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Chapter 6.1

The air conditioning in the police station office was turned down a bit.

Huddled in his chair, Xu Luoyang held his mobile phone while flipping through the comments from beginning to end in a fantastical mood- only to scroll back up to read the original post. Indeed, that post was a very short, serious, and straightforward alibi for him which didn’t require further explanation.

So, how on earth did the fans manage to turn that simple sentence into a 30,000 word drive-by in such a short time? There were even dozens of versions!

In fact, Xu Luoyang had once bravely opened a hidden account and snuck into his official fan group, where he lurked for three months, quickly learning terminology like ‘climbing the wall’ and ‘light burst’1爆灯 — It is literally ‘light burst’, but its meaning is the ‘expression of how strong one likes someone or something, and was also dumbfounded to learn the terms ‘finding CP clues group’, ‘brainless fan group’ and ‘clashing with other CP groups no matter what’.

However, since his debut, he had never done any cp hyping, so the fans in his official group basically made up other people’s stories, and he just peeped at the screen to watch the fun.

However, the tide had turned and it was his turn today.

As he watched the ‘Gu Cheng cp’ rise to the top, Xu Luoyang felt a sense of ecstasy while thinking that “it is finally my turn”.

“I just want to cry explosively—a direct hyping. Is it really okay to be so high powered? Did you consult me, the person involved? It’s heartbreaking!”

At that point, the comment section was a mess of fans, water armies and sunspots. But then, apart from a few spectators and anti fans who were convinced that Qi Chang’an was giving false evidence and that there must have been an ulterior motive behind the deal, most people’s attention had been diverted to—’Director Zhang’s new film with two male leads’ which had already made it to the top search.

According to Zheng Dong’s usual style, this was not the end of the story. He would also take advantage of the attention to quickly expose Yun Shu’s fake news and unilateral slander of Xu Luoyang—to completely remove Xu Luoyang from the story. After all, timing was very important, if one didn’t break it off now, then one really wouldn’t be able to clear it later on.

But Xu Luoyang didn’t read it again, in a delicate mood as he went through Qi Chang’an’s Weibo.

Qi Chang’an’s Weibo account was one of the oddest in the world of Weibo, having a very confusing style. When Qi Chang’an opened his account last year, the system automatically posted a message saying “Hello everyone, I’m Qi Chang’an.” A year had passed since then, and fans who have not been able to wait for a second update have been left with no choice but to leave comments underneath the post, with the number of comments building up to seven figures.

Just when all the fans had already faced the dismal reality that Qi Chang’an didn’t post messages at all, he updated and even though it was just a repost of Xu Luoyang’s post, at least it was an update.

The fans were so happy that they set off fireworks – “so the person they liked was really alive!”

But this repost, as if to open some strange mechanism, from this day onwards, Qi Chang’an basically kept updating at least one post a day – all of them reposting Xu Luoyang’s, and each time he would comment briefly with a few words, very serious attitude.

So the @XuLuYang post was actually the first original post Qi Chang’an had ever made.

Xu Luoyang inexplicably understood the other party’s brain circuit. Previously, Qi Chang’an said that the reason why he didn’t post posts was because he felt that there was nothing interesting in his life that he could share with others. But now he was reposting all sorts of things—probably because he thought… the content he updated was interesting?

As he was was thinking about this, the alarm he set for the end of the day rang, reminding him that it was time to meet Qi Chang’an for dinner. Sending a customary “I’m coming!” message to Qi Chang’an, Xu Luoyang left the office in a flash.

Qinli Town wasn’t a big town, so it only took ten minutes to walk from the police station to the place where Qi Chang’an was studying carpentry. Xu Luoyang saw Qi Chang’an waiting for him at his usual spot: his hands casually tucked into the pockets of his trousers, his figure upright, his head tilted slightly while looking intently at the sparrows pecking each other on the courtyard wall.

As the sunset warmed up his silhouette, a few words popped into Xu Luoyang’s head.

I also have a CP!

For a moment, he felt a strange sense of pride.

Noticing Xu Luoyang’s gaze, Qi Chang’an walked over with his long legs, asking naturally, “What are we having for dinner?”

Xu Luoyang’s attention was instantly diverted as he unfolded the food map stored in his brain, “There’s a stir-fry restaurant that’s said to be good, should we try it? I’ll make sure to order a lot of dishes! To celebrate the success of the ‘Save my innocence project’!”


Settled down in the shop, Xu Luoyang took the menu and ordered shredded potatoes, squid, steamed carp, and finally a bowl of steamed pigeon eggs. He handed the menu to Qi Chang’an while explaining with a flourish, “Isn’t this handsome? It’s very neat and tidy!”

Quickly understanding what he meant by handsome, Qi Chang’an smiled, “Very handsome indeed.”

After ordering two light and easily digestible dishes, Qi Chang’an looked at Xu Luoyang with a hesitant expression but asked him, “Is there something wrong?”

“Yes, yes, yes, I was just waiting for you to ask!” Xu Luoyang’s fingers ravaged a peanut, and in the end, he spat out, “Do you have any thoughts on the fact that you and I have been formed into a cp…? Do you have any objections?”

“Thoughts?” Qi Chang’an thought about it, the corners of his mouth curved up, “The name is very chic.”

“The name Gu Cheng?”


Qi Chang’an clearly expressed his attitude with this statement- he didn’t care whether the CP was a fan spontaneous group, or whether it came from the planning of the team behind Xu Luoyang.

Holding the peanuts in his hand, Xu Luoyang looked at Qi Chang’an seriously, “You willingly put yourself on the line for me, taking the initiative to send a Weibo and have been forced to form a cp by fans. I will make it clear to my agent that I will never use the ‘Gu Cheng’ CP to create a hype in the future, so don’t worry.”

Qi Chang’an didn’t care much about the question, but sensing Xu Luoyang’s seriousness, he nodded, “Okay.”

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  1. translator, i humbly ask you to tell us why “gu cheng” cp name is chic ówò unless it will be elaborated upon later

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