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Chapter 85.1

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In the opening ten minutes, while the host was energetically engaging the audience on stage, Xu Luoyang couldn’t help but repeat silently in his mind, ‘Hurry up, hurry up’. Even when the award presenters were standing together making small talk, he continued to think, ‘Hurry up, hurry up’. Even as the actors he admired received awards and stood behind the microphone giving their acceptance speeches, what he had in mind was still, ‘Hurry up’.

I want to see my Chang’an Ge-ge win!

Although Xu Luoyang’s expression remained unchanged with a standard smile throughout, Qi Chang’an still sensed his restlessness. So, under the cover of dimmed lights, he squeezed his hand discreetly, then after a few seconds, just as he was about to let go, Xu Luoyang held onto his hand in return, gripping it tightly, and feeling somewhat helpless, Qi Chang’an decided to let him be.

As the major awards were announced one by one, the atmosphere in the venue grew increasingly tense. Xu Luoyang knew the cameras were on him, but he couldn’t manage a smile anymore. He was genuinely nervous, as if his heart was about to give out.

And feeling his palms getting sweaty, Xu Luoyang gradually leaned towards Qi Chang’an and whispered softly, “Chang’an, I’m nervous!” There was an unconscious note of dependence in his voice.

Clasping his fingers, a slight smile played on Qi Chang’an’s lips. “Be good, just think about it. After the awards ceremony, I’ll take you to meet my big brother.”


This method worked wonders, because the moment Xu Luoyang thought of going to meet the parents, he suddenly felt that there was nothing to be nervous about. After all, it was just an awards ceremony. What was there to be scared of compared to meeting the parents? Absolutely nothing!

So he immediately became strangely calm.

Onstage, they were already presenting the Best Director award, which went to a very young director, only twenty-four years old. Standing behind the microphone, he took a palm-sized piece of paper from his suit pocket and said, “I prepared this to prevent myself from accidentally forgetting my words. Now it seems like this preparation was very necessary because standing here, my mind is completely blank.”

Xu Luoyang burst into laughter along with the audience, then applauded joyfully.

After the acceptance speech, the venue quieted down again. The host stood at the centre of the stage and said, “Everyone knows that what we’re about to announce next is the Best Actor and Best Actress awards.” He looked around then added jokingly, “Alright, I’ve decided to keep it short, otherwise the audience will be very unhappy.” Then, with exaggerated expressions and tone, he continued, “What’s up with that other host? I don’t want to see him at all! I just want to know who won!”

Then he shrugged, took a step back, and everyone in the audience gave him a round of applause.

“All right, now let’s welcome Julianne Cranston to the stage to present these awards!”

Hearing this name, Xu Luoyang quickly realized that she was the reigning Best Actress from last year. Just like Qi Chang’an’s situation, she had swept major film festivals last year with just one role, winning awards left and right.

Despite it being an extremely nervous moment, Xu Luoyang’s thoughts began to wander. He started to reminisce—when Qi Chang’an received awards in the past, his acceptance speeches were very short, just a sentence or two, and there wasn’t much happiness or excitement shown. He would simply take the award and leave.

But he was exceptionally handsome, the kind that made one not want to blink.

During the short moment he was lost in thought, Julianne, in a long red dress, had already announced the nominees, “…Louis Carlton, ‘Divergent Swamp’; Wayne Carlos, ‘Horizon’; David Schofield, ‘Escape from the Mysterious Island’; Qi Chang’an, ‘Divergent Road’; Xu Luoyang, ‘Divergent Road.'”

As she read out the list of nominees one by one, the big screen behind her displayed images of the five individuals. Soon, the screen switched, and clips began playing in sequence.

When Qi Chang’an appeared on the big screen, Xu Luoyang suddenly relaxed, completely engrossed in watching the screen. Qi Chang’an, acting as Xu Zhan, was working as a carpenter, with half of his face cast in shadows from the light coming through the window, making his expression unclear. But everyone could sense his nervousness, happiness, a hint of awkwardness, and remarkable restraint.

Xu Luoyang remembered this scene. It was when his character Qin Chao came to look for Xu Zhan. Xu Zhan didn’t have many lines in this part, just a brief line of dialogue. However, through subtle facial expressions and micro actions and expressions, he managed to move the audience deeply.

Sitting in his seat, Xu Luoyang quietly felt a sense of joy— surely he would be able to touch Qi Chang’an’s trophy!

After this segment ended, the screen quickly switched to a live feed of Qi Chang’an. Xu Luoyang looked at the big screen, then at the person sitting next to him, and a feeling of pride welled up inside him— look, this is my Qi Qi!

Following that, his own profile appeared on the big screen. Almost instantly, he recognized which scene it was—the one where he, acting as Qin Chao, suspected his good friend of being a murderer and pointed his gun towards Xu Zhan for the first time.

After watching these two clips, Xu Luoyang suddenly realized that even now, over half a year since they wrapped filming, he could still vividly remember the scenes he had filmed with Qi Chang’an on set, as well as every line of dialogue they had exchanged.

“Now, I’m going to announce the name of the Best Actor.” Julianne said as she opened a silver card. After seeing the name on it, she paused for a few seconds, looking somewhat surprised. Then, she moved to the microphone, “Xu Luoyang, ‘Divergent Road!'”

The applause in the entire venue was like a tidal wave, jolting Xu Luoyang awake. He subconsciously looked at Qi Chang’an, feeling a hint of disappointment. He realized that deep down, he had actually hoped for Qi Chang’an to win— the thought of his Chang’an being recognized was so dear to him!

However just at that moment, Julianne’s voice rang out again, “Qi Chang’an, ‘Divergent Road.'”

The entire audience was shocked! This Silver Awards ceremony actually had a Double Best Actor! After a moment of silence, the still-echoing applause erupted even more enthusiastically, sounding like a crashing wave.

Xu Luoyang was also stunned, as it took him several seconds to react. He quickly turned his head to look at Qi Chang’an, a radiant smile breaking across his face, his eyes and brows curved with joy. Qi Chang’an was also surprised for a moment, but soon, his expression returned to normal, and he stood up from his seat.

The two of them locked eyes, then without saying a word, walked together towards the stage. Meanwhile, the big screen displayed scenes from the movie where Xu Luoyang and Qi Chang’an faced off.

At this moment, when the award results were announced, domestic live streaming platforms were on the verge of crashing! Comments and barrage messages surged out dramatically, and countless viewers flooded into the live broadcast, causing the online viewer count to skyrocket.

“——I was so nervous I could faint! Now I just want to scream! Ah ah ah ah ah!”

“——Ah ah ah, Double Best Actor awards! My Gu Cheng won Double Best Actor awards! I can’t wait, I’ll definitely watch the movie twenty-one times when it’s released!”

“——I remember, the last time there were Double Best Actor awards in Flanders history was about twenty-two years ago, won by a pair of twin brothers! Ah ah ah ah ah, call Chang’an and Luoyang, break their phones!”

“——Sob, they’re showing off their couple outfits to the world! Iris and Goldfinch, they’re really dazzling!”

“——Did anyone notice Luoyang’s expression just now? When he won, he looked at Qi Chang’an with a lost expression and was unhappy. But the moment he heard that Qi Chang’an also won, he smiled at him immediately. That smile, tsk tsk tsk, irresistible!”

“——If I remember correctly, just two years ago, Chang’an won Best Actor for ‘The Last Hunter,’ and now, he’s won another one! Sure enough he’s God Qi!”

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