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Chapter 78.2

Editor: Jodi

The next day, Xu Luoyang didn’t wake up until past nine in the morning. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Qi Chang’an lying next to him. Half-awake, he nudged over, opened his mouth, and bit Qi Chang’an’s shoulder.

“Nao Nao, what are you doing?” Qi Chang’an’s voice had a morning raspiness, as he pulled Xu Luoyang into his arms, kissed his forehead and said, “Good morning.”

“Morning.” Xu Luoyang blinked, answering the question seriously, “I’m checking to see if I’m dreaming!”

Qi Chang’an laughed, his chest vibrating slightly with his laughter, “If seeing me when you open your eyes is a dream, what about last night?”

“Having a spring dream!” Xu Luoyang answered very smoothly, but after saying it, he suddenly sobered up, directly burying his face in Qi Chang’an’s chest, mumbling, “Ignore me, I’m awake, but my IQ is still sleeping!”

After making a couple of fried eggs in the kitchen with his robe on, Xu Luoyang, with messy hair, went back to Qi Chang’an, “What are you looking at? It’s time for breakfast.”

“The script for the drama you’re filming this afternoon.”

Seeing the familiar lines, Xu Luoyang reacted, “Did Director Meng give it to you?”

When they joined the crew, they all signed a confidentiality agreement, one of which was not to leak the script. And the one in Qi Chang’an’s hand was brand new, it could only have been given by Meng Huazhang.

“Mhm, can I go to the set with you this afternoon?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Xu Luoyang was so happy that he let it slip, “There’s an actor in the crew who has asked me out several times, but I’ve always rejected him. I told him I have a boyfriend, but he didn’t believe me, this time I can finally show him….”

Noticing that Qi Chang’an’s smile was almost frozen, Xu Luoyang silently covered his mouth.

“Asked you out?”

Xu Luoyang nodded, “He tried to ask me out the second day I joined the crew, I ignored him. Then he asked me again every few days.” He didn’t make it very clear about this “date”, but he knew Qi Chang’an understood.

Qi Chang’an took Xu Luoyang’s hand, kissing the back of it, “So many people want to steal my Nao Nao, huh.”

Hearing this sentence, Xu Luoyang felt a strange feeling in his heart.

At two-thirty in the afternoon, Xu Luoyang took Qi Chang’an to the set. As soon as they stepped on the lawn, he heard someone calling him, “Luoyang, you’re here?” It was said in English, but the pronunciation of the word “Luoyang” was very standard, clearly practiced deliberately.

As soon as Xu Luoyang heard it, he knew who it was. Subconsciously, he first looked at Qi Chang’an, and a strange little excitement sprang up in his heart.

When the man came to him, Xu Luoyang politely greeted him, “Good afternoon, Carter.”

Carter was a Caucasian with brown hair. His smile obviously froze when he recognized Qi Chang’an, “Qi?” After a pause, he continued, “I’ve seen your film, ‘The Last Hunter’. It’s a classic.” After saying this, he extended his hand.

Qi Chang’an reached out his hand, but only made a gesture, not really touching his hand. Then he said, “Sorry, I haven’t seen your work.”

Xu Luoyang, standing by the side, held back his laughter, realizing that Qi Chang’an could be quite sharp-tongued too! However, he thought it was adorable!

Carter’s expression wasn’t very good. He felt Qi Chang’an’s hostility, so his tone became sharper, “You have time to visit the set, don’t you have movies to film?”

Qi Chang’an’s expression didn’t change much, but Xu Luoyang got upset first. His gaze turned cold, looking at Carter, “Please mind your words!”

Since it wasn’t his home ground, and he didn’t know anyone, Xu Luoyang basically always had a smile on his face on the set. He didn’t get involved in anything, didn’t build relationships, he just focused on his acting every day. So this was the first time Carter had seen Xu Luoyang’s cold face.

Seeing Xu Luoyang getting angry, Qi Chang’an’s mouth twitched with amusement. He reached out and squeezed his fingers, “You go find Director Meng first, and I’ll have a few words with Mr. Carter, okay?”

Xu Luoyang nodded, “Then come find me after you finish talking.”


After Xu Luoyang had gone far away, the atmosphere between the two became even more tense. Carter narrowed his eyes, “What do you want to say?”

Qi Chang’an’s expression was cold, his eyes as sharp as a blade, “Please stay away from Luoyang.”

Carter’s expression was sarcastic, “Fair competition, you can’t deprive me of the right to pursue Luoyang. Who wins and who loses is not yet certain!” He initially only wanted to try his luck with an Oriental person, but now, his competitive spirit was aroused.

Qi Chang’an noticed the change in his attitude, his voice getting colder, “Is that so?”

At that moment, Carter’s phone rang. He answered it, quickly hearing his agent’s anxious voice, “I received an email. It’s about you drunk driving and klling someone, your participation in a sx party, and even evidence of you laundering money, but none of it has been exposed yet. Think quickly, have you offended anyone recently?”

Carter’s hand clenched the phone, he directly asked Qi Chang’an, “Is it you?”

“It’s me.” Qi Chang’an continued, his speaking speed was very slow, he seemed unconcerned, clearly not taking Carter seriously, “Leave the set, or I’ll personally make you leave. Choose one.”

Xu Luoyang was listening to Director Meng Huazhang discussing the script. When he saw Qi Chang’an coming over, his eyebrows and eyes curved into a smile, “Director Meng, Chang’an is here.”

“You’re here.” Meng Huazhang put the script aside and laughed, “He’s the stabilizer I invited over, let’s see how effective he is.”

Thirty minutes later, all departments were ready. Xu Luoyang had put on his school uniform and was sitting in the last row of an empty classroom. There were a few books in front of him. He was holding a pen in his left hand, quickly checking some calculations.

Numerous formulas were smoothly written out, You Su’s eyes were extremely focused. As he was writing, his hand suddenly paused, the tip of his pen made a “zzt” sound against the paper – the paper was pierced through.

His hand beginning to shake uncontrollably, You Su looked at the formulas on the paper, abruptly put down his pen, and started flipping through books. A few seconds later, his actions began to become frantic, his arm was shaking drastically, his pupils were shrinking, and the muscles at the corner of his mouth were slightly trembling.

With a “pop”, the book in his hand fell to the ground, You Su, as if frightened, squatted down with a very stiff movement, holding his head with both hands, and made a low cry like a trapped animal.

Qi Chang’an had read the script and knew what scene this was – You Su, in his forties, returned to his university days. The second thing he wanted to change was to stop his doctoral advisor from proposing a wrong academic viewpoint because this viewpoint would lead to a series of tragedies. But he failed.

After calling cut, Meng Huazhang gestured for Xu Luoyang to come over. Seeing that Xu Luoyang’s eyes were dull and his arms were still trembling, he moved aside, “Take the time, look at Qi Chang’an more.”

Hearing this name, Xu Luoyang’s eyelashes trembled, he looked up.

Meng Huazhang had been watching his expression all along, and noticing that it finally became normal, his tone relaxed considerably, “Who are you?”

“Xu…. Xu Luoyang.”

“Good, good, good, take the time, film this section again!”

When Xu Luoyang returned to the camera, Qi Chang’an spoke, “The section that was just filmed, you have already deleted it, right?”

“Hush, it’s confidential!” Meng Huazhang watched Xu Luoyang’s performance on the monitor and whispered, “Most of the footage is indeed wasted, but I’m willing to spend time with Xu Luoyang. I won’t be mistaken, he will surprise me.”

Qi Chang’an had a smile in his eyes, “Definitely.”

“Yes, he’s like a diamond. All he needs is a good polish, and he’ll definitely stun the world. He’s already improved a lot in my hands compared to when he acted in ‘Divergent Road’, you must feel it.”

“Yes, the progress is very noticeable. He gets into character very quickly and is gradually forming his own style.”

“So, we all need to be patient.” Meng Huazhang looked at Xu Luoyang under the camera, his emotions were a bit restrained when he was performing, and explained in detail, “He is in character now, but he can’t switch on his own yet. That is to say, he can’t find the balance point between ‘being in character’ and ‘getting out of character’, and you, you are his strongest bond with this world.”

Meng Huazhang took his gaze away from the monitor and looked at Qi Chang’an, “When he gets stuck in, you must pull him back.”

Qi Chang’an nodded, “I will. In the past…. it was him who pulled me under the sun.”

Director Meng didn’t ask further, he smiled slightly, and the wrinkles at the corner of his eyes seemed to be gentle as well, “That’s very good.”

“En, he’s very good.”

Qi Chang’an looked at Xu Luoyang standing under the camera, his eyes unconsciously softened.

He was once stuck in the past, and each time he had a nightmare, he would hear the piercing cry of Shen Zhe Mei, and he was shrouded in the fear of being confined to a sickbed. He resisted taking medicine because no matter how much medicine he took, he would still continue to live weakly.

Even though the world was bustling, it had nothing to do with him. He couldn’t generate interest in anything, including staying alive.

Until he met Xu Luoyang, when his world began to light up.


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Qi Qi, important things need to be said three times, you can only love me! Only love me! Only love me!

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