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Chapter 50.1

Hearing the director shout ‘it’s a wrap’, Xu Luoyang quickly returned to the dressing room like a shape-shifting shadow and looking at the time, he mumbled, “5:30…. home at 6:30, ah it’s surprisingly so late….. won’t Chang’an be hungry!”

Zheng Dong, who opened the door and came in, accidentally heard this whole sentence and felt that this dog food had knocked his teeth, so he simply stood at the door, “The director is calling for an evening get-together.”

Xu Luoyang, who was in the process of removing his make-up himself froze, then the next moment he covered his abdomen, his face full of pain, “My head hurts!”

“……” Zheng Dong found the image simply unbearable to watch, “Are you stupid or am I stupid?”

Realizing that he seemed to have covered the wrong place, Xu Luoyang still tenaciously maintained the action of covering his stomach, “As long as you’ve grasped the meaning. We are not ones who care about such details, right Zheng Ge!”

Zheng Dong looked upwards.

Knowing that this was tacit approval, Xu Luoyang continued to remove his make-up, “Then I won’t go to the dinner. Zheng Ge, just say that I….. have had a flare up of stomach problems! The director will definitely believe it.”

Once artists were busy, it was basically impossible to eat on time, so they all had light or heavy stomach problems, with the exception of Xu Luoyang who had been in too good a health since childhood and so had no possibility of having stomach problems.

“Alright, but why are you in such a hurry to go back? Is there something urgent?”

Xu Luoyang’s expression instantly switched to proud mode, his face lighting up, “Zheng Ge, I’m already a family man, so you can’t still look at me in the same way as before!” With that, he added with a bitter sigh, “Chang’an’s flight is tomorrow morning, so you can seize the opportunity to sympathise with me who is about to embark on a long distance relationship.”

Seeing his sad face, Zheng Dong thought of the two talents together and unable to bear it, said, “Go back then, I’ll take care of things for you. Do you want to go see him off tomorrow morning? If you want to go, I’ll push your schedule to ten o’clock.”

At these words, the sadness on Xu Luoyang’s face disappeared immediately, “I’ll go, of course I’ll go! I just knew that Zheng Ge is the best!”

Humming until he arrived home, Xu Luoyang slipped on his slippers and searched the house for Qi Chang’an, eventually finding him in the video room. An old classic movie was playing on the big screen and guessing that Qi Chang’an was trying to analyze his acting, Xu Luoyang kept quiet.

Walking over to him gingerly, he nestled into Qi Chang’an’s arms and then whispered in his ear, “I’m home!”

Drawing him into his arms, Qi Chang’an kissed the ends of his eye, his voice gentle, “En, will you finish watching this with me?”

“I will, I will!” After which, Xu Luoyang didn’t say another word and watched the movie intently. However as they watched the movie, he suddenly realized that he and Qi Chang’an had a feeling of being an old married couple?

It must be an illusion! When they were together, they were obviously in the burn the desert with passion mode!

He was letting himself go inside and it was unknown where his mind had gone when, as an afterthought, he noticed that the person beside him had changed positions. The next second, Qi Chang’an’s slightly cool hand caressed the side of his face and then he kissed him.

With his lips captured, Xu Luoyang instinctively relaxed and ended up being pinned down on the sofa.

The ending credits of the movie was playing on the stereo, the loving voice of a female singing in French and it was as if the air had turned into golden honey, emitting a sweet fragrance, so much so that Xu Luoyang had the urge to stop time in this moment.

As the ending credits came to an end, so did the kiss, and Qi Chang’an’s voice was slightly hoarse, “I missed you so much.”

Xu Luoyang’s breathing was a little wheezy, his breath coming in pants as he spoke, his eyes lowered, “We clearly…. clearly saw each other just this morning.”

Qi Chang’an didn’t give an explanation and getting up from the sofa, bent down and picked him up directly, “Let’s go, let’s have dinner.”

His butt being held in Qi Chang’an’s hand, Xu Luoyang was slightly embarrassed, so he tried desperately to ignore it and put his attention to the more important question, “What’s for dinner?”

In between these words, he was carried two steps and Xu Luoyang began to worry. Although he wasn’t heavy, only one hundred and twenty pounds, Chang’an’s health wasn’t good, so would he be unable to carry him after walking for a while?

Shaking his head, Xu Luoyang thought to himself, he had to trust his big demon!

“I’ve made an appointment with the Spire Club for delivery, and I ordered the buddha jumping over the wall that you like to eat.”

“Buddha jumping over the wall!” Xu Luoyang twinned his legs around Qi Chang’an’s waist, happy and then was a little puzzled, “Isn’t the Spire Club very adamant about not delivering takeout?” Then he figured it out for himself. It must be Chang’an using his demonic powers again!

Seeing his dawning realization, Qi Chang’an guessed what he was probably thinking and couldn’t help but bite his upper lip as he looked down, “Nao Nao, don’t get carried away by your thoughts.”

“Oh, okay.” All the more reason for me to think!

Carrying him all the way to the table and placing him in a chair, Qi Chang’an went back to get his socks and slippers. Then, half-kneeling on the long, light-colored cashmere woven carpet, he reached down and put Xu Luoyang’s left foot on top of his thigh, moving meticulously to help him put on his socks.

Xu Luoyang twitched his toes, his face a little hot as he looked for a random topic of conversation, “From this angle, Chang’an, the line of your lips are so beautiful.”

“En, didn’t you just kiss them.”

“……” He was being teased! Recalling the feeling of being pinned down to the sofa for the kiss earlier, Xu Luoyang’s fingers propped up on the cushion of the moved slightly.

Qi Chang’an put the slipper on Xu Luoyang’s left foot, “Right foot.”

Obediently putting his right foot over, Xu Luoyang said nervously, “Actually, I can put them on myself. Doing it this way, the pressure on me is a little…..”

Hearing this, Qi Chang’an lifted his head, “Then Nao Nao will have to get used to it soon, because I’ll always be very eager to take care of you in the future.”

Looking into his eyes, Xu Luoyang couldn’t help but look away– really too foul!

It started raining at ten o’clock in the evening and the sound of the rain was very clear, continuing until zero o’clock. Xu Luoyang lay in bed, tossing and turning and unable to go to sleep, habitually went over all the events that had happened during the day in his head, not realizing that the more he went through them, the more awake he became.

After sitting on the bed for a while with the blanket in his arms, Xu Luoyang put on his slippers, opened the bedroom door and then went to the door of the next room.

Qi Chang’an was also still awake, reading a book. When he saw Xu Luoyang, he pulled back the covers, “Want to sleep together?”

It was clear that their relationship had become much more intimate, but the two were a little more formal than before they got together. Whether at the hotel or back home, they tacitly slept in separate rooms, as if they were restraining themselves to some extent.

Not saying a word, Xu Luoyang took off his shoes, climbed into the bed, got into Qi Chang’an’s arms and read the book with him.

“Latin? Is it the same book as before?” He thought back carefully, “I remember very well that you were reading the same book inside the rented house in Qinli town. Back then there was an original book in ancient Greek next to it.”

Qi Chang’an kissed the top of his hair in a natural manner, “Hmm, the poetry in this book is very well written.”

“Poetry?” Xu Luoyang recalled, “Speaking of which, when I was in university, Latin was a compulsory subject, but the language was really too difficult for me, so I’ve pretty much forgotten it now.”

“Then, I’ll read it to you?”

“Okay!” Xu Luoyang nodded and the next thing he knew, Qi Chang’an’s magnetic voice was ringing in his ears. He thought to himself, somewhat breathless, that there was no need to read the poem at all, because Qi Chang’an’s voice alone was already a poem unparalleled in its beauty.

Soon, however, Xu Luoyang’s eyelids began to grow heavy as he struggled to get his spirits up, but proved unsuccessful.

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