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Chapter 51.1

After the show, Xu Luoyang’s energy was gone in a second. He sat listlessly in the dressing room while Zheng Dong sat next to him, also with little energy. Make-up artist Tian Ya Ya who was unpacking her new tools was a little curious, “Xu Ge, Zheng Ge, why do you both look so down?”

Xu Luoyang leaned over the dressing table, “To tell you the truth, today is World Depression Day. Friend, want to join us in being depressed?”


“Ignore him, he’s in a bad state because of long-distance love and he’s probably induced lovesickness because he imitated Qi Chang’an’s character on stage.” Zheng Dong took a sip of his black coffee and sighed, “I’m like this because my husky is ignoring me.”

As soon as Xu Luoyang heard this, he finally got a little bit of energy, immediately sitting up straight, “Zheng Ge, so something like this can happen to you too!”

Xu Luoyang was a typical cat, dog and plant ignorer. Of course, except for the special case where he had been chased twice by a dog before.

It was Tian Ya Ya who was a bit worried, “Could it be that he’s sick? Now that spring has arrived, bacteria and stuff are very active!”

“He’s not sick. When the new Alaskan next door looks at him, he would just lurch up and follow, but every time I call his name, he would just lie calmly on the floor and pretend not to have heard it.”

Xu Luoyang analyzed the situation seriously from beside him, “I think he’s taking a stand!”

“Taking a stand?”

“Yes! It’s so unoriginal to name a husky, ‘husky’, so it’s probably protesting and hoping you can give it a different name!”

Zheng Dong raised an eyebrow, “Like what?”

“The most beautiful dog? Invincible Little King Kong?”

Hearing their conversation, Tian Ya Ya laughed so hard that her hand that was holding the makeup sponge shook.

After removing his make-up, an alert for a video call sounded from Xu Luoyang’s cell phone. Picking it up, he was immediately stunned when he saw the name displayed on the screen, “Zheng Ge, Zheng Ge, come over here and help me look at this. Whose name is displayed on the screen of the phone?”

Zheng Dong moved over to take a look and was also shocked, “Shan Shan? He’s back from Antarctica?” Ye Shan Shan was another one of Zheng Dong’s artists and who had previously sent a piece of ice back to Xu Luoyang from Antarctica.

“Crap, the population that has been missing for most of the year has finally returned!” Xu Luoyang said while tapping the answer button. Two seconds later, Ye Shan Shan’s face appeared on the screen. He was dressed in a large v-neck white knit shirt that showed off his collarbone, his solid black hair was a little messy and he was eating cake with a metal spoon.

Seeing the cake, Xu Luoyang was instantly hungry.

“Luoyang, why have you lost so much weight? Did Zheng Ge not let you eat meat again? It’s alright, Ye Ge is back, Ye Ge will cover you from now on!” Ye Shan Shan was very close to the camera, but this didn’t distort his appearance at all. As he said this, he suddenly noticed that there was someone standing next to him and froze for two seconds before greeting, “Zheng Ge, you’re here too!”


Noticing Zheng Dong’s complicated and speechless expression, Xu Luoyang hurriedly changed the subject, “You’re back from Antarctica? I can’t believe you went for so long this time. I haven’t heard anything for most of the year.”

“I’m back, I’m back. I just arrived home today. Oh yes, I brought you another present!”

Thinking of the Antarctic ice brick that had been delivered to him from halfway across the world, Xu Luoyang had a bad premonition in his heart, “What is it?”

The camera started panning and then finally stopped at a pile of boxes in the corner. Stretching his hand, Ye Shan Shan reached out to open one of them then introduced, “This is full of penguin hairs that I collected!”


“This little piece is a coral, I jumped into the sea myself and fished it out. Isn’t it awesome?” Then Ye Shan Shan opened another box, “This is a seal’s tooth, there are two in total, you and Zheng Ge have exactly one each, but it’s rather worn, I hope you don’t mind it.”

It took twenty minutes to finally finish introducing the contents of the dozen boxes and only then did Ye Shan Shan cut to the chase, “Luoyang, I haven’t been back for so long, has anything new and delicious appeared?”

“Yes, yes, yes, I’ve taken notes on everything!” Xu Luoyang instantly stopped being sad and started discussing with Ye Shan Shan about which food to eat in the next few days, completely forgetting that Zheng Dong was still standing behind him.

Lu Di who was sitting next to him eating a burger whispered to Zheng Dong, “Now that Shan Shan is back, Xu Ge’s weight will go out of control.”

Zheng Dong started to feel sorry for his hair again– one troublemaker was right in front of him and another one was back. Was this God’s will, to make him bald?

So for the next few days, Xu Luoyang finally got his act together and went out to eat good food with Ye Shan Shan whenever he could and lived very comfortably.

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