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Chapter 7.1

Slightly turning his head sideways to listen to Xu Luoyang, Qi Chang’an didn’t think too much about it. His eyes swept over the medicine bottles on the bedside table, the water stains on the floor, the water basin and the towels, and he guessed what was going on.

“Thank you for taking care of me.” Qi Chang’an’s voice was still hoarse, his breath was a little weak because his fever hadn’t gone down, so his words were particularly gentle, and the sharpness at the end of his eyes had melted away a little.

Xu Luoyang felt as if his eardrums were gently tickled by a feather, a tingling sensation spread and his heart rate became a bit uneven, but he could still speak clearly, “I heard the sound of a cup falling on the floor from your side of the bedroom and was a bit worried, so I wanted to come over and ask, but you didn’t answer when I called your name, so I opened the door for fear that something might have happened, and I saw you passed out on the floor.”

While talking, he peeked at Qi Chang’an’s back – He was done for, he had just woken him up with a few slaps. Then… then was his back swollen from the slaps?

The more he thought about it, the more he felt guilty!

Qi Changan’s vision was still a bit blurred, so he didn’t notice Xu Luoyang’s small movements. He slowly explained, “At that time, my stomach suddenly hurt so much, I was going to take some medicine, but I didn’t expect to faint when I took out the pills.”

Xu Luoyang nodded as he listened, but in his heart he was grumbling – is he bullying me for my lack of knowledge? What kind of person has a stomach ache and a fever at 40 degrees and falls unconscious? I’m so angry!

But on second thought, he could understand, after all, the identity of the demon had to be kept secret, so he couldn’t tell the truth, and the feeling of disguising himself and telling lies was probably not very pleasant either, so Xu Luoyang quickly made a decision in his mind to forgive Qi Chang’an for his foolish behavior.

Just as he was about to ask Qi Chang’an if he was feeling better, Xu Luoyang saw him lift the blanket, preparing to get out of bed.

“Wait! What do you want? I’ll get it for you, your fever hasn’t gone down yet!” Xu Luoyang was so shocked that he wanted to flip him back on to bed, afraid when his mind somehow conjured the mental image of Qi Chang’an falling unconscious on the floor.

Even if he was a demon, he couldn’t be so capricious!

“I want to take a bath.” Because he wasn’t feeling well, Qi Chang’an felt a bit insecure, but when he saw Xu Luoyang’s hand in front of him, he was a bit helpless, but he sat still and didn’t move.

“Bath?” This wouldn’t do. Besides, this person was very particular about cleanliness, meaning he  wouldn’t be able to stand a sweaty body.’ Though still unsure after thinking about it, Xu Luoyang withdrew his hand and said, “Then be careful, don’t faint in the bathroom.”

Qi Chang’an nodded as he stood up from the side of the bed but he moved a bit hastily so he didn’t expect that his body would lose its balance in the next second.

Noticing Qi Chang’an suddenly fall towards him, Xu Luoyang reacted with 100% speed, reaching out with both hands to hold him up. His body temperature was very high, and holding him was like holding a large piece of live coal.

He was so hot that he felt like a big piece of coal. Damn, so Qi Changan’s body… was coal? The burning kind?

Quickly putting aside his the messy thoughts, Xu Luoyang asked worriedly, “Are you… okay? You’re probably not okay. No, what I should ask us, can you hear me?”

At this moment, Qi Chang’an’s eyes could see nothing but pitch black, he couldn’t hear any sound in his right ear, and his dizziness was so extreme that he could hardly speak. With his hands on Xu Luoyang’s arms, he tried to maintain his balance while trying to control his strength so he wouldn’t hurt him.

At times like this, his heart overflowed with negative emotions— he hated his broken body. It may have been mended and repaired, but it was still in tatters.

Nodding with difficulty, Qi Chang’an’s hot breath fell on Xu Luoyang’s shoulder, and his nose caught a hint of a scent that was slowly becoming familiar.

He was distracted by the fact that, since a certain day, the two of them had gradually started to wash their clothes together, using the same detergent— a very light green grapefruit scent, a fragrance that Xu Luoyang had hesitated over for a long time before choosing, a scent that smelled especially fresh.

It smelled really good.

Xu Luoyang had always worked out, so he had no problem using himself as a human crutch to support Qi Chang’an for a while, but he was afraid that he would pass out again, so he quickly found something to say, “Why don’t I help you lie back down?”

His vision becoming clearer, Qi Chang’an slowly stood up straight, “It’s okay, I got up too quickly just now, I was a bit dizzy.”

But seeing the pure worry in Xu Luoyang’s eyes, Qi Chang’an gave in, “I’ll go take a shower and lie back down as soon as I’m done, okay?”

Xu Luoyang was still not assured. He kept on feeling that Qi Chang’an would probably lie down in the bathroom after taking a shower, so he simply followed like a little tail. The bathroom door closed, he stood against the wall at the door and while listening to the movement inside, swiped Weibo.

The ‘battle’ on Weibo was almost over.

At 1 a.m., Yun Shu’s assistant posted a long article, directly stating that Yun Shu had an old grudge against Xu Luoyang’s manager Zheng Dong, and that in order to make a success of the scandal, she targeted Xu Luoyang. After planning, she deliberately looked for a person with a similar body shape to pretend to be Xu Luoyang, and had paparazzi take photos of the so-called ‘date’ and ‘night out at home’ and then spent money on buying hot searches and notices. She even had a backup— a racy photo that only showed part of a man’s back.

After this article was released, the chat records of Yun Shu and the person pretending to be Xu Luoyang were released, including the time and place of the photo shoot as well as the corresponding clothing and outfits.

Once the real story was released, the crowd was shocked, and Xu Luoyang’s fans even exploded, rolling up their sleeves to take part in the battle.

Before ten minutes had passed, Yun Shu took to the field herself, furiously cursing her assistant for her lack of conscience, concluding that she had received money from Zheng Dong and that the news she had released was all false. But the public opinion was already completely lopsided, with passersby urging Yun Shu to give it a rest, so that her exit could look a little better.

When Xu Luoyang quit Weibo after watching the drama, he thought about the fake racy photos revealed in the long article, and understood why Zheng Dong disliked Yun Shu. After thinking about it, he ‘ran’ to Zheng Dong’s WeChat and sent a message, “My brother Zheng is still hale and hearty despite his years!”

He received a one-word message back in seconds – “Scram.”

In a good mood, he turned his phone off and taking a look at the time, he found that almost ten minutes had passed. Anxious, he reached out and knocked on the bathroom door and soon heard Qi Chang’an’s voice from inside, “I have not fainted yet.”

“Okay, call me if you need anything, I’m at the door.”

Next, Xu Luoyang stuck to the time and asked every five minutes, like a code word. On the fifth time he asked, Qi Chang’an finally opened the door and walked out. He was wearing a bath towel around his lower body— the same one Xu Luoyang had bought to make up the bill, with nothing on top of it, and with the water that hadn’t been dried running down his chest, over his tight abs, and finally into the edge of the towel.

Xu Luoyang looked at it with an eye for art and beauty, then quickly went to get a robe and put it on him in two tries, “You’re still feverish! Can’t you behave like a patient?”

A smile appearing on his pale lips, Qi Chang’an secretly enjoyed his partner’s care and attention, cooperating very well in buttoning up his robe. Xu Luoyang felt a little strange as they stood close to each other, and was subconsciously trying to step back a little when he heard Qi Chang’an say, “The shower gel smells very nice.”

Perhaps because of the mention, his senses were instinctively mobilized, and Xu Luoyang gradually felt the hot, wet moisture of Qi Chang’an’s body, wrapped in a light woody fragrance, like an impermeable net, wrapping him up little by little.

In the end, Qi Chang’an took the initiative to take a step back, “My head is still a little dizzy, can you help me?”

Xu Luoyang snapped back to his senses and hurriedly reached out his hand.

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