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Chapter 22.3

Xu Zhan’s voice also seemed to reveal a bit of expectation in it.

“I won’t kill you.” Qin Chao inhaled heavily then exhaled, the light smoke drifting between the two of them like fog on a mountain range. His voice heavy, he continued, “I have no right to control a person’s life and death, the law will sanction you.”

“Yes.” The smile on Xu Zhan’s lips suddenly turned into a sneer. “The law? I’ve already given up on the law.”

His voice suddenly turned harsh, “You’re back now, but where were you before? Where the fu*k were you when my dad, my mom and my sister were being stabbed to death?”

With bloodshot eyes, Xu Zhan was like an evil ghost who had come back from hell.

“Ah Zhan…”

“Don’t call me.” Xu Zhan’s voice was very soft, all the previous traces of hoarseness in his voice disappearing as the pupils of his eyes turned as black as ink, a tear running down the corner of his eyes. He took a deep breath before he said, “If you still remember our friendship growing up together, then don’t hand me over to the law and don’t give me to anyone else. If I have to die, let me die by your hands, please.”

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

His eyelashes are so long. Whenever I cover his eyes, my palms itch!

“Cut!” The silence was broken by Director Zhang’s voice, “We’ll take it once more after a five minutes break!”

It was like a switch had been flipped and the crew, who had been watching the two male leads play against each other quietly, started to move and all of a sudden, the studio was noisy.

Then, the megaphone bombarded the room again, “What’s wrong with the lighting? Can’t you see where Qi Chang’an is standing clearly? Set manager didn’t you have breakfast? The scene wasn’t even cleaned up and all the mess was in the shot! Makeup artist, add more shadows under Qi Chang’an’s eyes!”

The crew were all quiet as chickens.

Director Zhang was usually easygoing, what’s more if he appreciated someone he would even buy them a barbecue, and after drinking a beer, would become extremely cordial. But once he started filming, it was as if an ashura field had opened around him. His aura would be very dominant, and he wouldn’t allow anyone to get away with even a little mistake.

After things were arranged, Director Zhang carried his megaphone and stood in front of Xu Luoyang. He slapped him on the shoulder, making him shake before he smiled happily, “You this kid, have you been taking hormones for the past two months? I gave you an eighty for acting before, but now I’m changing it to eighty-five!”

Xu Luoyang was holding a replica gun in his hand, still not over the scene. He stared at Qi Chang’an, whose eyes were closed to allow the makeup artist fix his makeup for a while before turning his attention to Director Zhang, “How did it come out?”

“It’s better than I expected.” Director Zhang’s expression turned serious, “Before the meeting, I decided to put this scene into the first take because I really wanted to see what the two of would look like meeting in a frictional situation.”

He recalled carefully, “Both of you controlled your emotions very well, your body language and micro expressions were all very good. The point is, you weren’t overwhelmed by Qi Chang’an’s aura, nor were you led. Your aura can almost be considered equal, commendable!”


Xu Luoyang wanted to say, please compliment me again in a different way, thank you!

After finishing his make-up, the make-up artist retreated to the side. The green shadows under Qi Chang’an’s eyes much more obvious, he walked over, “Director Zhang.”

Director Zhang had a look on his face as if he was looking at a treasure. He was pleasant as he spoke softly, unable to help bringing out his gentlest side, “Chang’an, you’re very good, there’s nothing wrong with you at all, you just have to stand there and you’re Xu Zhan himself! Keep it up, if you can go further then that’s even better. Would you like to have barbecue? I’ll treat you after the filming, it’s all you can eat!”

Xu Luoyang: “……”

However the first scene took seven takes, and Director Zhang didn’t even give it a go. On the first day of shooting, the actors were in good shape, but there were always problems with the lighting or other details. It wasn’t until it was close to one o’clock in the afternoon, and the scene recorder was so hungry that he didn’t even have the strength to hit the board that Director Zhang informed everyone to have lunch first and take an hour break to continue shooting.

Lu Di brought the lunch to their dressing room, “Xu Ge, Mr. Qi, come and have your lunch!”

Xu Luoyang had put the script over his face and was taking a quick break. When he heard Lu Di’s voice, he rolled over quickly and sat up, picking one up first then handing it to Qi Chang’an, “Eat quickly, eating lunch so late, do you feel and discomfort?”

Qi Chang’an reached out to take it, shaking his head as he did so, “No.” Actually, there was a little discomfort, but this was normal and he was used to it, so there was no need to mention it, let alone make Xu Luoyang worry.

Opening the lid of the lunch box, Qi Chang’an took a look at the food and compared it to Xu Luoyang’s, astonishment in his eyes, “Why—”

All the dishes in the lunch box were the ones he could eat.

When Xu Luoyang saw that he had discovered it, he said with some embarrassment, “I sent a recipe to Producer Wang earlier and asked him to find someone to cook it according to the recipe, and Director Zhang also gave permission. This is the first time I’ve exercised the privilege of being a male lead.”

Seeing Qi Chang’an still looking at him with complicated eyes, Xu Luoyang thought he was uncomfortable inside, so he put his chopsticks down and explained seriously, “We are the type of people who are very frugal, and don’t make trouble or play the big card, so asking for something different is within the normal range of requirements, don’t think too much. The most important thing is that you can eat happily!”

Going by Qi Chang’an’s picky eater nature, if he didn’t ask for this, he would definitely not have enough to eat every day and may one day even faint from hunger on the set.

Holding the lunch box, Qi Chang’an suddenly didn’t know what to say.

He didn’t know when Xu Luoyang had memorized all that he could and couldn’t eat, and was even able to make a recipe. He also didn’t know when Xu Luoyang had approached Director Zhang and given the recipe to Producer Wang.

He wasn’t sure how much effort Xu Luoyang had expended in the process to get this special lunch for him.

If he hadn’t discovered this, Xu Luoyang probably wouldn’t have even mentioned it.

His breathing becoming disturbed, he suppressed the emotions swirling in his heart and looked at Xu Luoyang, “Mhm, I’m very happy.”

Xu Luoyang bit into a piece of sweet and sour lotus root and nodded his head twice – that’s right, eating was supposed to be a happy thing!

The crew wrapped up at 6pm but only shot two scenes during the day. The rest of the day was spent honing the details.

Xu Luoyang changed back into his own clothes but couldn’t tell who he really was. He didn’t even respond when Lu Di called him ‘Xu Ge’. It was only when Qi Chang’an called out, ‘Luoyang’ that he was able to regain his composure.

The group went to dinner, and because they were all so tired, they only started talking after they had each finished two big bowls of rice.

In a very good mood, Director Zhang asked the owner for two bottles of beer and poured one into Qi Chang’an’s glass. Seeing this, Xu Luoyang picked it up and drank it himself as he smiled at Director Zhang, “Chang’an has a weak stomach and can’t drink.”

Looking at Xu Luoyang’s smile, Director Zhang intuitively felt danger, so he quickly nodded his head, “Ok, ok, ok, it’s also the same if you drink it!”

Xu Luoyang smiled.

Looking at Xu Luoyang’s smiling face, Qi Chang’an suddenly wanted to reach out and rub his hair again because at this moment, he had the feeling that he was being protected by a small beast with open teeth and claws.

It was a nice feeling.

After dinner, Director Zhang exercised his prerogative as the director again and called the two male leads and screenwriter Cheng Jing to his room for a meeting, the topic of which was, “I’m excited by the two male leads’ rivalry scenes, I’m very excited, screenwriter, I want to change the script!”

But fortunately it was only a minor adjustment, otherwise Cheng Jing would have flipped the table over and left.

The meeting lasted until after eleven o’clock, before Xu Luoyang yawned and went back to his room on the ninth floor with Qi Chang’an. The temperature was a little cooler at night, and he was wearing a loose, fluffy white jumper, which made his lips even more red and his teeth even more white.

Feeling really sleepy, Xu Luoyang followed Qi Chang’an with confidence and after passing directly by his room, followed him into his room in a daze. When he was about to fall into bed with his eyes half closed, he suddenly woke up—

Where was his plush pig?

Hitting his head, he realized that he seemed to have made a fool of himself in front of Qi Chang’an again. Hastily dropping an ‘excuse me’, he opened the wooden door quickly and ran back to his room.

But when he finished his shower and was ready to blow dry his hair and go straight to bed, he found that the hairdryer in his bathroom was broken! He could only open the wooden door again to find Qi Chang’an with wet hair.

However what he didn’t expect was that he would run into Qi Chang’an who had just come out of the bathroom.

He was wearing a black silk robe embroidered with silver thread casually, the laces of which were loose and he was wearing only a pair of black underwear underneath. The muscles on his body were smooth, his pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles full of strength, and his body was well proportioned. The contrast between the black and white was extremely stunning.

Eyes involuntarily moving down inch by inch, Xu Luoyang’s eyes stopped on his bulge then he asked in surprised, “Aren’t you a picky eater? Why did is it..…. so big?”

Qi Chang’an fastened his belt naturally, blocked Xu Luoyang’s line of sight and replied seriously, “It should be natural.”

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Bigger than me…… not happy QAQ.

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  1. Qin Chao is really unreasonable. How could he ask his friend to kill him? That would make Xu (someone) a murderer. [ This will become a murder train: Qin family stabbed to death by Murderer X= Qin Chao kill Murderer X= Xu (friend) kill Qin Chao]
    If he doesn’t want to surrender and rather die, he should take his own life. He doesn’t have to involve others.

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