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Chapter 46.2

Xu Luoyang stood in front of Qi Chang’an in a playful manner, his delicate eyebrows tinged with impatience, “What did you want to say to me? I’m in a hurry so if you have something to say just say it.” He added, very coolly, “In just one minute, I’ve lost a little over half a billion dollars, time is precious!”

Qi Chang’an didn’t laugh and staying seated, tilted his head and whispered, “Luoyang, I wanted to tell you that I love you very much and wanted to ask you what you think.”

His heart skipping a beat, Xu Luoyang managed to hold on to his persona, but his words were obviously weaker and his aura was immediately overshadowed by Qi Chang’an who was sitting, “Wait, let me think about it carefully.”

He turned around, his back to Qi Chang’an but within ten seconds he turned back again, “I can’t take it anymore, I’ve lasted eight seconds, that’s the limit!” Xu Luoyang leaned down and touched Qi Chang’an’s lips very quickly, “What you think is exactly what I think! Be together or be together, there is no third option!”

Laughing at his eager expression, Qi Chang’an pulled him onto his lap, “You like me that much?”

“Of course I like you!” Xu Luoyang touched his forehead to Qi Chang’an’s, “It feels like we don’t fit into that twisted, tumultuous, dog blood romance style.”

“Then what kind of relationship style do we fit into?”

“We probably fit into this one better,” Xu Luoyang changed his voice, “I love you!” followed by another voice, “What a coincidence? I really love you too!”

After he finished acting, he spread his hands, “Okay, we’re together, end of play.”

Qi Chang’an soon realized that after Xu Luoyang spoke about what was on his mind he was back to his old self. Relaxed and natural, looking not much different from before, but with an unspoken intimacy in every unconscious glance.

The window was lit up with neon lights and it was raining heavily, but one could faintly hear the sound of Xu Luoyang talking on the phone amidst the rain.

Watching Xu Luoyang’s back from afar, Qi Chang’an stood still, not approaching him.

Hanging up the call, Xu Luoyang turned around and saw Qi Chang’an standing a short distance away, looking at him intently. Moving forward quickly, Xu Luoyang licked his dry lips subconsciously then found that Qi Chang’an was holding a glass of water to his mouth.

After taking two large sips, Xu Luoyang swallowed then asked, “Aren’t you making any tea today?”

“No, I will drink less tea from now on.” Qi Chang’an had always been well aware of his health and that it was best to drink less tea, especially strong tea, but he had never cared before.

But from now on, he wanted to be healthier and live longer. At least as long as Xu Luoyang and if he could live a day longer than him, so much the better.

Having quenched his thirst, Xu Luoyang said happily, “Didn’t I ask Zheng Ge to find Dai Xueqing earlier? I just got a reply from Zheng Ge. Dai Xueqing has agreed to meet me, tomorrow afternoon.” In the end he still wanted to ask him, what was the reason why he was targeting him? Moreover how could he know that there was no room for maneuver if he didn’t give it a try?

“Do you want me to go with you?” As a rule, Qi Chang’an didn’t interfere with decisions made by Xu Luoyang.

Xu Luoyang shook his head, “No, I can do it myself.” After saying this, he squeezed Qi Chang’an’s finger, “But can you wait for me downstairs? My Chang’an Ge-ge is my psychological support. With you, I don’t feel scared at all.”

Knowing that there was someone who always stood behind him unconditionally gave him the confidence to confront the one person he once thought he was completely incapable of challenging.

The next afternoon, ten minutes before the appointed time, Xu Luoyang was taken to a lounge by Dai Xueqing’s secretary who, after asking him about his preferences, brought him a glass of water which he took with a smile and a thank you but never drank.

Ten minutes later, he met Dai Xueqing in his office.

Meanwhile as Qi Chang’an sat in his car waiting for Xu Luoyang, he looked up at the towering building, knowing that the person he was thinking of was now on one of the floors of the building. After a few minutes, Qi Chang’an dialed Liang Qiu’s number, his tone austere, “Any luck with Dai Xueqing’s private accounts?”

“Yes, but it’s difficult so the progress is slow.”

“Hmm, try to speed things up.” Qi Chang’an closed his eyes then said slowly, “I’ll be at the Qi Group board meeting in the near future. Make arrangements.”

Liang Qiu was completely surprised. Even before he had started following Qi Chang’an, he had already learned that the second young master of the Qi family stayed out of the family’s business. And up until now, having worked under Qi Chang’an for a short time, it was even clearer to him that Qi Chang’an didn’t like his status as a member of the Qi family. He even loathed it.

But trying not to guess what was on his employer’s mind, Liang Qiu quickly calmed down, “Alright, Young Master Qi.”

Hanging up, Qi Chang’an let go of the phone. He used to try to forget the past by acting, by playing different people and by experiencing a completely different life, but he had discovered that he now wanted more and more to be strong enough to protect his Nao Nao.

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

I went through the book and found that the correct order seems to be, holding hands, hugging, light kiss, deep kiss, mosaic.

But, it’s quite normal that it doesn’t work for Qi Qi and I – #On the peculiarities of interracial relationships#]

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