Chang’an to stand in front of him.

Standing behind the microphone, Qi Chang’an, as always, had a remarkable presence. The applause and cheers from the audience gradually subsided, leaving the room in complete silence.

“Thank you.” Qi Chang’an said in English, his voice rich and his pronunciation extremely charming. “Thank you to this film for giving me the chance to meet him.”

It was abundantly clear who the ‘him’ he was talking about was.

After this very brief acceptance speech, Qi Chang’an turned around, and before Xu Luoyang could react, Qi Chang’an simply swept him into his arms.

Xu Luoyang was still a bit dazed, however out of habit, he raised his arms and encircled his back, and looking at the glaring lights above the stage, trophy in his hand as he held Qi Chang’an, he couldn’t suppress the smile on his lips.

“—Thank you to this film for giving me the chance to meet him!! Ah ah ah ah, even though my God Qi’s acceptance speech was so short, I can smell an overly sweet taste in it!”

“—Hugged, they hugged! Where’s my football field-sized dog food bowl? Bring it! Though it might not be enough to contain all of Gu Cheng’s dog food!”

“—Tell me I’m not the only one who cried when Mr. Qi said that line! I’m going to write a 30,000-word mini-drama, wait for me!”

“—The Iris and Goldfinch sketchbooks are already out, wait for me! Crying while drawing, I don’t even know why I’m crying! Sob.”

“—When they stand together, they exemplify what it means to be a perfect match, what it means to be a couple! If they’re not in love, I’ll live broadcast myself eating dog food!”

Before the Silver Awards ceremony was even over, the news of Qi Chang’an and Xu Luoyang both winning the “Best Actor’ award had already taken over the headlines of major websites, and within three hours, the names ‘Qi Chang’an’ and ‘Xu Luoyang’, along with ‘Gu Cheng CP’, collectively occupied five spots in the top ten hot searches. The picture of their final hug having gone viral across the internet.

At this time, Qi Chang’an and Xu Luoyang were at the post-awards banquet following the Silver Awards ceremony, and after devouring three black truffle chicken pies in a row, Xu Luoyang’s hunger was finally satisfied. He pulled Qi Chang’an to a resting area and suggested enthusiastically, “Let’s take a picture!”

Qi Chang’an asked him with a smile, “What kind of picture?”

“With the trophies!”

Then, Xu Luoyang placed the two trophies side by side, found the perfect angle, took several pictures with his phone, then carefully selected the best one and uploaded it directly to Weibo.

Leaning in, he asked Qi Chang’an, “Chang’an, what do you think I should write?”

“Anything is fine, as long as it’s written by you, it’s perfect.”

Glancing at Qi Chang’an, Xu Luoyang continued to tap the phone screen with a playful smile. “Then I’ll let my creativity flow freely!”

Several seconds later, Xu Luoyang’s Weibo was updated with a picture and a sentence, and in less than half a minute, Qi Chang’an retweeted it:

“Qi Chang’an: Glad to have met you. @Xu Luoyang: Glad to have met you! [Image]”

Then seeing Xu Luoyang scrolling through the comments, Qi Chang’an thought for a moment then sent the picture to Qi Chang’yin, “I’ll come back with him after the banquet.”

Qi Chang’yin responded very quickly, “Okay, I’ll wait for the two of you.”

After locking his phone, Qi Chang’an realized that he was surprisingly a little nervous—his two most important people in the world were about to meet.


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

“Qi Qi, let’s both touch the trophies!”

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